A New Users Point of View
Updated August 31, 2018

A New Users Point of View

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Overall Satisfaction with Gainsight

Gainsight is currently being used by 75 employees within a single Department of our Company. Its purpose is to create a single point of record for the users. Making their day to day tasks easier by only needing to visit one software/website - rather than several.


  • Reporting/Dashboards. At first, depending on how your Data is loaded, it can be a little overwhelming when first in the Report Builder. But once you understand where your data is coming from - ensuring you are pulling the proper fields...It's amazing and VERY simple to use!
  • Gainsight Community. As an ADMIN of the software - I find that their Community is one of the bests around! Having the ability to post a comment and get feedback from people all over is amazing! Another perk of the community is also reading how others are using the software. Reading how some people were handling certain issues and how they resolved it with the software has helped us update some of our configurations.
  • Support. Their actual support is also amazing! Friendly, courtesy - and they treat your problem as their problem!
  • Their User Interface is one of the best that I've seen. Making it easy for a user to navigate to various sections of the software - it's a real treat compared to some of our former CRMs.


  • Have a full-time ADMIN. Gainsight is very back ending heavy during the initial setup and configuration of the software - especially if you're converting. But once you get it going - it's awesome!
The support is amazing! I seem like a broken record - but they truly are a great team!
While there are MANY features of the software and we are still rolling them out in stages, the most heavily used one by our Executive Team is Dashboard. Both on the Customer side and the Internal side. Being able to view customer Data the way they wish to see it - and the permission to lock it down so only certain people or groups have a view - is amazing. The internal dashboard is also handy - it shows various statistics like the use of the software, number of licenses, etc.
  • We're actually working on rolling some of these features out now - including automation of follow up appointments!
While features vary across the platform - Gainsight is the easier one to look at every day...appearance wise. It's very well laid out and easy to follow.
We utilize Azuor to link Gainsight to our other platforms such as Service Now and another Salesforce instance. Gainsight just makes it easy to connect into other software progrms to get data - and upload wherever.
The main reason I would recommend it is because of the support they provided. No matter the question, simple configuration to advanced - they have someone that will assist you through the whole process. They are amazing!

Gainsight CS Feature Ratings

Product usage
Help desk / support tickets
NPS surveys
Sponsor tracking
Not Rated
Customer profiles
Automated workflow
Internal collaboration
Customer health scoring
Customer segmentation
Customer health trends
Not Rated
Engagement analytics
Not Rated
Revenue forecasting
Not Rated
Role-based user permissions
Integration with Salesforce.com
Integration with Marketo
Not Rated
Integration with Eloqua
Not Rated

Using Gainsight

75 - Entry Level - to Account Executive, to Executives, to Vice Presidents and President of the Company. The software is able to support of a variety of usage - depending on how you configure the profiles.
1 - I would say someone who technically and software savvy. But also has an understanding of procedural process. In order to support the Software, having a good understanding of what the Software is and what it can do - even if it's in the basic sense is a plus. And the ability to use Excel (high level) if you do data audits. While the software has checks in place - when you have custom data/fields, it's often easier to export the information and audit that way.
  • Financial Roll Up. We needed the ability to roll up our financial data based on tier. The software allowed us to do that with ease!
  • API Integration. We needed the ability to ensure that we could get the most up to date information from our other software titles used across the company - and while Gainsight does offer their own, we use another Software. But Gainsight makes it so easy to streamline everything!
  • Support. For any software to be successful, they need a good Support Team that listens. And Gainsight exceeds those expectations. They listen to their users and make improvements based on feedback and input. Truly amazing!
  • Rules Engine. While there is a learning curve at first - once you get an understanding of it and how it works. It becomes your best friend for making large changes! It's made updating and maintaining records so much easier!
  • Bulk Uploads/Updates. Another features that has become a stable is the ability to bulk upload data. Either new or updating existing data. It has made it easier to upload new accounts in bulk rather than manually entering them.
  • Outlook Integration. While there is talk about a light integration soon. If this happens - this will be a game charger for the users in tracking their emails.
  • Email Blasts. While we do this lightly, we're looking to use this more frequently. Ensuring our customers are receiving the most up to date information about the company.
Gainsight offers a level of support that I've not experience before. They will work with you to come up with a solution to a problem - or help match you with another client that has a similar setup as you to get their feedback. Also the functionality that we have built within the software works for us. It's 'easy' to use (once you get the hang of it) and our users rather enjoy working in the software.

Evaluating Gainsight and Competitors

Yes - Gainsight - for the most part, replaced our Microsoft CRM that our Department uses. Gainsight had gotten some rather impressive reviews by a partner business of ours. So we took the leap! And have been loving it since!
  • Third-party Reviews
The main factor was the reviews from our business partner.
I would say not rushing into a conversation - but rather having time to better understand features and expectations....and timeline on some of them. But would do it again.


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