Enterprise Architecture Management18Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) Tools provide a means to manage complex IT infrastructures with modeling and visualization capabilities; they are used for collaboration across planners for enterprise development and budgeting, and portfolio optimization.Planview Enterprise One (formerly Planview Enterprise and Troux)1https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/wg/xc/HB3MNGD1H361-180x180.JPEGER/Studio Data Architect2https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/XJ/Kx/1TW8XBLNKOF2-180x180.JPEGerwin Data Modeler3https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/Wa/k3/6JBUVTXABML4-180x180.JPEGSparx Systems Enterprise Architect4https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/zB/Tb/0HAEPXLGXWEJ.jpegMEGA5https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/7K/Dt/2IP51WTEEBFV.jpegSAP PowerDesigner6https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/Yc/Ey/492Z5C9TXINM-180x180.JPEGAvolution ABACUS7https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/OZ/V8/7E5N1XW8XH3K.jpegIBM Rational System Architect8https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/yf/sf/DNSXTG99HOK3-180x180.JPEGEnvision VIP9https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/sc/tT/PBZ0PLT4MPQB.jpegQualiWare Enterprise Architecture10https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/Yq/Dh/C0UCPGFKCP5C.jpegPromis11https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/9q/R6/ETK03Z1VVRZ8.jpegModelRight12https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/6F/9Z/1U78BPOZTZOJ.gifAlfabet Enterprise Architecture Management Platform13https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/mv/Da/FJA6098K7E50-180x180.PNGMID Innovator14https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/Sd/DA/ILCQAS99HOKE.jpegBiZZdesign Enterprise Studio15https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/Ow/Eq/K0VTH3NXWBGT.pngOpenText ProVision16https://media.trustradius.com/vendor-logos/Jo/Dc/J5BO5E4D2RK8-180x180.JPEGMood Platform17https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/in/Tq/ZAVZQ38JEUCO.jpegSAMU18https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/yz/mN/A0MMLUMB1H2Z.pngFrank19https://media.trustradius.com/product-logos/Tq/oE/5OFJVTRZ0GXT-180x180.PNG

Enterprise Architecture Management Software

Enterprise Architecture Management Software Overview

What is Enterprise Architecture Management Software?

Enterprise architecture management software is designed to model an entire enterprise architecture as a baseline for designing new systems or changing existing systems. Modeling an entire architecture and all dependencies can be very useful, for example, during a merger of two organizations to make critical decisions about which components to keep and which to discard.

Modeling is done using Unified Modeling Language (UML), which provides a standard way of visualizing the design of a system. Modeling is used to analyze and optimize the portfolio of business strategies, information flows and technology infrastructure.

Enterprise Architecture Management Features & Capabilities

  • End-to-end modeling of business and IT systems using UML and other open standards
  • Dynamic model simulations to better understand how systems work
  • Traceability and impact analysis
  • Document generation and reporting tools
  • Project management

Enterprise Architecture Management Products

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Planview Enterprise One (formerly Planview Enterprise and Troux)

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Planview Enterprise One is an end-to-end project portfolio management and enterprise architecture management tool. It includes two components: Portfolio and Resource Management and Capability and Technology Management. The platform is available as a cloud-based or on-premise service.

erwin has a rich history in enterprise data, but what’s most exciting is the role that we are coming to play in the foundation for global Big Data initiatives.Our customers are expanding their data management requirements from traditional data in relational databases to unstructured data in priva...

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MEGA International headquartered in France offers enterprise architecture management and modeling software, and a governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) platform.

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Envision VIP, from Future Tech Systems in Auburn, Washington, is an enterprise architecture management and modeling option.

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Promis, a Norwegian company, offers enterprise architecture modeling and management software.

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ModelRight headquartered in New Jersey offers database design and data modeling software.

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Innovator is a versatile modeling, SOA governance, and business process management platform from German company MID.

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Mood Platform, from Mood International headquartered in the UK, is an enterprise architecture modeling tool.

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SAMU, from Hungarian company Atoll Technologies, is an enterprise architecture management modeling tool.

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Frank provides its eponymous collaboration software, designed to help software engineers manage their operations and architecture updates.