Overall, VWO has helped dig into user needs, and help direct business decisions
Updated March 01, 2019

Overall, VWO has helped dig into user needs, and help direct business decisions

Megan Lattanzi | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with VWO

We use VWO in my department to track website engagement, get feedback from surveys, and test different variations of enhancements and changes. We share this information with our marketing department, and sometimes the company as a whole.
  • VWO A/B tests are easy to set up. I like that we can input our own HTML/CSS/js.
  • Surveys are nice. I like the new feature of being able to see some recordings of sessions who answered the survey.
  • Overall, the recordings are very useful. We have set up some recordings to even verify/debug some issues we were seeing on our site.
  • Setting up specific goals or events is sometimes hard. our goals/events/clicks are not always straight forward as "if user clicks this thing" which means we have to do extra set up.
  • Form tracking has been a pain, especially with forms that don't have a "submit" button - our checkout process. being able to funnel from delivery/pickup, delivery address form, to payment type, payment form, and submit, it has been difficult. we have dynamic forms with unique id per each session, which also required extra set up. We had an issue with the form only capturing the latest submit, rather than all submits. Even with it set up, the form tracking doesn't seem to capture how we would want.
  • We have tested variations of enhancements that in turn, lead to more sales.
  • Setting up some form tracking caused an issue in Internet Explorer, so we had to remove the tracking.
I was not involved in Optimizely, nor did we implement it outside a free trial I believe, but VWO seemed to do generally the same things with a lower cost, though I could be mistaken.

I have used Qualtrics in the past. It is very good for survey creation and logic. I know some logic was just implemented in VWO. qualtric surveys are great, but seemingly too detailed for a simple website survey. It would be nice to be able to send a longer survey to users who answered a certain way or did a certain action through VWO.
  • It's good for basic testing and tracking page engagement.
  • If you have a complex site or are trying to use it as an analytic platform, it may not work as you would like.