Scoro - Excellent, If You Can Afford It
February 11, 2019

Scoro - Excellent, If You Can Afford It

Patrick Stephens | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Scoro

I evaluated Scoro for a local company who was in the market for a workflow management program which could help with scheduling, ordering, time management, and other miscellaneous tasks around the company. They were short staffed and found it easier to implement a program rather than bringing in an FTE. The idea was that it would be used by everyone, but managed by a single individual.


  • Platform. This is why I looked into the program. You can create a unified platform which suits your needs, and aren't stuck with something a programmer insists you should be seeing.
  • Ease of implementation. It was by far the easiest to introduce during the trialing phase. It was quick to learn, and I found that employees adapted more quickly to it than to anything else.
  • Data and the small things. Planning, time tracking and management, even budget management gives you the chance to step back and see the big picture rather than using one platform to analyze time, then another to see budget.


  • Cost. I ended up not recommending this product simply because of the cost alone. There are hidden costs you will not know about until it is too late. Their pricing model is geared for bigger businesses, and can cripple smaller ones. The pricing is by user. If you get the most basic of plans (with a 900 onboarding charge), you will realize that all the things you actually need to make the program effective are on the next tier up...
  • Quickbooks. At the time I was exploring this, Quickbooks was not very well integrated. If you wanted to include billing (which they do show promise for), then you will have issues here.
  • Scoro could have had a wonderful impact on the workflow of the business. It allows for integrations most programs don't, including accounting and time tracking, and could have easily eliminated the need for an FTE through the streamlining of tasks alone.
  • If we had implemented this program, we would have saved time, but all of the gains would have gone to pay for Scoro. It would not have balanced out, especially if they ever were to raise their rates.
Scoro combines all of your needs into one program. It covered most - if not all - of the needs for the programs listed above, but unfortunately the cost was simply too high. We ended up using another program; however, I would have chosen Scoro over these had the cost not been such an important factor. I would have chosen Scoro because of this level of integration, too!
Scoro would be ideal for a larger business who is truly interested in developing a stronger and more efficient workflow. I honestly would have recommended it had it not been for the cost, the hidden fees, and the fact that I'd have to upgrade to an even more expensive plan if I wanted to get the most of the program for our level. We only needed one item, so would have ended up paying much more to not use a great deal of additional features. So, if you want to increase your workflow and have the funds, use them - absolutely. You will not regret it. But I cannot recommend it to someone who is on a tight budget.

Scoro Feature Ratings

Task Management
Resource Management
Team Collaboration
Support for Agile Methodology
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Document Management
Email integration
Mobile Access
Timesheet Tracking
Change request and Case Management
Budget and Expense Management
Project & financial reporting
Integration with accounting software


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