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What is RingCentral MVP?

RingCentral MVP is a cloud-based VoIP solution available via computer mobile application. It features video and audio conferencing, desktop phone rentals, collaboration tools, and integrations with other business applications. RingCentral offers plans available on a monthly, per user subscription basis.

Small Business
RingCentral provides a platform specifically for small businesses who need an easy-to-use phone system. It comes with support for cloud phone (standard VoIP) and team messaging features in addition to support for online meetings and fax. Users can try a free trial of this offering before purchasing.

Designed to scale for larger, global businesses. Not only supports inter-office communication, but communications with customers and clients.
  • All in-one phone, video conferencing, and team messaging
  • Team collaboration with file sharing and task assignments/scheduling
  • Online meetings (video conferencing, screen-sharing)
  • Outbound customer contact center w/ omnichannel routing and a
  • Digital and social engagement platform

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Deployment TypesOn-premise
Operating SystemsWindows, Linux, Mac
Mobile ApplicationNo


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is RingCentral MVP?

RingCentral MVP is a cloud-based VoIP solution available via computer mobile application. It features video and audio conferencing, desktop phone rentals, collaboration tools, and integrations with other business applications. RingCentral offers plans available on a monthly, per user subscription basis.

How much does RingCentral MVP cost?

RingCentral MVP starts at $19.99.

What is RingCentral MVP's best feature?

Reviewers rate Mobile app for Android highest, with a score of 7.1.

Who uses RingCentral MVP?

The most common users of RingCentral MVP are from Mid-sized Companies (51-1,000 employees) and the Computer Software industry.


