HubSpot, All in One.
January 23, 2015

HubSpot, All in One.

Tesia Ray | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with HubSpot

At Sagiss, we use HubSpot as our marketing software to manage our email marketing, landing page creation, social media campaigns, content management and the reports and analytics. For all of our social media campaigns, we use HubSpot for the reports and ease of use to schedule messages far out in the future. It allows us to integrate our CRM into the system or start using their CRM (which is pretty awesome) and enroll the contacts into different workflows, all while allowing a seamless transition. It is only used by our marketing department as we are an IT firm and there isn't a reason for our techs to use it. HubSpot addresses many different business problems for our organization by eliminating the use of many different programs to analyze SEO, craft social media messages and manage automation workflows for email campaigns. Not having to spend time in each different program or software to do all of these things makes using HubSpot very time efficient and increase productivity as a whole. Instead of having to pay fees for business grades with other softwares and keeping track of when things are due and not due, HubSpot eliminates this problem.
  • The training programs is a huge strength for HubSpot. When first signing on with HubSpot, they offer a great selection of online classes and webinars that you can watch, get the slides or just the notes from it. These are highly beneficial to be able to immerse yourself into the product and get the best results. Plus, they keep the training and resources there for you throughout your whole time of using HubSpot, so if you need a quick refresher it is available to do so.
  • The customer service and company attitude is excellent. Usually when I have submitted a help ticket in with a company, I'm in a bad mood because clearly I've forgotten something or something doesn't work. What I find as a huge strength for HubSpot is their customer service is on point and highly knowledgeable. I hear back quickly that someone is on my case, whether it is a phone call or an email the problem gets worked through and they are great. Not once have I been disappointed by them when I reach out.
  • They literally have everything you would want as a marketer, especially after announcing the CRM at last year's HubSpot Conference. All in one package that eliminates the hassles of having items being accomplished by different products. Saves your time and company time.
  • The HubSpot Dashboard screen might start to be looking a tad dated... Mainly a personal preference, but perhaps more analytics to show on the homescreen to start.
  • Account managers perhaps check in more often. Some of our other vendors we hear from just a bit more than HubSpot.
  • was more annoying than anything, not really sure the purpose of it was executed in the best way.
  • One positive or ROI of HubSpot for our company is better lead generation. Before HubSpot our SEO could be said as non-existent. HubSpot has helped us work on our SEO and over time the leads we are now receiving inbound have been better prospects for what we are looking for.
  • Another ROI of HubSpot is the training. The constant training and new blogs and access to new information is great and keeps us as marketers in the loop with the newest things. Eliminates time having to go search for educational material and all of their items is just contributing to being a better marketer.
  • Because of our lead generation becoming better with the help of HubSpot, this has given us another ROI by us closing new prospects through the buyers process and using the HubSpot tools at hand.
Many of the reasons why we chose HubSpot all stemmed from the fact of it being an all in one product, where we can manage all of our marketing efforts using one program. This really appealed to our company and we really like the analytics and reports that are offered with HubSpot. Being able to tie everything in and HubSpot show you what you are missing from a blog post or social media message is what we wanted. Many other competitors don't offer the "You are forgetting _____" in your post. The reminders for keywords, hashtags and meta descriptions was something that we wanted. Competitors seem to offer a little bit of this and just a bit of that and not the whole package. We wanted something that could eliminate time spent going back and forth between programs to accomplish daily marketing efforts and HubSpot allows us to do this.
At the time, we don't want to change marketing software because we don't think there is any program out there that is rivaling HubSpot in enough manner for us to change. The customer service and support is a big factor in why we would not change. The HubSpot conference is something that we thoroughly enjoy because of the engagemnt with other HubSpotters; the beneficial training sessions and the new information available at the conference is astounding. They really hear what the customer is wanting throughout the year, they put it on their list and then at the conference they announce we head what you wanted and guess what? You've got it. Using HubSpot as been great and renewing with them is just common sense at this time.
If you are asking yourself about whether HubSpot is a good selection for you and your company then I would make a list of all the items you are looking for and then realize how much of that HubSpot takes care of for you. Going from using several different products to manage a marketing department down to 3 has been great. HubSpot is the main one of the three and the other two are for extra analytics. If you are looking for something to help with getting inbound leads, marketing those inbound leads through the buyers process and then closing the lead, then HubSpot is for you and your company. The overall ease of use of the site and product allows for anyone at any skill level to become trained in the software and manage the marketing initiatives of your company.