Qubit - Why we use it and why you should too.
Updated January 07, 2018

Qubit - Why we use it and why you should too.

Adam Rooney | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Coveo Qubit

Qubit is used by a wide variety of departments within the company and in many different ways. My first experience with Qubit was when I had been tasked to change one of the tracking tags on our website. Due to the seamlessness that Qubit delivers these tags I didn’t even realise that we had a tag manager and was amazed to find out exactly how powerful and useful Qubit was. These days I use the Qubit services on a daily basis to create and deploy A/B tests to our website to improve customer experience and increase conversion rates.
  • The feedback and help received from Qubit is one of their best aspects. At any point during the creation of tests, if I had any concerns or queries I could contact someone from Qubit and expect a reply within the hour.
  • The ease and speed in which using the tools Qubit provide became second nature. Everything you've come to expect from an IDE packed into a browser window, from intellisense to SASS compiling.
  • The documenation regarding the Deliver and Opentag services is sometimes lacking. If it does exist then it isn't usually enough for a beginner to get started with.
  • The simple mode within Qubit Delivery could do with slightly more to it than it currently provides. Being able to create prebuilt elements that can be used in simple mode would be beneficial. At the moment these premade elements are limited to a few that fit only very niche requirements.
For any website that will handle more than a few tracking tags or more than a few hundred users I would say Qubit is a must have. It simplifies so many different parts of bringing in, tracking, keeping and pleasing customers with no down side.

Coveo Qubit Implementation

Qubit has always been a fantastic company to work with for both their tools provided and their great customer service. It's not just customer service in the way of a call centre for the occasional issue or problem but a truly hands on dedicated thing with the knowledge that you will always be able to talk to someone that is dedicated to helping you and your company succeed. They embed themselves in your goals and plans to help achieve them. From technical training for developers, implementation for ops to data retrieval and parsing for analytics they are there to help.

Coveo Qubit Training

The training that we received was great due to a number of reasons; to start with the audience that was receiving the training were from different departments of the company, ranging from the technical minded developers to the analytics teams and yet the training still managed to be engaging and useful for everyone. The training was also done by a wide variety of people from Qubit which meant not only were many different aspects covered in the training but any question posed to them could be promptly answered.

Coveo Qubit Support

Using Coveo Qubit

Coveo Qubit Reliability

Always reliable and there to help and provide a service that is dependable, quick, easy to use and incredibly powerful.