Miro Review
February 23, 2022

Miro Review

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Overall Satisfaction with Miro

We use it mainly for collaborative Working and discussing ideas. It's a fast way to show others the progress ones made in a project, get opinions on options, and work out strategies. Usually, we work in Groups of 3-5 People on any given board. We have different boards for each aspect of the project which makes it very easy to keep an overview of the different departments. Especially when different Teams work on different solutions for the same problems it's easy to put them next to each other and have a vote. From time to time the tool is also handy for design sprints, where we solve a given problem in a structured manner, with timers and different roles among group members. The fact that it works in any browser makes it fast for group members to drop in, work, or edit some things and then forward them to the group.
  • Realtime view of the progress of everyone in the group
  • Tools such as Timers, Reactions, Polls and the such
  • Generating diagrams that are very easily structured and clean to read
  • Making it easy for new Group members to drop in via Browser, without any installation requirement
  • The chat option is almost never used in our group, kinda hidden and new messages are not made obvious enough
  • Sticky notes sometimes have either real small text or are very big due to their weird scaling
  • There is no default scale, it shows you the percentage at the bottom but more than once group members didn't realize they created objects at maximum zoom making them tiny, or the opposite, where they created text fields that are incredibly big. This makes it a bit harder to manage. Though the problem gets better when the Group members get used to the tool a bit more
  • We accidentally stumbled across a puzzle for our video game while multiple users were drawing on the whiteboard. This made our game just that little bit cooler.
  • Miro is now used as an alternative to other software like Powerpoint, saving on other licenses.
  • Since the pandemic everyone worked from home, Miro saved the day, being the best alternative to a traditional Whiteboard and saving lots of time.
Overall the implementation is very good. My main complaint, if I had to bring up something, making notifications for things like chat messages more obvious. Also, it would be great to add a feature that highlights all changes made since one last viewed a specific board. These are complaints about a very high level and don't really hurt the experience that much though.
For us, it was very easy to integrate since we didn't have to switch over from any other software and pretty much started out with Miro. Sharing is easy, it works in a Browser while still providing a Desktop App, overall a very streamlined experience. We usually just create Boards and then invite our relevant organization members.
Especially with the pandemic hitting, everyone had to work remote. Miro was the perfect alternative to our real world whiteboard. It kept things running when Team Members could not come into the office anymore. It also made it easier to hire people from all over the country without having anyone to move here.

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  • MURAL (formerly Mural.ly)
Unfortunately, I wasn't really involved with selecting Miro over its competitors. We did try out some other tools but none of them were comparable to the feature set of miro. Since Miros Feature set is very exhaustive it combines a lot of different other tools I've used before in my day, so it's hard to pinpoint a specific competitor. The only thing we very briefly looked into was MURAL, they seemed good and I'm not sure what the decision process was, but what I can say for sure is that Miro is cheaper in any case.
One time we were holding a Gamejam, a competition where small teams have 72 hours to create a game to a general topic from scratch. Miro made it easy to plan out not only the architecture but also more abstract shapes like the different videogame levels with all their puzzles etc. . Since all group members could easily view this process in real-time, everyone was up to speed about what the plan was. This saved precious time in the development process. Since that's the main resource a game jam is lacking, this brought incredible value to the team. Even Group-Members that never heard of Miro before we're able to use it intuitively and contribute. Because of this, it's hard to not recommend Miro, since it just makes working together, especially in ages in which everyone works from home, so much faster. It's the best alternative to sitting in the same room and having an actual whiteboard.