Backup and Restore with ease.
Updated February 24, 2021

Backup and Restore with ease.

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Overall Satisfaction with Rubrik

Rubrik is being used to backup more than 50TB of information used by our organization. We utilize the cloud out option and retired tape and the results for backup recovery has been easier than ever. We backup multiple file types and use a NAS. It address the problem of backing up with ease and having multiple restore options and google like searches.


  • Backing up VMs and Nutanix is easy to setup and process is just about the same across the board.
  • Google like searches on NAS data which make searching for a file easy and painless.
  • For SQL the option of just grabbing information you need and exporting out is useful.


  • NAS backup speed would like to be faster.
  • The ability to stop a backup schedule easier
  • Need the abilty to change backups to occur on a specific date
  • The ability to recovere quickly.
  • Cost savings based on maintenance costs
  • By using only a 2uU box the server room size can be reduced.
Setup and upgrades are very quickly compared to multiple day and weeks getting items on a schedule to do. With only one box with Rubrik to setup compared to multiple boxes with Avamar the ability to troubleshoot is easier. Support is better and easier to get too. More advancement with features with Rubrik.
If you need to restore a server quickly athe mount option allows you to mount the server on the Rubrik brik and run directly from the brik and saves time not having to transfer the information directly back to storeage on the original storage. Less than a few minutes time to accomplish the task.

Rubrik Feature Ratings

Universal recovery
Instant recovery
Recovery verification
Business application protection
Multiple backup destinations
Incremental backup identification
Backup to the cloud
Deduplication and file compression
Flexible deployment
Management dashboard
Platform support
Retention options

Using Rubrik

6 - The business functions represented are Network Engineers, Security Engineer, and Managers of IT Department manage the daily use and monitoring of the Rubrik system.
2 - The type of skills required to manage Rubrik are skills such as System Admin, Network Engineer, and Backup Administrators. The ability to know basic network information, basic Active Directory, and some skills to enter information that is prompted.
  • Backup of Vmware, Nutanix, Sql servers.
  • Ability to restore Vmware to replace a bad server that is not working.
  • Ability to live mount a server quickly such as SQL database for data retrieval.
  • To test BCD plans
  • Clone server or move VM from Rubrik Cluster
  • Use more for Ransomware defense
  • Use of automation.
  • Protect Office365
I gave rating do to the following: The product works great with little time needed to manage to be sure that backups work. Customer is very helpful and respond quickly to resolve errors or answer product questions. The continued education that Rubrik continue to offer such as training, webinars, and blogs.

Rubrik Support

Support has always been great with Rubrik. From adding more support sites that allows 24/7 support will give the piece of mind if any issue occurs. Sometimes even the local account team will help to ensure great quality service that goes beyond what is expected for optimal service.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
Yes we purchased premium support to ensure we have the quickest support for any technical issues such as questions, and hardware failures. The next day service for any hardware issues ensure that the product can be put back in a recovery state to continue doing backups, restores, and live mount.
Yes - Yes we have reported a bug and the fix and workaround was created quickly. Sometime in the same day or next day we have received an update to fix the issues which goes above what is expected. During the whole process support kept giving updates to ensure we know what is going on.
Yes we were doing a data center move and support assist with preparing the Rubrik box remotely to be shut down to be moved. Once we moved and finally got the Rubrik box mounted we could not get the unit setup because we need a special code from support. Local Rubrik team was able at the drop of a dime to meet at the datacenter to input the code to get Rubrik back up and running. I would think any other vendor we would most likely have to wait late next business day for any possible resolution but Rubik exceptional support is a game changer.


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