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Kyle Eaton, CFP®, CDFA® | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
RingCentral is the phone system that I use for my business. I primarily use the desktop app. I also have the phone app installed.
  • Screens robocalls.
  • Easy to transfer calls.
  • Easy to set up conference calls.
  • Call quality isn't the greatest. Sometimes there is a lag or an echo.
  • I have had people tell me that my line doesn't always switch over to voicemail.
  • Some companies' website verification texts or calls are automatically blocked.
RingCentral is great for solopreneurs that are just starting out. If you have stable high-speed internet, it usually works well. Otherwise, you may need to look at using the phone app through your wireless carrier.
  • no training
Support can sometimes be slow. I attempted to have another line added to my service and was unable to get a hold of my sales rep for some time.
Yes. Fairly straightforward. It is just a software update.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use the phone system as well as use the messaging feature with our staff. We needed something that works with Admins that live internationally but also that was easy enough to use for our general staff. Being able to invite clients to use it as well for free through the chat feature is helpful and the video virtual calls are excellent.
  • Business phone lines with extensions
  • Provides Ghost numbers for different states.
  • Text with clients
  • chat feature for staff
  • video calling
  • Only 1 person can monitor the chat features for a specific phone line.
I have no issue with it across the board and it covers all of our needs.
Score 1 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
This service is horrible. I would never wish it upon my competitor. It is crippling. Cuts in and out all the time, when they have an issue be prepared to be on a chat window on a phone call holding all day. Service is absolutely horrid - I would give zero stars. Do not trust ANY of the reviews that say this company has the best customer service ever encountered. I have been trying 5 different ways for 2 hours just to get a rep or get verified. It is ridiculous.
  • nothing
  • putting you on hold
  • taking 2 hours to verify your account
  • customer service
  • stop the service from not working each week, call drop, call mishandling
  • promise the stars but deliver dirt
would never recommend my worst competitor to use this service
if you have read all the other stuff then you know why
Score 1 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I have been a customer since 2013 and I raise donations to save animals who have been abused. I got Ring Central in 2013 so I can talk to the 600 nonprofits I support. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, I had to close my doors and we no longer need Ring Central service. I have spent over 4 hours on hold with 5 different reps and they refuse to help me. They keep transferring us around to different people and will leave you on hold and even just hang up on me. We have helped save thousands of animals since 2013 and I cannot believe this is how they treat customers like me. We have asked them to send me the signed agreements and they cannot produce any other agreements they have lied and said I have signed. Ring Central said we signed an extra 2 years magically the day we called to cancel. Isn't that convenient? Take a look at another review such as Yelp and you will see they are trying this same exact tactic with other customers. I have spoken to Ring Central customer service reps like Jesus and Ralph and neither will handle my cancellation and both have kept us on hold for hours. Anytime you ask for someone’s contact information they say they do not have it. Can you believe this is how they treat customers of 8 years? Since Ring Central refuses to cancel our service we are now forced to take further action. 1. We have contacted our attorney to take on our case now. 2. We have canceled the card on file with them and contacted our Chase Business Service Rep and let them know Ring Central is trying to scam us. 3. We let our 2 million fans, followers, and likes know that Ring Central is trying to scam our business. These supporters are extremely passionate about our work and will not be happy with how we are being treated. 4. We are leaving negative reviews on any service so as many people as possible knows to avoid Ring Central.
  • [In my opinion,] None.
  • Stop scamming customers into paying for an extra 2 years as they try to cancel!
[I feel,] They are terrible and trying to scam businesses when they attempt to cancel.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
This is an important tool that our company has been using and relying on for our customer's confidential documents. We've been using this ever since and so far it never fails us. It delivers the performance as expected and most of the time, it even exceeded our expectations. No regret on this tool so far.
  • delivers important document
  • secure customer info
  • reliable source
  • capabilities to deliver real time
  • detect mishap on documents
  • real time update
As for our company, we have been using this to communicate with third-party individuals or organizations to get a very confidential document. And by far, we never had any issues or concerns and we were able to put our trust in this tool. Same with our customer who entrusted us with their transaction using this tool.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We currently use this system across all of our branches across the US. Before we had the "hard phone" option, but since switching over to RingCentral (soft-phone service) I can honestly say it has been a total game changer. We had extensions before, but if you were on a call there was no way to know if someone else was calling you. With RingCentral, you are able to see who else is calling, and decide to send to voicemail, put the current party on hold, or conference altogether. The availability/unavailability functions are also superb. If you are working on a project and need to be out of the queue, there's an option for that. In a meeting? There's an option for that! Overall it has been a great transition.
