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Build Automation Tools Overview

What are Build Automation Tools?

Build automation tools are part of the software development lifecycle where source code is compiled into machine code by a build script. Once the code is completed it is integrated into a shared environment. There it interacts with other software components built by other developers. Before the code is integrated steps are taken to ensure the new code does not negatively impact other developers’ work within the development team.

Typically build automation is completed with a scripting language that enables the developer to link modules and processes within the compilation process. This scripting encompasses several tasks including documentation, testing, compilation, and distribution of the binary software code.

Build automation is a crucial step in moving towards a continuous delivery model and is an important part of DevOps, or best practices to establish a more agile relationship between Development and IT Operations.

Build Automation Tools Features & Capabilities

Build automation tools offer the following feature set:

  • Extensive library of plugins

  • Build management tools

  • Source code management tools

  • Various available UI

  • Compatibility with popular IDE

  • Parallel tests and build execution

  • Dependency management

  • Version conflict resolution

  • Collaborative debugging tools

  • Incremental compilation (change only compiling)

  • Rebuild minimization for faster build delivery

  • Automated events & testing

  • Automated initializing & reinitializing of framework

  • Code & resource updating on the fly

  • Build cache, cacheable tasks

  • Build metrics, performance tracking

Pricing Information

Most popular build automation tools are open-source and free. Some build automation tools available at cost for an annual or monthly license, and are priced according to a number of factors. These may include number of containers or nodes, parallelism desired, or number of build agents. Paid plans boast advantages such as faster build and deployment, scalability, and security features appropriate for enterprises and larger teams.

Build Automation Products

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IncrediBuild is a build automation tool from the company of the same name in Tel Aviv, that allows developers to benefit from advanced batch builds, building multiple configurations from command line, stop on first error and more.
PWSLab is a single secured DevOps solution built for both Web and Mobile technologies. Git-based Source Control, Security and Compliance, Automated builds and testing, Continuous Delivery to infrastructure, Monitoring and more.
IBM Rational Build Forge
IBM Rational Build Forge is a build automation option.
RapidDeploy is a release management automation option for continuous delivery, from UK company MidVision.
OpenMake DevOps Suite
OpenMake Software in Chicago offers DevOps Suite for build automation.