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17 Ratings
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- Track your company's mentions on the web- Spy on your competition- Track your mentions- Stay in-the-know by tracking the industry news and keywords- Source the backlink opportunities


  • Track the news on a particular topic in English or choose to get all news in every language
  • Track your brand's mentions
  • Track the backlink opportunities
  • Keep a close eye on your competition and their updates across the web


  • The sentiment analysis has improved vastly in recent months - the adoption of AI and machine learning has greatly helped - but there is always room for improvement. Having said that, I don't believe there is any listening tool out there which can claim to be totally accurate in this regard
  • While the user interface is intuitive, to first-time users the idea of programming searches and manipulating the dashboard space may seem daunting, purely because it is so comprehensive, powerful and has such deep capability. Trust me, it becomes second nature to use very quickly!
  • Ability to adopt and monitor new social networks - Talkwalker has worked hard to include social platforms from China in recent months. Given that the nature of social media use is always evolving, it would be good to see these platforms added to the media mix as quickly as possible

Likelihood to Renew

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Love it! In most cases, Talkwalker is a no-brainer: I can confidently recommend it to clients.


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Despite all the functionalities available on the platform, I never felt overwhelmed or confused


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Every person I have had the pleasure to interface with at Talkwalker has been kind, knowledgeable, and rooting for my success. The team really does an amazing job

Alternatives Considered

For our needs, Talkwalker is the best 'all-rounder' in the market. Some of the other platforms focus more on certain media types (social in particular) or specific geographies (western markets or English speaking markets). Talkwalker covers all media and all markets very well. Its capability in monitoring original language content is excellent; the sentiment scoring is strong; the data visualisations are powerful; the technical support is excellent; the flexibility of subscription is very welcome. All of these things combined made choosing Talkwalker a simple process. That's not to say it will be right for your needs - you need to evaluate this and other tools in depth before making a choice.

Return on Investment

  • Our Enterprise subscription gives us the scale and headroom to run multiple projects at a sensible cost, so we can support clients' research requirements at a competitive price
  • We can go to market with our in-house reporting and insight solutions safe in the knowledge that we are supported by one of the strongest monitoring platforms in the industry. We have total faith in Talkwalker's capabilities, which ultimately makes our proposition to clients stronger
  • Talkwalker offer flexible subscription plans which cater to all needs, both in terms of system requirements and budget and is easily scaleable - they are great partners to have on board

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