A mobile testers unbiased experience
Updated August 05, 2022

A mobile testers unbiased experience

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Overall Satisfaction with Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs helps employees at our company perform automation testing as well as the assistance of having devices available to be used for remote working. It assists greatly in scenarios where testers are not on-site at work and still want to be able to test on mobile hardware. Also, is used as a community and education portal.

During the WFH period, sauce labs adoption rate was increased much more than previous.It allowed many people to use devices to test on and conduct analysis for test strategies way in advance as we dont have to wait to procure devices and have them delivered and have a device farm ready to access
  • Provides remote testing opportunities when devices are not available locally.
  • Clean user dashboard experience ensuring user-friendly use of the UX.
  • Actual app testing made easy as well as web testing.
  • Multiple device farm connections
  • Latency between input and action can be improved.
  • More devices need to be added more frequently.
  • Even more device farms could be added
  • Improve quality by increasing browser/OS/device coverage
We have since widely adopted the use of saucelabs as a viable way to conduct device testing.Virtual browser testing as well was much appreciated.
So the ability to run in emulation or use an actual device are great options to making coverage of various types of testing possible including multiple browser and OS coverage
We as an organization push for quality of software in a quick turn around time.Human error is a thing which is why we turn towards automation.That is exactly what saucelabs brings to the table and assists my organization in aligning with the industry push for an automated future when writing and performing tests.
Currently, there is still a lack of trust in something done remotely verses done in person. This is especially true when you add anything related to security into the mix of things. It will take time but as trust in the use of what Sauce Labs offers is used the security insecurity will be reduced.

This has improved greatly though as more use out of the software is done.The adoption rate and trust factor can only improve with time and at the moment Saucelab comes highly recommended so its doing something good
Currently there has been a push for testers and developer roles to fall away and a combined role be created who is cross skilled. A quick way for both testers and devs who have not dabbled in any kind of device testing or automation to get a feel for it would be to expose them to saucelabs. Our organization has often used this by a team by team basis as a first choice when deciding on how to test a variety of devices that we may not possibly have access to.Be it because wen simply dont have it or that due to the company being large and devices being in demand,having this virtual devices and real remote devices still allows valid tests to be done
In the grand scheme of things end users of our products get a piece of software that is better tested with even further reduction of potential bugs then previously possible.
Since it still outputs quality results,having the automated side handle things frees up man hours to work on other projects overall adding to goals being reached much faster
Sometimes the company choosing to buy is simply not as established as the one they're buying from, in which case, choosing to buy from a more experienced company is beneficial in this scenario.

Also Time and money spent potentially developing something that already exists is pointless and not smart. Why reinvent the wheel
I have not had the opportunity to use this proxy myself yet.
  • Positive - Quicker turn around of quality tests means projects go out sooner resulting in a quality product to our stakeholders and promotes a good ROI

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For cases related to remote access. For example, when employees are unable to come into work due to various reasons and mobile device testing needs to be performed. When the devices reside at the place of work, Sauce Labs provides a great solution where full device testing can still be done without losing testing time.

As previously mentioned in this Work from Home Era ,Saucelabs for device access and using it as an automated solution is vital to the tech industry as everyone knows Automation is the future and what the industry is pushing and having a growing tool such as this assists greatly

Sauce Labs Features & Support

Most definitely.Nothing screamed changing needs like the current pandemic we now face.Previously our company allowed remote working which benefited from saucelabs being a remote device farm that met our needs. Now days with the entire company working from home for over a year,Having saucelabs was actually more beneficial than ever to an entirely newer and larger number of employees as they too would have found a device farm need and possibly more out of using Saucelabs.Obviously with such a large number of users accessing this, not everyone is on the same level of comprehension which is where having good support comes in. Ive personally referred people to support and also got feedback that any roadblocks they had were resolved after contacting said support.
Safe to say its been relatively positive thus far
Yes I would. I would also certainly recommend Saucelabs to anyone i come across with that requires a similar solution of sorts as previously said that the experience has been mainly a positive one.If something works it works and thats why recommending it is easy.There are many other uses for Saucelabs but my company mainly found value from having access to device farms that allowed us to seemlessly transition to the work from home life during this trying time which contributed to saving our business because of it aiding and being apart of the reason we could act so swiftly. So i cant speak for every situation but so far with an ever changing business landscape with multiple factors,Saucelabs has held up and also been quite effective during this particular would be road block if not for its existence

Api testing and front end performance testing is currently being used by my team in particular,although we are just at the entry point into this world. Addition is always good,shows a product is trying to improve which also speaks to their values as a whole. I personally havent explored these other offerings in depth just yet but i know of a few people that have and i certainly did not hear any complaints . Im just pleased that they are trying to expand and not stay stagnant as im sure they would continue to improve their tools into something great if by some chance it isnt all the way there yet