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Software Profile & Review Summary

Attensity is a text analytics software that analyzes data from both internal and external sources. Companies use the tool to track sentiment and surface customer insights, when working with a large amount of structured and unstructured data.

Per the mix of reviews on TrustRadius, all of Attensity's customers are enterprises with more than 500 employees.

Some of Attensity's customers include JetBlue, Cisco and TracFone Wireless.

*Vendor provided
Best used for: Analyzing large quantities of data
Not as strong for: Customer engagement
Most often compared to: Radian6
Customer focus: Enterprises
Channels covered*: Over 550M+ social media and online sources

Attensity Customer Distribution

Attensity Customer Distribution Pie Chart Source: (8) User reviews of Attensity on TrustRadius

Aggregate User Ratings of Attensity on TrustRadius

Source: (8) User reviews of Attensity on TrustRadius
Rating Attribute Attensity # of Reviewers Contributing to Rating Average SMMS Category Average
Likelihood to recommend 6.5 8 8.0
Likelihood to renew 5.6 8 7.6
Product usability 7 1 7.9
Product availability N/A N/A 9.2
Product performance N/A N/A 8.3
Support 7 1 8.5
In-person training N/A N/A 8.8
Online training N/A N/A 7.9
Implementation satisfaction 7 1 8.1
Analytics & Insight N/A N/A 8.3
Data Collection N/A N/A 7.8
Publishing N/A N/A 8.7
Engagement N/A N/A 7.9

Summary of Attensity Reviews

Source: (8) User reviews of Attensity on TrustRadius
Attensity Pros Attensity Cons
Data collection
Attensity is great at collecting data from many disparate sources, both structured and unstructured.
Manual categorization
“Tuning” the tool, or setting up categories for your instance, is time-consuming.
Analysis and surfacing insights
The tool helps surface insights among the data, through sentiment analysis, categorization, and user-friendly dashboards.
Steep learning curve
The interface is challenging and it takes time to learn how to use.
Customer support
The support team is responsive and acts quickly to resolve issues.
The tool can be slow to use.
Users are divided on the tool's ability to filter out unwanted data; some say it's accurate, and some say it could be improved.

Attensity Response to Reviewer Feedback

With Attensity's newest product, Attensity Q, the UI is very user friendly and categorization is now easier than ever. Very intuitive and can be incorporated into Attensity Analyze. Filtering has been improved as well. New products will be coming out in 2015 so look for even better features and functionality.