It's Worth Considering | Microsoft 365 Business
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June 19, 2019

It's Worth Considering | Microsoft 365 Business

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Overall Satisfaction with Microsoft 365 Business

Microsoft 356 Business is used across my entire organization. Some people are power users, others don't realize the power in Microsoft 365 Business. Because Microsoft 365 Business comes with desktop versions of Word, Excel, and Outlook, some people don't realize they have access to the whole suite of programs online.

Much of the day to day business functions our offices does is in Microsoft 365 Business. In my department we use it for email (Outlook), writing proposals (Word), and budgeting (Excel). Many in my department also use OneNote on a regular basis.

Throughout different departments, the suite is used for presentations, reporting and project/task management.
  • My biggest rave about the Microsoft 365 Business suite is that it allows people to use technology at the level they are comfortable with. It offers an online, paperless work style for those comfortable with that method. For those less familiar with technology, the desktop versions are nice and familiar to many people.
  • The variety of programs offered in the suite of programs is excellent. Word processing, email, spreadsheets, and presentation software are used most often in business. It also includes a host of new programs or programs people are not familiar with such as Teams, SharePoint, Planner, Flow or PowerBI. SharePoint, Flow, and PowerBI are my favorites of these new programs.
  • No one likes a monopoly, but one of the biggest strengths for Microsoft 365 Business is that it is the most widely used suite of programs businesses use today. Google Docs or Pages offer some of the same word processing functions, but with a Microsoft 365 Business document created in Word, you don't have to worry if your document will be able to be read if you send it to a client.
  • As much as I like some of the apps/programs available when you log in online, some just miss the mark. I like the idea of their Planner app; it tracks project to-do lists, in a bucket/card type layout. It is just very limited in what it offers.
  • Experimenting in Microsoft 365 Business creates extra things. I don't have a better way to describe this. I like to try new programs. When I tried Planner, it created a team, that could be found with the team app as well as group folders in outlook. When deleting the experiment, it's hard to know what else, throughout the suite of programs need to be deleted.
  • Microsoft 365 Business has a positive impact on business objectives. The template functions offered in many of their programs speed workflow and increase productivity.
Microsoft 365 Business is the Cadillac of Business software. When I use other software I often find myself missing functions or struggle to find the function I need. Microsoft has software that is intuitive, whether from it truly being intuitive or because it's been the industry standard for so long, we have learned to find things in the manner Microsoft wants.
I find Microsoft 365 Business easy to use. It is quick and integrates where I need it to integrate.
The repetitive nature or standardization of their program functions, like File>New, make these programs easy to use for anyone new to any of their programs. The apps online take a little more learning, but this shouldn't disrupt a business's day to day functioning.
Microsoft 365 Business is well suited for a company that needs the Microsoft Office Suite, that also needs access remotely through online access to programs and files. The programs are widely accepted and comfortable to many employees. The subscription-based service means the company always has the most up-to-date programs and gets support from Microsoft. It also comes with some extra programs not available in the Office Suite for Desktop.