Network Access Control (NAC) Solutions

Best Network Access Control (NAC) Solutions include:

Aruba ClearPass, Forescout CounterACT, and SolarWinds Access Rights Manager (ARM).

Network Access Control (NAC) Solutions Overview

Network Access Control (NAC) Solutions are network security platforms emphasizing asset usage monitoring and restrictions and protections around sensitive data; essentially they are traffic controllers, operating on defined policy and enforcing rule-based restrictions for identity and access management and preventing cross-contamination of critical network components by unsecured endpoints. Total NAC solutions combine hardware appliances with software.

Network Access Control (NAC) Products

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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall (formerly NG Firewalls)
15 ratings
6 reviews
Barracuda CloudGen Firewalls provides a wide range of security and connectivity features, including web filtering, NAC and SSL VPN and other features for remote access, as well as protection as edge devices and IoT security.
Aruba ClearPass
19 ratings
5 reviews
Aruba ClearPass is network access control (NAC) technology from HPE company Aruba Networks. Aruba acquired Avenda and its eTips NAC in 2011.
SolarWinds Access Rights Manager (ARM)
12 ratings
5 reviews
SolarWinds Access Rights Manager (ARM) is designed to assist IT and security admins to quickly and easily provision, deprovision, manage and audit user access rights to systems, data, and files. By analyzing user authorizations and access permission you get visualization of who has access to what an…
SAP Access Control
205 ratings
3 reviews
SAP Access control streamlines the process of managing and validating user access to applications and data with minimal support from IT.
Forescout CounterACT
6 ratings
3 reviews
CounterACT is network access control software from ForeScout Technologies in Campbell, California.
Sophos Network Access Control
7 ratings
1 reviews
UK-based Sophos offers Network Access Control technology.
Bradford Networks Sentry
Sentry from Boston-based Bradford Networks is network access control technology.
InfoExpress Network Access Control
InfoExpress in Mountain View, California offers Network Access Control technology.
Auconet Network Access Control
San Francisco-based company Auconet offers Network Access Control.
UserLock from IS Decisions is a network access control and identity management solution.
SafeConnect is network access control technology developed by Impulse Point in Lakeland, Florida and acquired by OPSWAT December 2019.
SecureTrust Managed Network Access Control (NAC)
Chicago-based Trustwave offers Network Access Control technology via the SecureTrust Managed Network Access Control (NAC) solution.
Pulse Policy Secure
Pulse Policy Secure (PPS) is a next-gen NAC that enables organizations to gain complete visibility, understand their security posture, and enforce roles-based access and endpoint security policy for network user, guest and IoT devices. Leveraging core network, mobile and security infrastructure inte…
Cisco NAC Manager and Server
Cisco's Network Access Control (NAC) Manager and Server is a network access control option.
Symantec Network Access Control (Discontinued)
Symantec Network Access Control was rendered End of Life (EOL) March, 2014.
McAfee NAC (Discontinued)
McAfee NAC is discontinued since 2012.
Vidder from the company of the same name in Campbell, California, is network access control technology.
Extreme Networks offers network access control (NAC) via its ExtremeControl standalone product which is also part of the Extreme Management Center suite of products.
Portnox Access Layers
Access Layers from Israeli company Portnox is network access control software.
CenturyLink Cloud Connect
CenturyLink® Cloud Connect delivers secure, high-performance and virtualized networking functionality to leading public and private clouds — Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and many other leading public and private cloud environments. Our g…
FortiNAC is an IoT security and network access control solution that provides the network visibility to see everything connected to the network, as well as the ability to control those devices and users, including dynamic, automated responses.
Forescout Platform
The Forescout Platform is a modular network security suite providing real-time device discovery and classification with Forescout eyeSight, and providing extended features as desired for network segmentation, access and security policy enforcement,failover recovery, appliance configuration and polic…
Restorepoint Universal Console
Universal Console acts a single access gateway to all devices, controlling, monitoring and auditing access to network devices and servers. The vendor states that unlike most Privileged Access Management solutions that require weeks or months to deploy, users can start taking control of privileged us…
Twingate allows businesses to secure remote access to their private applications, data, and environments, whether they are on-premise or in the cloud. Built to make the lives of DevOps teams, IT teams, and end users easier, it replaces outdated corporate VPNs which were not built to handle a world i…