  • Availability/Unavailability features.
  • Transfers/Conferencing
  • Quality
  • Agent Crashes still consistent
This system has become an integral part of our business, and it is perfect for anyone who is looking to have more features than a hard phone system. Instead of having only access to your phone while you are at your desk, with RingCentral you can be mobile. They even have where you can download it to your phone and keep up with updates with your teammates.
David Yates | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use RingCentral daily in our organization across all members of the team. RingCentral has been our phone system since 2005, and has continued to satisfy with their high level of service and ever-expanding arsenal of features. RingCentral is our single portal for truly unified communications - phone, fax (yes, that is still a thing!), texting, conference call, video, webinar, and collaboration (team) software. It works across all platforms seamlessly; from deskphone to flip phone.
  • Extremely high level of service - both uptime and quality
  • Expansive feature set that is easily managed across all users
  • Cloud-based VoIP service so no onsite hardware to become obsolete
  • Softphone for PC, Mac, and smartphones for portability and features
  • Pre-built "quick-start" templates for Interactive Voice Response (IVR) development
  • Caller ID with Name available across all levels of service
  • Off-hours cutover of ported phone numbers
RingCentral excels for us in office environments where everyone has/needs an individual phone (either desk or via their computer). It is also uniquely suited for situations where workers may move between offices, work from home either during the day or after hours, or be on call in the evenings or weekends. The capabilities of the smartphone app means you are always on the office phone system, even showing a Caller ID as your office when calling a prospect, client, etc. This has been a surprising and much-liked feature for attorney's who don't want to expose their cell or home phone numbers in a call. Located in a hurricane-prone state, RingCentral is ideal for their resiliency to disaster that can keep local businesses connected and working after a hurricane. Having experienced that multiple times in the last 16 years with RingCentral, I can say that they have always worked flawlessly for us.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our organization uses RingCentral as the primary VoIP phone system. Additionally, we use RingCentral's app, Glip, for calling, voicemail, chats, meetings, text messages, and faxes. Switching to RingCentral's cloud-based, hosted solution allowed us to scrap our legacy phone system that was prone to errors and outdated in its functionality. Having a cloud-based phone system was also important in supporting our displaced workforce as many employees need to work remotely because of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Cloud-based solution that can support a remote workforce.
  • Excellent call switching between devices, such as moving a call from a computer to a cell phone.
  • Automatic transcription of voicemail isn't perfect, but it is helpful.
  • The team chat interface of the Glip application (also called Jupiter) isn't as refined as other chat interfaces. For example, it doesn't indicate when team members have read a message.
  • The integration of Glip with on-premise Exchange is non-existent and not on the development radar.
  • RingCentral personnel were not familiar with supporting paging devices, even though the platform does offer integration with some paging equipment manufacturers.
RingCentral was fairly simple to implement. It has a good management interface through the service portal. The analytics available in the service portal are good and continually getting better. The mobile app is easy to use and makes it simple to switch a call from a computer to it and vice versa. The downside to RingCentral is its lack of integration with on-prem Exchange and the bundling of RingCentral Video, which is an immature virtual meeting tool.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Primarily, we got RingCentral as a softphone with digital assistant. However, it came with additional features that were also used such as a fax line, Glip (a collaboration platform), and RC Meetings (powered by Zoom). Glip and RC Meetings being used almost daily by everyone, while the phone and fax were utilized by myself.
  • Softphone.
  • Mobile app.
  • Harsh marketing.
  • Buggy software.
RingCentral is a great solution if you are a small business and need a secondary number, but are still the primary person of contact. I like the ability to receive calls during business hours through the app on my personal cell, but the ability to forward to voicemail, etc. during other hours.
I think it is a great phone/communication solution for solo to small businesses.
I feel like if I needed to use the phone for business more than a couple times a day, I would have a really hard time though. Being web based, when the software wasn't working properly it wasn't the end of the world.
RingCentral's support was overall a bit frustrating. It was difficult to get real solutions when we ran into bugs or issues with the software. Most of the time, we had to find our own answers via Google or social media as their support site wasn't easy to find answers. Also, when seeking support, it took a while to get a response.
Aaron Smith | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Review Source
After a merger, we were on a Cisco on-premise system as well as a proprietary phone system. We needed to put both companies onto the same unified system. We knew we didn't want another Cisco system as they are extremely difficult to work with (both as a product and a company). I pitched RingCentral to our company as a solution that would 100% work, guaranteed. I had implemented it at a previous company and knew it would work. The other staff wanted to try out Teams Calling and Skype for Business. I let them fail at that first, sometimes you just have to let people fail until they admit you were right all along.

