Performance Testing18Performance Testing Tools are simply software for measuring the performance of websites and and applications under varying degrees of stress or during use, also featuring root cause analysis and customizable, automated, or continuous tests and data collection.Selenium1 Functional Testing (formerly HP UFT)3 Application Testing Suite4 Focus LoadRunner (formerly HP LoadRunner)6 Tosca7 Studio Test Professional8 Focus Performance Center (formerly HP Performance Center)9 Mobile10 SOAtest11 Application Test13 Rational Quality Manager14 Focus Mobile Center (formerly HP Mobile Center)16 Rational Performance Tester18 ALM (formerly TestTrack)19 TestShell20 Performance22

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Selenium is open source software for browser automation, primarily used for functional, load, or performance testing of applications.

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Tricentis Tosca is an integrated testing solution. According to the vendor, this solution consists of a unique model-based Test Automation and Test Case Design approach, encompassing risk-based testing, test data management and provisioning, service virtualization, and more.

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BlazeMeter is a vendor that provides performance and load testing as a service. BlazeMeter provides a web based interface for creating static load tests and can run any JMeter script for dynamic load tests. One of BlazeMeter's main strengths is that it supplements JMeter (the top open source loa...

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QAComplete is a performance testing tool from SmartBear. The vendor says QAComplete was built from the ground-up to be an easy-to-use test case management tool, adapting to the user's existing processes and empowering users to manage all of their manual and automated tests with ease, while report...

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Rapise is a software testing platform that allows users to regression test web, desktop and mobile applications. Some key features include: Playback of Tests, Test Script Editing and Data Driven Testing.

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Indian company Qualitia Software offers their eponymous test automation platform, for performance testing.

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SOAPSonar from global company Crosscheck Networks headquartered in Newton, Massachusetts is a performance testing tool.

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DevPartner is a suite of performance testing tools from UK-based multinational company Micro Focus.

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Australian company Flood IO offers cloud load and performance testing.