Digital Rights Management (DRM) Software


Digital Rights Management (DRM) Software Overview

What is Digital Rights Management Software?

Digital Rights Management (DRM) software protects digital rights against copyright infringement and minimizes the unauthorized copying and distribution of digital media and software. It is used to protect movies, eBooks, music, art, video games, and proprietary information. DRM software is used by businesses, studios, creative agencies, publishers, and technology companies. DRM is also known as Technological Protection Measures (TPM).

Catching individuals who engage in piracy is difficult, thus DRM tools take a proactive approach, creating barriers for controlling the use, modification, and distribution of digital content. These multiple strategies include verification, encryption, copy restriction, anti-tampering, regional lockouts, expiration dates, user authorizations, device controls, and tracking.

DRM tools can help companies control access to confidential information. When used in this context it can help identify and investigate unauthorized usage and leaks.

Blockchain, which uses cryptography to secure a decentralized ‘digital ledger,’ is an emerging digital rights management tool. It is used to secure NFT’s (Non-Fungible Tokens), which are one-of-a-kind, verifiable digital assets such as art, gifs, videos, trading cards, and music.

Many Digital Asset Management (DAM) software tools include robust DRM features within their offerings to ensure their assets are safely distributed. Virtual Data Room software, which stores and shares proprietary information, often provides DRM tools to support secure file sharing outside the data room.

Digital Rights Management Software Features

Leading digital rights management software should include most or all of the following features:

  • Access Expiration Management

  • Access Revocation

  • Anti-tampering / Prevent Modification of Assets

  • Asset Formats – Supports Audio, Video, Image, Text, and Document Protection

  • Copy Protection / Restriction

  • Device Control

  • Digital Distribution Management & Control

  • Educates Users about Copyrights and Intellectual Property

  • Encryption

  • License Management

  • Location Control / Regional Lock Out

  • Subscription Management

  • Software Application Protection

  • Tracking – Watermarks, Metadata

  • Usage Tracking Analytics

  • Verification - Product Keys, Limited Installations, Online Authorization – Password Protection

  • Watermarking

Digital Rights Management Software Comparison

Consider this when purchasing digital rights management software.

Integration: If you have digital asset management (DAM) software already installed in your organization, are DRM tools included with its features? If not, or if you require additional DRM functionality, how well will your DRM selection integrate with your current DAM platform? Poorly-integrated solutions can require duplicate manual processes, dramatically reducing efficiency.

Deployment Platform: Digital rights management software can be deployed through cloud-based SaaS, desktop, and mobile products, or via a combination of those platforms. Consider which hosting method is most appropriate for the asset classes and scalability of your organization.

Pricing Information

Many vendors require a quote for their services. Pricing models include one-time licensing fees and monthly or annual charges based upon the number of users. Entry-level products begin at $99 a month and can range to over $600 a month per user. Some vendors offer free trials for their products.

Digital Rights Management (DRM) Products

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Bynder Brand Portal

Bynder helps brands to distribute their marketing materials, manage creations and facilitate brand consistency. Bynder is a solution for marketing that comes with best in class digital asset management, creative project management, brand identity guidelines, product information…


Filecamp is a cloud-based Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution with unlimited users. According to the vendor, with Filecamp users can showcase and share files with clients or with other parts of the organization. Customers can have their own custom branding and password protection…


MerlinOne headquartered in Massachusetts offers their eponymous digital asset management (DAM) platform.


CapLinked in Redondo Beach offers their virtual data room (VDR) to support collaboration between enterprises and outside partners in a secure and easily setup digital workroom, featuring full document interaction tracking even outside the company firewall, enhanced rights management,…


Digify in San Francisco provides an electronic document security service with virtual data room featuring digital rights management, access controls (and revokation), passkey encryption, and other methods of ensuring a safe and secure file sharing and collaboration process between…

Axinom DRM

Axinom is a digital solutions provider in the media and transportation industries, headquartered in Fuerth. Solutions are a part of Axinom Mosaic, a framework for standardizing and simplifying digital content supply chain workflows, through independent yet connected services.


EZDRM is a specialist in Digital Rights Management as a service (DRMaaS) headquartered in New York, offering a one stop solution for protecting and monetizing video assets. Content owners and Internet-based media distributors can integrate with the service in order to support an…

Vitrium Security

Vitrium headquartered in Vancouver provides content protection and digital rights management (DRM) software solutions to protect videos, documents, images and audio files. Vitrium’s solutions enable businesses to protect, control and track their confidential, sensitive or revenue-…


VAM2 is a visual asset management solution from Weiss AG in Kaiserslautern.


Rightsline, headquartered in Los Angeles, supports rights professionals by providing them with a multi-tenant, software-as-a-service rights and contract management platform. It helps content owners, distributors, broadcasters, publishers, online platforms, and media channels with…

MyAdbox MyAssets

MyAdbox is a global SaaS Business specialising in advertising and marketing services, headquartered in Melbourne. Their core competencies revolve around the provision of services that automate the creation of brand and retail content. MyAssets is the company's digital asset management…


EditionGuard protects eBooks with Adobe Content Server DRM, to prevent piracy and unauthorized distribution. It is a web-based service with a 30 day free trial.

Facebook Rights Manager

From Facebook, Rights Manager lives within Facebook’s Creator Studio platform and is built for people who want to control when, how, and where their content is shared across Facebook and Instagram. From creators who post their own unique content to publishing houses that don’t post…


Hurix headquartered in MUmbai offers KITABOO, a software designed to create interactive multimedia-rich & mobile-friendly digital content. The cloud-based technology publishes and distributes eBooks on all mobile platforms and devices with analytics and user insights.


castLabs, headquartered in Berlin, offers software and cloud services for digital video markets, and offers solutions to enable the secure distribution of premium movie, TV, and audio assets. DRMtoday is a licensing solution that aims to enable OTT businesses to launch monetized…


PallyCon headquartered in Seoul provides cloud-based Multi-DRM license service, content packaging and SDK to help the user apply content security. Their Multi-DRM License Service is a cloud service built on Amazon Web Service and pre-integrated with AWS Elemental Media Services via…


NetX, NetXposure, Inc headquartered in Portland, offers their eponymous Digital Asset Management platform, boasting an onboarding team has more than a decade of experience in DAM, which allows them to tailor NetX to meet specific needs and timeline, and the ability to make future…

Red Points

Red Points employs machine learning algorithms to scan the internet to identify and remove all violations and infringements. They employ technical and legal expertise to ensure that all infringing data is removed or deindexed. Finally, clients can view progress through a real-time…

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Digital Rights Management Software do?

Digital Rights Management (DRM) software protects against the unauthorized copying, use, or modification of digital assets. It protects intellectual, creative, and technological property and proprietary information through a variety of possible methods.

What are the benefits of using Digital Rights Management Software?

Digital rights management software enables organizations to:

  • Protect digital assets from piracy
  • Protect income streams, and helps monetize digital content more effectively
  • Maintain right to ownership - helps creatives retain ownership and control of their work
  • Safeguard intellectual property, confidential, and proprietary information
  • Help enforce copyright laws
  • Help prevent competitors from stealing your digital assets and intellectual property
  • Streamline licensing agreements
  • Inform users and raises awareness of creative rights and fair usage policies

How much does Digital Rights Management Software cost?

Pricing models include one-time licensing fees and monthly or annual charges based upon the number of users which for entry-level products range from $99 to over $600 a month. Some vendors offer free trials for their products.