After the failures to implement Teams/Skype, I was given the go-ahead to try out RingCentral on a test basis. I knew it would work, and of course it did. Once you're on a 100% cloud system, you'll never go back to on-premise. I implemented RingCentral and any hiccups I ran into due to call routing or desk phone (99% of our users don't have a desk phone, but a few wanted one) setup, support was very helpful if I couldn't figure it out from the online support. We have been using it solidly for 8 months now without issues.

The cell phone and desktop app are easy enough to figure out that you don't need to train your users. And if you can help people see the light that they don't need a desk phone anymore, that will greatly simplify the implementation. A large graphical UI is the easiest thing to figure out as compared to a small screen with a bunch of physical buttons, so users can learn on their own.

I'll never have to worry about upgrading some on premise piece of junk again. I'll just give RingCentral my credit card each month and know my phone system is going to work 24/7 without any maintenance on my part.

I am the finance guy implementing the phone system. I'm not the tech guy here. If I can do it, it must be so simple anyone can do it.

  • 100% cloud - no maintenance ever.
  • UI Is nice and easy to use.
  • Anyone can implement it.
  • 3-way calling could be simpler.
  • Don't get rid of the RC phone app - not all of us want to use gimp.
  • Invoices could be simpler to decipher.
If internet issues plague your business, then RingCentral won't work well unless users can utilize their cell phone app with cellular data. However, if your internet is fine, then a 100% cloud phone system is a no brainer. I can't imagine why anyone would go on-premise. Nor can I imagine why someone would go with a phone system that requires a separate company to implement it because it's so complicated to figure out.
Online support answers most questions. If I need to call, I can and someone will answer the phone promptly. And they are always very helpful.
Jon Shurtliff | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
RingCentral is used as our primary method of communication for Phone, Video Conferencing, Screen Sharing, and messaging. We rolled it out across all of our divisions and all our locations in North America.
RingCentral allowed us to eliminate our single point of failure on-prem PBX and gives our employees access to all their communications on their computer or mobile - from work or from home.
  • Quality Voice and Video communication
  • Customer Support and Installation Services
  • Easy to learn user interface
  • Comprehensive messenging services
  • Consistency in their apps across Desktop/Mobile/Chrome Extension platforms
  • They need to include the probably Taxes and fees on their quotes to not surprise new customers.
RingCentral proved to be a LIFE SAVER when we were forced to implement a Work from Home strategy in just a week - had we been on our previous solution of an on-prem PBX we would have had to scramble for both Phone and Conferencing solutions. Not only were we able to get up and running, we didn't even need any training on RingCentral for our users because they already knew how to interact with RingCentral from ANY location!
Their customer support is top notch an provide us with all the answers we need quickly and concisely. We especially appreciated their Installation Services team who got us up and running on their platform within the short time frame we presented and had almost flawless performance in porting our services over to their platform
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
RingCentral is currently used as the central communication hub for the entire business. All inbound customer calls enter the RingCentral system and handling depending on the time of day. Additionally, we were able to eliminate 99.99% of robocall spam through the implementation of the AutoAttendant system, requiring the user to press zero to speak to the operator.
  • Multi-Platform Communication which works wherever you are - Every detail from how an inbound call is handled to how voice/text messages are relayed to users is completely customize-able based on the user's individual needs, even if that user refuses to learn how to use the application itself!
  • Voice/Video conferencing capabilities sufficient enough for most small business users - I rarely need to host a conference call or meeting, although RingCentral does make it extremely easy to invite guests even outside the platform via telephone call-in or the conference app.
  • Overly complicated for new users - An inexperienced novice user may find the administration side of things a bit overly complicated and confusing. I'd like to see a "simple" and "advanced" set of configuration options, or maybe even a wizard function to walk new users through how to handle incoming calls (ring all devices concurrently, or sequentially, utilize external phone number or keep call within RingCentral system, etc).
  • More competitive pricing - There are plenty of options on the market. I'd love to see a lower cost business plan for new users with low usage patterns have access to the system for testing purposes before committing to the system for full office use.
I am a big fan of the RingCentral system. I previously researched and integrated RingCentral at a former company before starting my own business. The system is extremely flexible and versatile. It's easy to expand the system as the company grows. Perfect for a small business expecting to grow in the future. I think it's the perfect communication tool for any small to medium size business looking for a business phone system.
I haven't found the need to interact with RingCentral customer support personally all that often. However, I have directed other people to contact RingCentral for support and have always found the experience pleasant. The customer service staff is kind, patient, and thorough. I have every confidence they can handle most user issues with ease.
Mike McCloskey | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 1 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We used Ring Central for an e-fax solution for our entire organization. We handle escrow real estate closings, title insurance, and title abstracting. While much of our client and vendor communications are served by email and cloud systems; many still rely on facsimile for simple and secure communication.

One key advantage of e-fax is making the documents directly available to our users as .pdf files which are ready for import into our cloud based management systems. It is also very useful to be able to send documents for fax delivery directly from our applications.

In the end Ring Central e-fax was a failure.
  • Apps for Mac, iOS, and other platforms
  • Consistent interface on various platforms
  • Consistent performance
  • Excellent availability
  • Reliability
  • We used multiple fax numbers - but couldn't differentiate between them in the apps
  • Faxes would show up in the 'Call Log' but not in 'Messages' - and were then not readable
  • Faxes frequently showed up garbled and unreadable
  • Faxes disappeared altogether
There is no way to recommend a fax service that cannot dependably deliver incoming faxes from real world users. It isn't an overstatement that the majority of our faxes were lost, incomplete, or garbled.

To make matters worse, after discontinuing our service, it appears that RingCentral has inadvertently re-captured our fax number and doesn't seem to have a vehicle to restore it to us, causing our business fax line to be disconnected.
I have tried chat, email, and telephone support. I have not been able to get any reponse whatsoever on resolving an issue where my telephone number (which we have had for over 20 years) released. We had discontinued service with Ring Central and moved to another carrier. After about 1 week; the number was inadvertently transferred back to Ring Central. It now reports as disconnected and they are not willing to resolve the issue.
Score 1 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It's used in every aspect of our organization. We use it for support, account, sales, and more. It is vital to our business as we received lots of calls every day.
  • It works 90% of the time
  • It has a lot of features (that sometimes work)
  • It's ok, if you are ok with ok.
  • Calls drop.
  • Call Quality, people have trouble hearing.
  • Call groups do not work.
  • Cannot forward to an external number.
  • Cannot group text message.
I would not recommend this phone system for any business, small or large.

