Screenhero, my all-time favorite pair-development tool
March 19, 2018

Screenhero, my all-time favorite pair-development tool

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Overall Satisfaction with Screenhero

Screenhero, no longer its own native OS app, has been a crucial tool for my development team. None of the five members of my development team are co-located, we span across 4 different time zones and 5 different offices. As such, having tools available to make up for our lack of working in the same space has been very important for us. We're able to share and control each other's screens, allowing us to pair develop and share real-time views of bugs or lines of code as if we were together looking at the same screen. Screenhero automatically linked to the Slack contact list of my organization which made company-wide usability a seamless process. Now that Screenhero has officially merged with the Slack app, it makes the process of pair development and knowledge sharing easier than ever.
  • Screenhero's tools makes pair development a breeze. Being able to share control of my screen and keyboard with another developer makes explaining code changes incredibly easy and efficient.
  • Audio/microphone speaking capabilities make screen sharing and workflow explanations so easy. It's almost easier to share a Screenhero session with a fellow developer sitting in the same room than it is to have the developer come over and look at my screen.
  • The slack integration tool makes it SO easy to quickly resolve issues with coworkers. Prior to the Slack integration/merge, you used to have to send an invite email to coworkers if they hadn't ever used screenhero. After they signed up, it automatically imported all of your Slack contacts as "buddies" which was very slick.
  • I think that deprecating the OS app and making Screenhero only available via slack was a bit of a miss. I used to be able to invite any person via email, regardless of whether they were part of my organization. Now I'm not sure how to do that.
  • If Slack is down, then Screenhero doesn't work.
  • I liked having the Screenhero app icon in the Mac OSX menu bar, this made for very easy access and efficiency.
  • Sometimes sharing screens when using dual or triple monitor setups doesn't work well.
  • Extremely efficient knowledge share between development team members
  • Makes colocation extremely manageable and possible for myself and my company
  • Since it was a free software, and now is included directly in slack, I would say that Screenhero has been one of the best third-party apps our product team has decided to use as a company (unofficially).
  • I am unsure of the safety/privacy protection Screenhero guarantees.
  • Pair development
  • Knowledge Shares
  • Bug-reporting and explanation
  • Audio/voice integration WITH video share
  • Makes gaming very fun
  • Copy/Paste works flawlessly from my computer to another screenhero users computer.
  • Screenhero works with screen-recording software, so not only can I pair-develop, I can take video of a pair development session.
  • I can't think of any reason why Screenhero wouldn't be suited for any situation. I would say that they need to bring back the option for a native app capability outside of the slack app like they did during the Slack merge transition.

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