A robust and user-friendly system for organizing, promoting, and reporting on assets
Updated February 03, 2022

A robust and user-friendly system for organizing, promoting, and reporting on assets

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Overall Satisfaction with Uberflip

We use Uberflip as a resource center. We had accumulated plenty of assets but felt that many were falling through the cracks and being underutilized. We also had several blind spots in reporting. We needed a platform that could organize our content marketing efforts and report on them as well — all within a user-friendly system that everyone on our small team could access. That it does. When developing our hub, Uberflip was able to match their environment to our main website. So, now the team can add and edit assets in the backend and have them be presented consistently and professionally on the frontend. As far as metrics, we were looking to increase our web visitors' time-on-page, pages-per-session, and bounce rate. We also wanted a level of reporting that was previously unavailable (for instance, PDF reading data).
  • Increases pages-per-session
  • Increases time on page
  • User-friendly asset creation and editing
  • Reporting — the current system is slow, and the filters and presets are primitive.
  • Development Support — once your hub is built, the support lead time increases tremendously.
  • Communication — a few months ago, there was some sizable downtime and the issues were never formally addressed by our account manager or leadership.
  • Going by last quarter's numbers, our pages-per-session were performing at 2.5x our goal (4.6 pages per session, according to Google Analytics)
  • Going by last quarter's numbers, our average session duration is a minute shy of our goal (2:15)
  • Our bounce rate hasn't dropped according to Uberflip (however it has dropped dramatically according to Google Analytics, our system of record)
This is a tough one to answer. Most of our Sales team has been slow to adopt, but that may be more of an "us" thing. We did have issues with the front-end interface in the beginning and perhaps that's why we lost momentum there. By the time we had everything looking right, enough time had passed where they may have moved on. When they do use it, they seem to have no issues navigating the software.
Once you understand how to create and edit streams and content in Uberflip, it's second nature. I would say there is somewhat of a learning curve, but there is plenty of documentation online (through Uberflip) and their account management team is usually quick to reply. I would say it is similar to getting familiarized with any major marketing system, such as HubSpot, Salesforce, or Pardot.
When it comes to asset management, Uberflip has a HubSpot beat. That doesn't mean HubSpot isn't necessary for other functions, but when it comes to the content itself, the backend organization, reporting (item and stream level), and delivery of the content is much more useful in Uberflip. Otherwise, they have the same learning curve.

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It is a great way to organize your content and bring new life into old assets. For instance, we are able to pin certain assets to high-traffic areas, but every asset has the benefit of being automatically suggested in one way or another to where it doesn't have to be a manual process. The reporting can get very detailed, although getting to that data can be frustrating. I do a quarterly presentation on our web stats, and I dread pulling data from Uberflip — not because it isn't there, but because it is particularly slow.

Uberflip Support

When they are still building your hub, you can get all sorts of requests pushed through. Once your hub is built, you can easily get lost among their backlog of development support tickets.
Kept well informed
Quick Initial Response
Slow Resolution
Poor followup
Less knowledgeable
Problems left unsolved
Difficult to get immediate help
Need to explain problems multiple times
Support doesn't seem to care
We have had to purchase additional support for issues that I believe are platform issues.
Yes - Our request are always acknowledged in a timely manner, but often the back and forth goes on for way too long. I do not get the sense that they really care about resolving the issue, or at least how detrimental some of these issues can be to our user experience.