A phone system that is buggy, drops on customers and is not built for any serious company with real customers.

This is a company that has an auto-renew yearly contract with month to month payments and when service and support go out the windows and the phone system doesn't work, you are still locked into a contract.
Chat support is what they prefer. It takes a really long time to get anywhere with the support team on chat. They try but It's too slow and resolutions are rarely reached.
Rex Allen | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 2 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I have been a relatively happy RingCentral customer. I recently got a quote from another provider. I am switching, only to be told that RingCentral auto-renews contracts for 24 months. Any business that auto-renews a contract for 24 months after 5 years is not a good customer service company. Any company that does not allow any ability for the customers to leave obviously is not concerned with working to keep them.
  • Good phones
  • Good technology
  • Contracts. Initial contracts I understand, as you have costs associated with setup. But ongoing business should be kept by providing good service and good pricing. Any company that has to auto-renew for long periods to avoid losing customers should be avoided.
Would have been a 10 if they didn't have such lousy contract language. I just went from liking them, to making sure that I tell everyone not to use them.
Good computer support online. Actually, customer service support was decent (unless you are canceling service, then it's a 40 minute wait time to talk to someone).
Govind Rai | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use RingCentral for multiple projects wherein we are required to call leads and clients. It's rarely used for internal communication. Before switching to RingCentral, we used lots of vendors such as Fenero, Skype, and local VOIP providers; however, we faced the following issues with others:
  • Bad lines (voice choppiness)
  • Ugly UI
  • Poor support
  • Amazing voice call: I remembered the day when I had a call with a client, we were having troubles with the ISP (poor connection). We went on the call with the client, and the voice was cutting in and out; however, once we got off the call, and I checked the voice recording, it was perfect.
  • Affordable: Between the other Pay as you go and Fixed price offer from RingCentral, RingCentral was way inexpensive.
  • Reports too late: It takes them 24 hours to generate reports. Well you can get a realtime report if you are using the call center plan otherwise it will show reports which are a day old
  • Inaccurate report: The call reports (# of outbound calls, # of inbound calls, ACHT, etc. are highly inaccurate.
  • If you are low on budget and make all the calls manual, I will highly recommend using them.
  • If you have more than one team member, you should use them. There are a lot of call monitoring capabilities (as well as call takeover if your team member/s are new to the team.
Customer Support has been very active and helpful. They have very knowledgeable staff who are very responsive.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use RingCentral across departments. It assigns each user a unique number with access to messages and voicemail. The users can call the customer using RingCentral on their mobile phone as well. So receiving and calling from remote is not a problem anymore.
  • Calling from phone app.
  • Messages.
  • The app needs major improvement.
  • The UI really needs to be changed.
We use it for our inside sales team based out of India and Romania who reach out to customers in the USA. There are instances when they want to take calls from home or they want to send the users messages to remind them of something, then the phone app of RingCentral is a big help. Sometimes the call drops so that’s the only thing I found bad about this.
It’s worth the money you pay. Has a ton of features and enables both the users and management to better themselves.
Daniel Lampkin | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use RingCentral for inbound and outbound calls as well as intraoffice communications. We implemented it to assist with the transition to working from home, and in that regard, it has performed fantastically. We use it heavily, and for the most part, it tends to stand up to the task.

