Why I can always count on DoubleTake
Updated August 21, 2017

Why I can always count on DoubleTake

John Stalzer | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Carbonite DoubleTake

We use doubletake in several different ways. We have customers that use doubletake availability for their DR solution. For others, we use doubletake for migrating their environments from their local site to the cloud, or to different locations around the world. In some instances, customers have virtual servers that need to sit on physical hardware. Doubletake has the ability to migrate the virtual server back to physical hardware with virtually no down time.


  • A product is worthless in my opinion if you don't have a great support team to work with. I've had issues with replication jobs that were resolved quickly and easily by the support team.
  • DR - Doubletake is the only tool that I'm aware of that can handle DR replication of both physical and virtual environments. There sre others, but they use a snapshot technology, where doubletake has continuous replication of data.
  • Move - we have moved physical and virtual environments from around the world without ever having to leave the office. One of the companies we migrated started off with their equipment in Switzerland, and after the servers were in a fully protected state in the US, that failover to the new location took 45 min.


  • Reporting - Reporting is a very important tool which is required by auditors after performing failover tests. I know they are currently working on this, and we hope to see a working product that we can use shortly.
  • The inability of using the latest versions on the older OSs. When we migrate or protect 2003 servers, we have to stay with version 7. It would be nice to be able to use version 8 and well as it's new features.
  • Using Doubletake, we have been able to out quote our competitors.
  • Doubletake is easy to install and operate. An engineer would be able to download the product in the morning and have replication jobs running by that afternoon.

Zerto is a very nice tool when performing virtual to virtual replication. If you were to add a physical server in the mix, it would not be able to handle that server or the data on it.

Veeam is a way is similar to Zerto where it only has the ability to handle virtual to virtual replication. The big difference is that it's not continuous replication. It uses a snapshot technology to grab the changes from the last snapshot and replicate that over.

Any disaster recovery solution can be handled by doubletake as well as server migrations. We have performed virtual to virtual, physical to physical, virtual to physical and physical to virtual migrations. There is no other product that can perform a continuous replication process with these different scenarios.

I have yet been able to find a scenario where I found it to be less appropriate.

Using Carbonite DoubleTake

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  • Virginia Lux | TrustRadius Reviewer
    Hi John - Glad to hear you're able to migrate your virtual server back to physical hardware with virtually no down time. Thanks very much for the review. Best regards, Virginia Lux, Carbonite Customer Success
  • John Stalzer | TrustRadius Reviewer
    We had a customer that was sitting on physical devices who wanted to migrate to the cloud. After several months, they felt that their SQL servers weren't performing as well as they did previously, so we moved them from the cloud back to physical servers using Double-take. Down time was less than 5 minutes.

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