Quickbase - Quickly Solving Quirky Problems
October 02, 2023

Quickbase - Quickly Solving Quirky Problems

Aidon Olligschlager | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Quickbase

The company uses Quickbase to collaboratively view and compile data. This could be flight activity, crew utilization, finance, and operations. The software allows ease of standardization, organization, elimination of duplicative data entry, and complete control over workflow design. I have personally used it to standardize many forms, organize messy data, and to operate as an effective notification system in multiple areas. The simplification of the formulas has allowed someone like me, techy but with zero computer science education, to become among the most proficient in the company in one year. There is almost no limit to what Quickbase can do, so it often means there is more than one way to solve your problem.
  • Streamlining of workflow
  • Eliminating duplicative data entry
  • Scalable functionality based on skill level
  • Mobile app push notifications
  • Rich text syntax guide - I've had to google search and pick apart previously written syntax to understand and learn how to use quickly
  • A way to track all notifications sent from behind the scenes (without being on the receiving end or manually creating a separate notification)
  • Drastic time savings
  • Drastic cost savings
  • Improved & standardized notification processes
  • Outstanding reporting
The program is web-based which allows multiple users to be picking away at data at the same time. If it was in a spreadsheet, it would not be as collaborative. The user structure functionality gives me complete control over data getting into the wrong hands. It allows me to choose who gets to see what and their level of permission - view only, edit, add, delete, etc.
Often times I've found that I get a very broad description of a process or goal and I create it as best as I can. From there, I run it by others to then get their input. More times than not, there is some tweaking or adding to be done from here. Before you know it, the process is off and running full steam ahead with maybe only a tweak here and there. If you can map the process in your head, you can create a streamlined workflow in Quickbase.
Our projects are often all in different stages and require involvement from all over the company. By being able to assign tasks, date them, notify personnel, and visualize progress, we are able to juggle many projects efficiently. Almost always as one problem is solved, another arises; Quickbase has been involved in fixing or mitigating almost every problem that I've come across in the last year.

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Quickbase has proven that if it's in a spreadsheet, it really should be in Quickbase. One of my more recent achievements with the program was redesigning our current process for notifying management of something irregular. The old process had all the notification infrastructure built behind the scenes with only a handful of people knowing and understanding the process. The new process was able to clean up the behind-the-scenes and also provide an increased level of intuitiveness by allowing complete visibility and customization of notification recipients. This allows the initial notification to reach a select number of management individuals who can then decide whether or not it needs to be escalated, all while allowing the operations personnel to get back to work immediately.

The biggest issue I've found with the program is the limitation of the user - I find that the biggest roadblock in my way is myself, as I am confident the program has the ability to accomplish what I need, but am I skilled enough to create it? This has helped me become very proficient in only one year of use and become more active in community engagement surrounding the program.