Great Product for the Small to Large Software Development Needs
August 10, 2017

Great Product for the Small to Large Software Development Needs

Clay Watson | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with TestComplete

TestComplete is used across our department. It is primarily used to automate GUI interfaces to our application product suite.
  • The organization of test suites and test projects is very intuitive. This made it easy to learn and fairly easy to manage. We had a conceptual framework for tests that TestComplete seems to support very well.
  • The blog web site for technical support is very responsive and the people supporting it know the product quite well. This has been essential in helping us to apply the product across a wide variety of testing needs.
  • TestComplete allows one to create very robust automated test procedures. When it comes to testing on a very large scale, the test procedures must themselves be bullet proof. There are quite a few tricks to learn to make this happen, but TestComplete allows us to do this.
  • The reporting features are poor to non-existent. We need to develop our own presentation formats for results and do not want to buy an add-on product (such as QA Complete) to do so. We have had to get creative and embed report meta data generating subroutines into our test procedures so that we can capture the data that we need. This is time consuming and inefficient.
  • There are a couple of files that are particularly vulnerable to corruption if you are not very careful with how you manage your source control. The name mapping file and individual project files can be corrupted easily when more than one person is making changes to those files. Merging capabilities with something like the Git version control tool can be tricky. Remember to back things up frequently and carefully!
  • TestComplete does not provide searching for internal relationships without writing special scripts to do so. For example, it would be nice to find out what TestComplete objects are affected by making a change to javascript function. Getting a list of keyword tests and lines affected would be great. Another example is changing the name of an object. In some cases TestComplete propagates the name changes to the affected related objects and in other cases it does not. How does one understand the impact of changing a shared object if these relationships are not readily at one's finger tips??
  • This is still to be determined - at least in terms of hard numbers. We are only just starting to collect data on our testing results, so stay tuned. However, I will say that TestComplete definitely gives us capabilities that we would not otherwise have. Thus in a binary sense, TestComplete is a game changer (e.g., yes we have automated testing capability vs. no, we do not have automated testing capability).

Yes, it absolutely did. We needed a tool that performed automated testing at three levels (direct GUI manipulation, GUI object property/method call manipulation, and sending stimuli and detecting responses for multiple programs running concurrently in a system). We also needed a tool that was flexible with its verification checkpoint methods (image comparisons with masking and tolerance setting capabilities, flexible and robust XML content verification, object property verification, table-driven results lookup, and many other types). Finally, we needed a tool that was affordable.

TestComplete basically hit a home run for us in all of these areas.

Windows forms application testing is the biggest area of need. We do not have big need to testing web pages or mobile applications. The support objects out of the box is pretty good. We use QT objects a lot and TestComplete drills right down into those objects with any special add-ons or added expense. We have not tried it yet, but we intend to use the command-line interface to TestComplete quite a bit for our regression testing and our "test on demand" framework that we hope to build.
The biggest payback will be when we are able to repeat batteries of tests with little or no extra manpower. The procedure development process is tedious and resource intensive, but nearly so much as the resource required to perform tests manually, over and over again.
For the most part, TestComplete has the same functionality as any one of the other products we looked at. In many cases, the capabilities were somewhat less than the competitor products, but we found that the higher costs of any of the other products we not justified when comparing the capabilities. TestComplete had the highest overall bang-for-the-buck rating and was less expensive than all of the other competitor products.
We use TestComplete almost exclusively for GUI testing. It is capable of testing non-GUI applications as well, but we do not do that with TestComplete. TestComplete is not well-suited for testing the applications running on operating systems other than Windows.

Evaluating TestComplete and Competitors

  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Analyst Reports
The cost of the product was the least expensive of all the products reviewed, yet all of the functionality that we needed was available through TestComplete.
We now have a better understanding of our testing requirements and needs. We purchased TestComplete to pilot its applicability to our projects by using it on one project. It will be expanded to other projects. Except for achieving a better understanding of our requirements up front (hard to do), I think we did quite well with our evaluation approach.