Wanna pay bills while sitting by the pool? Bill.com is the answer!
February 22, 2018

Wanna pay bills while sitting by the pool? Bill.com is the answer!

Alicia Gates, CPA | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Bill.com

Bill.com is used by our entire organization. Our admin staff uses it to pay our own company bills and sync it seamlessly with QuickBooks Online, and our employee's use it to for our clients using the same features. Bill.com allows us to be a 100% paperless and cloud-based accounting firm. Our clients can easily submit bills, review them, approve them, and we can easily pay the bills on time, sync it to QuickBooks Online, and keep all of the financial data organized, which in turn results in real dollars saved in both the client's time and our employee's time. Furthermore, it's not even yours or your client's bank account that's at risk! Bill.com prints all of the checks from their bank account, which means if anyone tries a fraudulent activity, it's only Bill.com's information that's at risk, not yours. It's secure, it's fast, and it integrates. It's awesome!
  • Bill.com allows anyone who has the dedicated bill.com email address for the company to send bills directly to Bill.com. This means clients, vendors, automated bill reminders - all of those can be emailed directly to bill.com. There's no need for a "special portal" for these to go through - ANYONE can send them there. And, if you have something that you need to add that is on your desktop, great! Just drag and drop, and it's added. It makes getting the bills a very simple process.
  • The approval process for Bill.com is great. You can set one or multiple approvers, you can customize it for just certain vendors need approval, or just amounts over a certain threshold, with a variety of combinations in between. This is really nice for clients who don't want to approve every bill they send you, but maybe they want to double check bills over $5,000.
  • The variety of email preferences you can set up for Bill.com is amazing. You can set it so anytime you receive something new, you get an email. Or maybe every time there's an approved bill - you get an email. Maybe you only want updates once a week, or on certain days of the week - you can do that too! It's whatever you need to see to be the most efficient, Bill.com will notify you by email however you want them to. It's great because nothing slips through the cracks.
  • Voiding a bill in Bill.com is easy, but unfortunately, the void doesn't sync automatically to QuickBooks Online (unlike bill and bill payments, which do automatically sync). Bill.com is great in always telling you exactly what to do to correct it in your QuickBooks Online software, but it would nice if there weren't extra steps you had to take when this happens.
  • Bill.com only sends the first page of a bill with a check. Typically this isn't a problem, but in some instances, it's necessary for more than 1 page to be sent. It would be nice if Bill.com had a checkbox selection option to print up to a set number of pages (maybe up to 5) for an additional fee. Having the option would be great so I don't have to jump through hoops with other methods to try to get a bill paid, all because I need more than 1 page to go with the check.
  • Prior to bill.com, we received the mail for our clients, cut the checks for their bills, and physically mailed them. It's was tedious for us, and there was no cloud storage for these documents. Now that we have bill.com, we have saved HOURS of time on processing bills. It also allows all of our remote staff to process bills easily.
  • Bill.com has made keeping up with Accounts Payable for our clients so simple. Because it automatically integrates with QuickBooks Online, we don't have to spend time applying payments against bills in the software - Bill.com takes care of all of that for us. This gives our employees time back to focus on serving our clients in other capacities.
For cloud-based firms or paperless firms, Bill.com is necessary. Not only can you easily view, approve, pay, track payments, and sync the information with QuickBooks Online, but you can also see all of the historical data in Bill.com for any vendor, at any time. Once it's in Bill.com, you can throw away that bill!

If you have remote employees or complex approval processes, Bill.com excels at addressing those needs. If on the other hand you have a very small office and everyone is in the same building, and you like hand writing checks and manually entering them into whatever accounting software you use, then Bill.com isn't necessary. Likewise, if you only have a few vendors and you're able to set up them for automatic payment through the vendor websites, you don't need Bill.com.