Switched from Oracle HRIS and very happy.
October 31, 2012

Switched from Oracle HRIS and very happy.

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Software Version


Modules Used

  • HCM (Human Capital Management)

Overall Satisfaction

  • The gains that you get from how fast they respond to community requests and how fast they are enhancing their product. Coming from a JD Edwards type product, it’s remarkable.
  • It is very configurable by a non-technical user. You can configure to fit business needs without being dependent on IT. For the report writer, you have to know more about the architecture.
  • When I went live on Workday at my last company, Workday recommended very little training. It is so intuitive that you need very little documentation or training.
  • Workday is working on extensibility of user defined fields. Some companies may need to track non-standard information. In most offerings, they have user defined fields. Workday didn’t offer it initially. It’s coming in v. 18 in November.
  • In my opinion the key benefit is that managers have better information - actionable, real time data at their finger tips. They don’t have to ask people for information.
  • When I talk to others about deploying Workday – in most cases, they assume they will reduce headcount for systems administration. In fact you will need to increase. Each area requires expertise knowledge. Since everything is changing so fast, you need people who are focused in each area. However, you need a different level (lower level) of expertise so that's less pricey.

Product Usage

10000 - We rolled-out Workday to our entire employee population. While we operate in many countries, we use one language (English). Workday does however offer multilingual at no extra cost. Our culture converses in English, and we haven’t gotten to it yet.
8 - We have 7-8 people in total. All US based, supporting a global population of employees.
  • We use it for employee lifecycle transactions from hire to termination, including time off tracking (vacations, leave etc.).
  • We are starting to use it performance reviews, talent and starting to look at it for career development

Evaluation and Selection

Oracle for HRIS.

A year after the initial implementation of Workday we also stopped using Success Factors for Talent Management .
I wasn’t here when we made the selection. I was however, when we selected Workday at another company. At that time, we looked at Ultipro and Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud Service.

To me, Ultipro looked very windows based. It did not have a hip cool UI and we knew that employees would reject it. With respect to Oracle Fusion, I really liked the product when I saw it, but the sales pitch was very poor.


It was implemented before my joining the company. At my last company, we used Workday professional services.

Based upon my experience at my last company, I would rate the implementation experience an 8/10. There are different ways to set things up and we had different people telling us different things. It set us back a couple of times.

Regarding configuration advice, we could set things up where every manager has supervisory organizations, or have it financially based i.e. aligned to cost center/department. We chose the individual manager path and I think we should have chosen a department route. Going down the individual manager path, to maintain the information, we have to inactivate a supervisory org whenever a manager changes/leaves.


  • In-person training
It was very helpful. I had one session which was very helpful to get a basic understanding. They offer a paradigm shift from other applications.


All staffing workflow routing is customized to a company. We don’t use standard notifications or reports. It's all tuned to fit our company culture and how we like to see things. We used Workday’s out of box solution as starting point and left a lot of things pure. We copied what they had and then added customizations. All customizations are “clicks not code” – i.e. custom configurations.


The Workday support group is extremely helpful. In fact, I think I owe them some cupcakes. I also find Workday’s online community very helpful.


It is very intuitive to end-users and easy to navigate. There are multiple ways to navigate for anything you try and do. Information is very clear and presented in logical format. I like the way they group information, especially worker history data. Everyone seems to love the reporting.


It has only gone down a couple of times and both times we were called 5-10 minutes before hand that they needed to bring system down, and I understand why.
It was 10/10 up until a month ago. However, with v.17 we are having some latency issues.


  • In total we have integrated to 17 systems. The biggest ones are Oracle Financials, ADP – payroll, Kenexa – recruiting
We used a lot of Workday consulting services for the integrations. We are starting to develop some of the knowledge in-house. I do recommend using Workday or another partner for this kind of work. We have used a few partners for on-going support and special projects. I would endorse Omnipoint.