  • Call quality with other RingCentral customers is superb, Skype quality or above.
  • You're not tied down to a physical location, the app works great on many platforms.
  • Navigating the RingCentral app for messaging (formerly glip) is a little clunky and non-intuitive.
  • Sometimes if I enter a phone number into the phone app too quickly, it interprets it as an internal extension, and I accidentally call one of my coworkers.
  • RingCentral is especially suitable for when you have employees working remotely from home. Because there's no central phone infrastructure to handle or maintain, you work at home as efficiently as you do in the office. The audio quality is excellent. It's easy to learn and very versatile and scalable.
  • It would, however, be overkill for a one-person shop, where a traditional landline would be more than sufficient.
I have never interacted with them directly, but their responses are usually quick and helpful.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
RingCentral is used as our phone system throughout the company, so callers can get to the right employee when calling our main toll free number. We also use RingCentral for online meetings so that participants can call into the same line and view the leader's screen during the session. We also use RingCentral Meetings for customer support so that we can troubleshoot on the client's computers.
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Ease of use for meeting participants
  • Slows down computer when running meeting
RingCentral is a cost-effective call system for small to medium businesses. It might not be suited for large companies. The meetings add-in allows users to start online meetings on the fly quickly. It is particularly helpful that you can switch hosts so that you can see different users' screens during meetings, which is something we did not see in competition at the same price level.
I haven't ever had to use the support, which means to me that they are doing something right. If they weren't, I would need to contact the support to get help.
Brian Del Terzo | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I originally used RingCentral for all of our VOIP services. The Desktop Soft-phone and Physical phone compatibility are top notch. The service was nearly uninterrupted. Find me follow me as I think they referred to it was also an option that could be enabled per direct user so that if you weren't at your desk, calls in could ring your mobile or other team members. The user and admin dashboards are extremely user friendly, and so was the setup and implementation of the auto attendant call tree, call routing, departments etc. A great solution for large or small companies that would like more flexibility... I could go on and on.
  • Call routing.
  • Auto attendant and call tree.
  • Pricing.
  • Use case flexibility.
RingCentral is a perfect solution for a company that wants the best regardless of the cost.
Some solutions will take time to work through. Support appears to be generally overseas, though they have added live chat within the last 24 to 48 months which has been a useful feature.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We made the switch from RingCentral to Zendesk Talk less than 1 month ago. Prior to the switch, our organization used RingCentral for about 3 years. RingCentral was used by our customer support and sales teams. All other departments had RingCentral installed on their computers and used it as well for internal and external communications. RingCentral was our one and only phone system.

RingCentral provides a quality softphone system for communication with customers via phone, fax, and text. Their internal communication app, Glip is also a useful tool.
  • RingCentral's user interface is very easy to use. Just about everything is well labeled and has a purpose.
  • Live reporting. RingCentral's Live Dashboard is very helpful to a management team to monitor the daily operations in real time and gain a good understanding of where the team stands for the day.
  • Headsets. RingCentral has a partnership with Plantronics, so you have to use Plantronics headsets. Unfortunately there are only a few options to choose from; very cheap headsets with no noise cancelling, or extremely expensive headsets that were not necessary to waste money on. Our employees were not able to use their own personal headsets, no matter how good they were.
  • Limited IVR menu options. Without upgrading to their highest 'enterprise' level, which we did not need, we had very little flexibility with how we set up our IVR menu. It would have been nice to be able to implement a "Customer Call-Back" feature so our customers did not have to choose between leaving a voicemail or staying on hold forever, but unfortunately we did not have this option. Small to medium-size businesses have this need as well.
RingCentral is well suited for many, many scenarios and companies. The larger the company gets, the less appropriate RingCentral becomes. Reporting/Metrics become increasingly important as an organization scales. The quality of reporting has a direct impact on how well an organization's management team understands the companies strengths, weaknesses, and needs. In turn, this can have a direct impact on how many supervisors/managers a company needs to have on hand to be able to effectively manage the support team.

