Power Automate, reduce your interactions with your email beyond just using mail! then Automate all the things!
Updated October 11, 2023

Power Automate, reduce your interactions with your email beyond just using mail! then Automate all the things!

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Overall Satisfaction with Microsoft Power Automate

There are always forms and reports that need to be moved out of one system, and imported into another one. Power Automate is the perfect tool to do this. A new item added to SharePoint, or Teams files? You can automate how to archive the information, how to notify people that there is new content.
  • If/then automation in the the Microsoft Office environment.
  • Linking different data systems outputs to automate data chains.
  • Link internal process to Internet sites and services.
  • Web Flows designer needs more development.
  • Process isn't always intuitive.
  • Product is powerful, but requires effort to dig into.
  • Detection and activation of flows.
  • Online and contained in Office.
  • Office integration.
  • Increased connection to non-365 content
  • Allows easier creation of impromptu automation for sudden tasks that don't need the dedication of a full app or development team.
  • Allows more end users to interact and transform data faster than requiring programmers.
  • Proliferation of code libraries means that is is easy to re-duplicate the wheel inside an organization.
Beyond programming our own internal tools, we didn't have much in the way of process automation. Power Automate has allowed non- and low skill programmers to automate and increase the speed of data flowing between systems in the organization. Using the drag and drop interface for basic interactions This has empowered our users to be able to program data transfers without needing to rely on the ITS department.
We have not started implementing the AI tools into our organization, but given the use of AI to allow users to be able to describe the use case of the automation will expedite the development and deployment of data automation to more users than ever before. This use of AI isn't as troublesome as the use of ChatGPTesque tools that will create plausible information, rather than summarizing existing information.
There are few programs that provide the same level of support of automation inside the Microsoft tenant. Most other automation software portals like IFTT (If this, then that) are concentrated on moving or reacting to data triggered in other domains or tenants. PA concentrates on automating and responding to events and data inside the Microsoft ecosystem, allowing you to interact with the Office suite, Teams or other Microsoft components as needed.

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Power Automate is great at any task in the Office eco-system where you need to perform repetitious work that needs to be moved from one system to another. It can link systems and data together very easily, change and produce notifications, change document types, or move a file from one location to another to kick off another process when the file is present.

Microsoft Power Automate Support

Microsoft has provided a number of avenues for documentation and support to develop and grow the Power Automate infrastructure. Power Automate has available to it the 'application in an afternoon' fundamental courses that will help you to develop and support an entire application in one afternoon's virtual training session. Microsoft Learn provides a full documentation of Power Automate, it's functions and data types, as well as the more advanced topics of iterating through data as arrays, functions and variables.
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We didn't purchase any premium support beyond what is available on line through Microsoft Learn and our built in enterprise support contracts provide. Power Automate is very much end user and community supported for extension and advanced functionality topics. I don't even think there is a level of premium support available for this product.
Microsoft has not had to provide any direct support to us for this product, the community of Microsoft engineers, developers and end users has provided plenty of free articles and community commentary on how to improve your data flows and programs. It is a vibrant and exciting time to start using the product.

Using Microsoft Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate has an easy to understand interface that allows the low or no code skill user to be able to create a data flow with little or no IT support to get started, but provides an advanced interface that will allow multi skilled programmers to bring high end data structures and programming techniques to bear on the problems they are seeking to resolve.
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Technical support not required
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  • Integrating with Office and office products
  • Moving data between disparate systems
  • Notifying Teams and email about completion of data flows. Communication is Key!
  • Using advanced data structures can be cumbersome
  • Modifying or compiling data can take some intermediate steps
  • Understanding the iteration of data inside a flow.