Smooth and transparent system making claims quicker and easier
July 04, 2021

Smooth and transparent system making claims quicker and easier

Avnish Pankhania | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Webexpenses

It's used throughout the whole organization to replace a traditional system of sending an Excel spreadsheet of monthly expenses to your line manager with copies of the receipt in order to claim the expense back. It provides a one-system platform rather than email chains and scanned documents which are inefficient and cumbersome. It allows more than just expenses but rather mileage and professional subscription fees, plus the ability to map your exact route rather than a pre-determined route which may not always be correct. It solves an issue with time in that one platform is used where transparency is included in order to see the claim through every process. It also solves the issue of accuracy which previously relied on somebody manually entering data, checking to see if receipts had been added, or chasing missing data. This system doesn't allow the claim to be sent if certain information is missing, therefore creating accuracy from source and input.
  • Less paper being used.
  • Transparency through system.
  • One platform and visibility through the whole process.
  • App and website don't always merge.
  • Generate route calculator isn't always the route used.
  • Changing route not the easiest to use.
  • Less employees needed to manage expense claims.
  • Less time needed therefore productivity can increase.
  • Overall speed of process makes claiming easy.
It's a great platform and the best I have used to date. Its accuracy in producing claims allowing you to select from drop-down lists rather than typing data in yourself means the user has less work to and mistakes are less common. Another reason is just how quick it is; I can produce a claim on gaining a new receipt there and then within one minute rather than having to wait and collate at the end of the month.
There's great support available not only from within the organization using the system which is provided by training sessions, but, when contacting Webexpenses, they are able to provide clear and accurate support to any issues you may have and also provide a resolution. They will always welcome feedback to improve the system, giving the end-user the best possible solution whilst continually improving and adding to the system.
Firstly the original method of saving receipts till month end and then scanning and manually inputting data onto a spreadsheet along with calculating any miles traveled has been removed. With Webexpenses simply take a picture of the receipt and it auto-generates a claim with the field filled in replacing the processing, submission, and approval system. Once this is complete, you click submit and it'll send to your manager/organization for approval rather than waiting to hear back via email. You'll be able to see the claim being processed through the system.
The ability to reduce/remove the need for paper trails, remove the need to save, scan, and manually sort through receipts, the need to manually input data from receipts, and the need to transfer this data to an email, which can be quite large and massively speed up the process of reimbursing money from both sides of the claim.

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Rather than having to hold onto my receipts until month-end, have to scan them in (which could be multiple pages), fill out a spreadsheet of the expenses incurred during that month, compile it as an email then send it over to my line manager, and accounts, I can simply take a picture of a receipt, let the system auto-generate the claim with a small amount of input from myself and send it to the relevant person. I can then track it as it gets paid back to myself.

It's suited to scenarios where multiple monthly expenses are incurred and even when there are just a few. I believe it suits all situations and there is nothing it cannot be adapted for.