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IBM Blueworks Live

Blueworks Live is cloud-based business process management software that provides users with a collaborative environment for documenting, analyzing, and building business process mapping.

Planview Portfolios

Planview Portfolios is an end-to-end project portfolio management and enterprise architecture management tool. It includes two components: Portfolio and Resource Management and Capability and Technology Management. The platform is available as a cloud-based or on-premise service.

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Planview Portfolios

Planview Portfolios is an end-to-end project portfolio management and enterprise architecture management tool. It includes two components: Portfolio and Resource Management and Capability and Technology Management. The platform is available as a cloud-based or on-premise service.

IBM Blueworks Live

Blueworks Live is cloud-based business process management software that provides users with a collaborative environment for documenting, analyzing, and building business process mapping.

Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect

Enterprise Architect is the flagship architecture management platform from global, Australian-headquartered company Sparx Systems.

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AWS CloudFormation

AWS CloudFormation gives developers and systems administrators a way to create and manage a collection of related AWS resources, provisioning and updating them in a predictable fashion. Use AWS CloudFormation’s sample templates or create templates to describe the AWS resources, and…

SAP PowerDesigner

SAP PowerDesigner (formerly from Sybase) is an enterprise data architecture modeling tool, used to Build a blueprint of the current enterprise architecture and visualize the impact of change before it happens.

Avolution ABACUS

ABACUS, from Australian software company Avolution, is an enterprise architecture modeling tool.

LeanIX Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM)

LeanIX in Bonn focuses on controlling and reducing complexity in IT landscapes. Core of the Enterprise Architecture Management solution is an intelligent IT inventory designed to make up-to-date information and planning for the IT landscape accessible for relevant staff. LeanIX also…

IBM Rational System Architect Designer

IBM Rational System Architect is an enterprise architecture management platform, that enables the use of abstraction to preserve design intents and tribal memory, and to provide auditable evidence of conformance to policies.

BiZZdesign HoriZZon (Enterprise Studio)

BiZZdesign HoriZZon from Dutch company BiZZdesign is an enterprise architecture management platform. It replaces the former BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio.


MEGA International headquartered in Paris offers enterprise governance software to give users an interactive view of business components. The suite is powered by the HOPEX platform, which brings together enterprise architecture (EA) and governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) into…

Knoldus Digital Transformation Platform

The Knoldus Digital Transformation Platform aims to simplify the IT landscape & provide an end-to-end digital enterprise architecture that can digitize business processes. KDP combines business transactions and analytics to form a reimagined digital core that connects applications…

ER/Studio Business Architect

ER/Studio Business Architect is a business process and conceptual modeling tool. It simplifies how business stakeholders and data architects document conceptual models and business processes and how those processes impact enterprise data, to align with business goals and regulatory…

erwin Evolve
0 reviews

erwin Evolve is a configurable set of enterprise architecture and business process modeling and analysis tools. With it, users can map IT capabilities to the business functions they support and determine how people, processes, data, technologies and applications interact to ensure…

0 reviews

Frank is a a user-friendly platform that supports architecture and engineering studios with their project management and operations.

Envision VIP
0 reviews

Envision VIP, from Future Tech Systems in Auburn, Washington, is an enterprise architecture management and modeling option.

0 reviews

ModelRight headquartered in New Jersey offers database design and data modeling software.

0 reviews

SAMU, from Hungarian company Atoll Technologies, is an enterprise architecture management modeling tool.

0 reviews

UMT360 is the Enterprise Portfolio Management solution from the company of the same name in Bellevue, Washington.

0 reviews

Cloudcraft is a solution for mapping an enterprise's AWS cloud infrastructure architecture, from the company of the same name headquartered in New York.

0 reviews

Hava, from the company in Melbourne, gives businesses visibility of what they're running in the cloud. Hava uses automated layouts to create realtime diagrams of your existing infrastructure and network topology, so that the user can see security groups, route tables, resource information,…

The Essential Project, from EAS

Enterprise Architecture Solutions headquartered in London are the founder of the Essential Project, a an Enterprise Architecture Management Tool. Essential has been developed based on their expertise as an EA Consultancy and is, therefore, built by architects for architects. Essential…

QPR EnterpriseArchitect

QPR Software, headquartered in Helsinki, aims to make customers agile and efficient in their operations. QPR develops and sells software aimed at analyzing, monitoring, and modeling operations in organizations, and offers customers a variety of consulting services.

BOC Group ADOIT Enterprise Architecture Suite

The BOC headquartered in Vienna offers the EA Management Suite ADOIT, and presents it as a solution for every stakeholder from the CIO to the infrastructure architect. The free version of ADOIT is called the ADOIT:Community Edition.

ValueBlue BlueDolphin
0 reviews

ValueBlue, headquartered in Utrecht, supports agile business transformation, providing a strategic planning and collaboration solution for enterprises. Their collaboration solution BlueDolphin combines Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Management and Data Modeling into a…

Learn More About Enterprise Architecture Management Software

What is Enterprise Architecture Management Software?

