Certify has simplified the business expenses and reimbursement processes in my day to day life!
March 29, 2019

Certify has simplified the business expenses and reimbursement processes in my day to day life!

Kevin Brown | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Certify

Certify is being used across the entire company here for more than a year now. It has dramatically made our lives better when it comes to billable time and expense reporting especially. It's super easy to manage receipts and submit expense reports. The reimbursement process has improved 110%. It's more efficient, faster, easier to use. We all love it... especially compared to emailing Excel spreadsheets to track expenses and request reimbursements like we did several years ago.
  • Certify allows me to automatically generate expense reports for repetitive items.
  • Certify completely streamlines the entire approval process.
  • Certify allows me to get reimbursed much faster than ever before.
  • All my reimbursements are automatically directly deposited into my checking account within a matter of days versus weeks.
  • Certify makes keeping, sorting, and tracking receipts a breeze. It couldn't be better! you can upload, email, use an app, etc. It's fantastic in the office or on the go.
  • The Website and App interfaces are very user-friendly.
  • Certify allow me to import/upload receipts on the fly so that I never miss out or forget about an expensive or the specific amount. It also provides me a way to look back in time and compare as well.
  • Certify allows our organization's users in certify to rate and compare hotels they stay at an expense, restaurants, car rentals, and many other types of purchases. So we can literally see what other colleagues thought about it and how they rated their experience. This is something I have never had anywhere else before, without hours of Googling of course.
  • Certify could also include some automated spending control.
  • Certify could also implement some type of time tracking within it as well.
  • Certify could have something that is specific to accounting for projects.
  • Anything that could be added to help better and assist its users with tax management.
  • I only have positives for this with Certify because if I have a business expense, I can quickly get my receipt imported into certified and expensed for reimbursement. You do not have to be someone that even goes on business trips to make use of Certify and reap its benefits.
  • As an end-user of Certify, I do not miss out or take any losses on any business related expenses. I can use it as I go, anywhere, for anything related to expenses.
  • I do not work in HR or Payroll for example. But, I can say that anything I spend for company purposes, Certify gets my money back in my pocket that much faster.
  • Your money is your money, so the quicker you can expense it and get it back the happier you're going to be. Certify accomplishes this for me; so I have no negative or bad business objectives or impacts caused by Certify... Only good ones!
In my opinion, Certify is on a level of its own compared to any past products or methods that I have personally used for Expense reporting, Receipts, Reimbursement. Certify has simplified my life. It gets my reimbursements done in a more automated and streamlined fashion and I get my money back a whole lot faster; thanks to Certify. The other products simply do not compare to Certify at all in my opinion. At least not for my business use cases, i.e. Business expenses / Reimbursements.
When I travel I can use a mobile app on the go and never miss a step. I never miss something I should get reimbursed for. The entire process saves me time. I can easily review history. I can quickly get reimbursed on large expenses while in the office or out of the office. I have not found a single scenario with the company I work for where Certify has not been the best thing to happen to me in terms of getting receipts imported, expense reports generated, and getting my money back as quickly as possible!