We actually do all our work, etc in WORK[etc] every day.
Updated March 28, 2015

We actually do all our work, etc in WORK[etc] every day.

Donna Grindle, CHPSE, CHPC | TrustRadius Reviewer
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  • CRM and Sales
  • Project Management and Tasks
  • Invoicing
  • Google Apps Integration

Overall Satisfaction with WORKetc CRM

Our small company uses WORK[etc] to run all our business activity. We provide technology support as well as HIPAA compliance training and services. Our clients are both in the medical industry and all the companies that support them, such as accounting, legal, financial, technical support, etc. With a wide variety of needs and cases we must have a tool to keep all the parts moving without adding more staff just to do the scheduling and management of details. All the sales cycle processes, project controls and management, and invoicing take place in WORK[etc]. We added it directly into our Google Apps and can manage all our work from two applications completely integrated no matter what work we need to do.
  • Connecting all the different methods of communicating with our clients into one place is the best part of the application to us. The Google Apps integration lets us update all of our WORK[etc] details directly from our email page which saves a huge amount of time. It lets us move back and forth freely between WORK[etc] tools and our Google Apps email, documents, calendar, etc. with ease.
  • Breaking work according to what we are doing helps us group and ungroup things as needed. Since we do tech support and so much more having the ability to connect projects, support cases, to dos, documents, discussions, and more all together makes it easy to work with the relationships of all the different activity.
  • We have found the discussion tool to be vital to moving things through quickly. There are many discussions that are just FYI while others really need a decision or answer form the team members. Discussions allows us to quickly note the people we need to answer us and what is there as an FYI. It keeps all that history so our decision process become documented easily and not lost in email chains.
  • We really want to be able to control subscription billing better. We sell tech support contracts with a set number of hours in the contract. We have a work around for doing it within the invoicing system but it would be much better if we could handle it properly.
  • Reporting tools are not as flexible and capable as we really need. There are lots of things we have to dump to a spreadsheet and attempt to pull the data we need there instead of directly from the application tools. This is especially important when it comes to the financials.
  • Mobile app for iOS is a long time coming. We have seen videos for months with no product yet but if it does work like they say this would be solved. The current iOS app is completely useless to us.
  • Dramatically better documentation of activity and time billing.
  • A structured control of sales information instead of being in everyone's head or notes.
  • Better customer service because things don't fall through the cracks like they did without the tool.
Solve360 was our previous tool. It worked fine to capture the information but not for our type of activity where we needed to have one client that may have multiple support issues, training plans, projects, and long term plans all moving at the same time. We tested Salesforce but the costs and integration weren't acceptable for us plus we would have to manage many more parts of the tool to add functionality.
If you really do a lot of retainer type billing it may be an issue for you. But, if you bill time and materials or flat fees for products and services it should be fine.
If you use Google Apps fully WORKetc is a great tool. I know it works with other email solutions but the GApps integration is outstanding.
If your team is spread out in multiple locations, the management tools keep things moving. It works fine if you are all in one room but it really shines if you don't work in the same physical location.
If you don't like working in the cloud and what that entails you will have a problem with it. But, if you fine with the cloud it has virtually no management required.
If you can't be patient waiting for new features and handle the transparency they share on why things take time, you shouldn't use the tool.

Using WORKetc CRM

4 - Marketing, Sales, AR, Consulting, and more. All of our business operations runs using Worketc, Google Apps for Work, and QB Online. Worketc integrates and exchanges data with the other two allowing us to rely on all three apps without impacting our efficiency by duplication of efforts.
1 - We are a small company of 4. There is rarely anything much we have to do for support of WorkETC except when we are trying to figure out how to do something new or if a new feature is released. Any true support needed goes directly to WorkETC support. Their support team is one of the best I ever dealt with and I used to run the support department for a software company.
The roll out of the mobile app will be such an improvement for us there won't be a pressing case for any type of change. The other problems we are currently working around already, for now. We can't find a better tool that does all it does well plus handle the few changes we would like for a price we could afford, maybe not at all.