Enterprise Architecture Management Software aligns IT infrastructure and business strategy to outline, prepare, and maintain the current and future states of an organization’s systems. Enterprise Architecture Management Software gives users the tools to understand a company’s long-term goals, then support project portfolio management and utilize IT assets appropriately. Enterprise Architecture Management Software creates a point of access for workers and helps to easily incorporate change.

Enterprise Architecture Management Software offers central repositories for data, assets, and other artifacts important to the success of an organization. This allows for a single platform for team members to collaborate, which in turn improves productivity. Enterprise Architecture Management Software also offers modeling solutions to give impressions on future performance, such as anticipated asset retirement or investment outcomes. This grants increased visibility so that enterprise architecture can be dynamically optimized with minimal issues, which is important for imminent mergers or rapid market changes. Thus, Enterprise Architecture Management Software tends to be extremely versatile and is used in a variety of industries.

Enterprise Asset Management Software can be seen as a complement to Enterprise Architecture Management Software. Where architecture solutions address digitized asset management, lifecycle, and planning, Enterprise Asset Management Software manages the physical assets of an enterprise, such as computers and on-site servers. When combined, these two solutions provide wide coverage when blueprinting technical and IT structure.

Enterprise Architecture Management Software Features

Enterprise Architecture Management Software typically includes the following features:

  • Customized and templated framework modeling
  • Enterprise architecture strategy and planning
  • Information and data architecture
  • Application and software architecture
  • Solution architecture
  • Infrastructure architecture
  • Lifecycle modeling
  • Project portfolio management
  • IT asset management
  • Document management
  • User access management
  • Analysis and decision-making tools
  • Risk and benefit assessment
  • Visualization tools
  • Structure mapping tools
  • Audit tracking and traceability tools
  • Customizable user interface
  • On-premise and cloud-based hosting
  • Third party integration
  • Agile, waterfall, and hybrid methodology support

Enterprise Architecture Management Software Comparison

When comparing Enterprise Architecture Management Software, these are the most common considerations:

Modeling tools. The modeling tools of Enterprise Architecture Management Software solutions are going to be a primary deciding factor. Easy-to-use modeling features such as drag-and-drop widgets or more complex tools such as metamodeling may be needed depending on your needs. Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect, for example, offers models to show intricate cascading effects, which are useful for disaster planning. MEGA HOPEX Platform allows technical obsolescence modeling, granting insight into future IT costs and considerations. Finally, Software AG Alfabet Enterprise Architecture Management has support for Internet of Things data modeling.

Number of users. A large user base may need a simple, customizable dashboard so that it is easy for team members of all skill proficiencies to use. However, the number of users may increase the price of software packages, as many vendors tailor pricing to include the number of anticipated users. Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect has multiple licensing options to accommodate teams of various sizes.

Integration. An important choice to make is whether you want your software to work with existing workflows, or provide an all-in-one solution. If you want a platform with integrated features so you can reduce third-party reliance, Essential Project EAS offers packages with streamlined business workflow designs. LeanIX Enterprise Architecture Management creates essential information models that can be delivered through Confluence, Jira, and other external software, making it a great option if you’re looking for a complementary product rather than an all-in-one solution.

Stakeholder input. The degree to which external stakeholders need to be involved in architecture management may determine which Enterprise Architecture Management Software has the best tools for you. BIZZDesign HoriZZon offers graph-based, easy-to-use modeling to collect input from stakeholders directly from the platform. ValueBlue Blue Dolphin offers survey tools that can be easily distributed to stakeholders to gather data from them and incorporate findings into future models.

Architect certification. While most Enterprise Architecture Management Software vendors offer end-user training, you may want team members to have external certification. Certification provides team member credentials so they can be efficiently utilized, which will help to ensure consistent performance and reduce errors. While there are several external certification programs, they all have different costs, with AWS CloudFormation’ proprietary exam costing $150 per exam.

Pricing Information

Enterprise Architecture Management Software tends to be offered at the enterprise level, so pricing plans depend largely on the needs of your business and the size of your team, but the lowest pricing options typically range between $100 and $12,500. Vendors typically offer free trials and demos.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does enterprise architecture management software do?

Enterprise Architecture Management Software allows organizations to consolidate business strategy, organizational structure, and information technology to make long-term plans. The software typically provides team member collaboration spaces, data modeling, and asset management features.

What are the benefits of using enterprise architecture management software?

Enterprise Architecture Management Software increases productivity and consistency by creating blueprints for future operations. These plans can be updated dynamically, making them especially useful for changing markets or business mergers.

How much does enterprise architecture management software cost?

Enterprise Architecture Management Software tends to be offered as a customized subscription plan tailored to meet the needs of your business and the size of your time. Most vendors offer free trials and demos.