I would recommend RingCentral for small to medium-sized companies that do not have a strong need for detailed reporting or customizations. If you are looking for a quality platform that makes it simple to communicate with customers via phone, fax, and text.
RingCentral offers support via email and live chat and are always there for you. Unfortunately, their support agents are also limited by the capabilities of the platform and often-times were only able to provide answers that we were already able to obtain through simpler mediums such as their online help center and glossaries. In short, they are easy to get in touch with, but they don't always provide the detailed answer that you are looking for.
Linda Wilson-Gordon | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use RingCentral for both incoming toll-free calls and conference calls. It solves the business problem of multiple people in different locations. Our entire organization uses Ring Central, and we have for about four years now.
  • Routing incoming calls to different numbers
  • Conference calls
  • Really can't think of any
If your company has people in different locations, RingCentral is ideal. Everything is cloud-based: no need to purchase and install expensive systems at various locations. Very cost-effective for small companies!
Excellent support. Every time we had a challenge or a question, support was fast, knowledgeable, and efficient.
Nathan Roberts | TrustRadius Reviewer
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We made the switch from PSTN to RingCentral three years ago and I've never looked back. Since this is a cloud-based communications solution, I can complete all the configuration for my system, users, and individual devices on-line. No more having to place work orders with CenturyLink to have a line installed, a feature added, etc., and then waiting days for it to be completed. I can make changes instantly! We are using RingCentral across our entire organization, from office phones to conference rooms. We now pay one cost and get an auto-receptionist included, where we had to pay separately for this service before. The lines are portable, too, since users can install the RingCentral app on their smartphones and answer their calls from anywhere while publishing a single number.
  • The range of configuration and options included with our small business plan seems infinite. I have yet to encounter a usage scenario for which RingCentral has not already developed a solution, from call queues to sequential forwarding to auto-receptionist to virtual meetings, RingCentral has it covered.
  • All the configuration is completed on their website, meaning everything you might want to accomplish can be handled in a few clicks.
  • Documentation is robust. This is a premium service that is extremely well executed.
  • We have never had an issue making calls that can be attributed to RingCentral. The system is rock solid.
  • They have apps that allow you to enjoy their services across all devices, including Windows, Android, and iOS. This includes making calls, checking voicemail, sending and receiving text messages on your RingCentral number, and conducting meetings.
  • The integration with Outlook and Office 365 is superb! You can schedule RingCentral meetings without leaving Outlook, including instant meetings.
  • Prices have increased steadily over the life of the service. They've also started charging for services that were originally no cost, such as options that forward to non-RingCentral lines in our auto-receptionist options.
  • I haven't found a way to disable services we don't use, such as Glip, so users don't see them.
This is the cream of the crop when it comes to cloud-based communications. I bought the service after doing considerable research, as telephony is enterprise-critical. It's also the top-rated solution by Gartner, which really speaks for itself. It can easily satisfy a small office, with the automation features making a small business appear quite sophisticated. Or it can scale to hundreds of users, as it provides for SSO with Microsoft AD and has a number of other connectivity options catering to large businesses.
When we purchased the service, I had a support agent that walked me through setting up the system, including configuring our auto-assistant. He was patient and answered all my questions. I have never had a need for further support.
September 25, 2019

RingCentral is Great

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RingCentral was used as the primary source of telecommunications across all departments within the organization. The methods for placing or receiving a phone call were via cell phone application, computer downloadable software, computer online software, and via connection to a physical phone sitting on one's desk. From my experience, all 4 methods yielded a reliable connection so long as your connection to the internet was reliable.
  • Multiple methods of connecting
  • Clear audio connections with no dropped calls
  • Voicemail & Text Messaging capabilities
  • No customized conference call greetings
  • No Linux Support
RingCentral is well suited for organizations of all sizes that prefer to have a business phone line separate from their personal phone line. Even though there are tiered services, I highly recommend this only to businesses with 21 or more users licenses paid for annually for significantly better rates compared to other competitors.
I only spoke to customer service once and their attention to detail and quality of service was significantly better than expected.
Tristan Dobbs | TrustRadius Reviewer
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RingCentral is our current VoIP provider and telecommunications system. It is used by employees to make and take calls, by our support team to route calls and act as a group, by our operations team to route and forward calls as well as collect using a group number, and by sales to make outbound calls.
  • RingCentral service is solid and resilient to issues.
  • RingCentral is easy to manage as an admin. Users, login styles, extensions, hardware, extensions, and more are always configurable and it makes it easy to support users.
  • RingCentral offers many hardware options. It is easy to procure new hardware as well as outfit older hardware with the help of an adapter.
  • RingCentral keeps pushing people to a user interface that couldn't be less helpful. It is a "collaboration" platform that is fundamentally useless and to get to the actual softphone is sometimes hard to do given that the default is this other option.
  • RingCentral is not easy to get support as an end-user. Support often blames issues on "jitter" though this is not usually the case.
RingCentral is solid as a platform and does offer a full host of features to end-users and admins alike. It would fit well in many medium to large organisations who need IVR, call routing, answering services, hunt groups, and more. It is not very well suited for small companies or those with large call centres.
Support does not offer solutions that can be used to take action. For instance, if call quality is low, it could be due to many reasons. Bad hardware, bad WiFi, RingCentral service issues, the recipient of a call, the caller of a call, etc. But RingCentral support does seem to want to pin most of the issues on "jitter" and wait for the issue to go away.