Just start building with Mendix and see for yourself the ease of use
August 16, 2016

Just start building with Mendix and see for yourself the ease of use

Ronald Catersels | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Mendix App Platform

At Daywize we use Mendix as our development platform to build our HR solution. We first used the Cordys platform before that but that was no success. The Mendix platform is ideal to develop quickly. This way we can build a standard solution, but still are able to adjust our product to our specific client needs. This way 80% of a certain module is the same for all our customers but we always change that last 20% to accommodate specific client needs.

Mendix helps us also to connect to other systems to get data in or out. SOAP, Rest webservices or OData services are built easily and importing or exporting from or to Excel is a breeze. The openness of the Mendix system is a real bonus. And because you develop in a graphic environment you can make a business process visible so you can discuss the result with the business owner. You can truly develop in days instead of weeks or months.


  • Fast. Build solutions in days instead of weeks. Mendix is an ideal tool for really making SCRUM work. Iterate fast and develop features fast. And if it does not work as intended you can adapt quickly.
  • Open. The customer is the owner of the data so it should be easy to get data in or out. Mendix shines in this area. You can use Mendix to become the oil between the other information systems. Extract from one system, enrich the data and export it to another system.
  • Mobile. Making the product available on a phone or tablet is a must these days. With Mendix you can do this.


  • Document templates. These are a weak point. Creating them takes too much time compared to how fast you can build other stuff in Mendix. You can achieve your goals but it will take you some time.
  • The Mendix license cost is something to be considered. For small companies the license cost can be steep if the free version is too limited for your goal. The step from the free version to the paid version is too steep in my opinion.
  • Without Mendix we could not have been where we are now. A development platform as Mendix can make the difference in a constantly changing environment.
  • Upgrading to newer versions of Mendix is a breeze when you stay within a main version (e.g. M6.x to Mx6.x+1) and even between versions (Mx5 to Mx6) most of the time it is no problem at all and there are only minor changes needed to upgrade.
  • Learning Mendix is simple. Just start playing with it and see for yourself how easy it is and feel the joy of developing applications.
Cordys has cost us a lot of money. Mendix and OutSystems are similar products but we just liked Mendix better. The Mendix community is really helpful. You get answers in hours when you post a question on their forum. And the Mendix's help desk is also always there to help you out if you run into a problem.
If time to market is important and the license cost is not a problem Mendix is probably the tool for you. With the free version you can test the application and the only difference with the full version is the amount of users being able to use the application. This way you can pitch your ideas within your organization and if it works you can then implement your ideas fast.

Mendix App Platform Support

Response times are quick and you will get updates regularly about the status of your request. Even with very technical questions they have specialists that can help you with your problems it will give you an answer or help you with a work around.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
No - The response even without premium support is good for us so we do not need it. But if you need 24/7 instead of only working hours it is available for a reasonable price.
Yes - Yes, like every platform bugs do happen. But bugs in Mendix are resolved quickly. They have a very steady and stable release schedule and if it is a sever bug they will release hotfixes.
Yes, we needed a SAML single sign on sollution for a new customer. Now you can just download this module from their appstore but at the time it was not available. It was created for us in a couple of days so we could still release our product for this customer on time.


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