Easy and flexible surveys for everyone.
December 08, 2014

Easy and flexible surveys for everyone.

Ben Donkor | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with SurveyMonkey

I currently use Survey Monkey for polls and survey, and Survey Monkey has been the most reliable and most easy-to-use tool to date. As an analyst, I often find myself creating surveys on Survey Monkey to send to my report stakeholders asking for feedback, to see what they find useful in the reports or what they'd like to see more of (or less of).
  • Managing all your survey and your survey responses is extremely easy in Survey Monkey, and if you need to create several surveys you can start building a repository within Survey Monkey.
  • Unlike other solutions, Survey Monkey lets you fill and submit forms on mobile and tablet devices. This is often an oversight for others, but there's a general assumption that people who receive your surveys are also going to fill them in on a desktop. Survey Monkey gives you the option to work with surveys regardless of what device you're on, and that's a big bonus.
  • You can have access to your survey analytics, and they're just enough for you to get some valuable insights from the responses you get.
  • The UI feels outdated. That in itself is not a bad thing - you know when you're filling a Survey Monkey, as the interface is easily recognisable. However, while all the other competitors and tools are moving with the times, Survey Monkey seems to be stuck in time. That, however, is the opposite of their app: their mobile development team definitely keeps their app up-to-date with the latest technologies. For instance, they updated their app to support the latest iPhone 6 and 6 Plus soon after the devices were released.
  • There's reporting available on the platform, although it feels quite basic. As an analyst I usually require enough features to "slice and dice" the data and work with it, and Survey Monkey doesn't help me all the way. That's not the end of the world however: the reporting available will be just enough for a user who just wants to know the top-level stats, and for advanced users the spreadsheet exports will be enough for you to carry on your reporting in your tool of choice.
  • People see Survey Monkey as a *quick* way to request and offer feedback, so personally the main return I've had is the feedback to refine my own reporting. While that doesn't directly translate to revenue, it helps me target people a lot better with my analytics, so I know exactly what they want and what they need.
Compared to other competitors in the market (including a few I've used internally), if you're looking for a survey application, this one does the job and it's quite inexpensive too. Considering the fact that it comes with a handy mobile application too (on iOS and Android), you also get flexibility thrown in the deal too.
Survey Monkey is easy to use, which makes it a practical option for pretty much any occasion, regardless of who's using it - a manager, an analyst, an executive etc. The very intuitive interface makes it user-friendly enough for even the busiest person to set up a survey, customise it to their own specifications, send it over to the various stakeholders, track responses and report on those responses. I've also used it to send surveys to very large groups of people, so I can definitely say that Survey Monkey is easily scalable, whether you're building a survey for one person, ten people, or hundreds of people - or even if you're building multiple surveys at once (e.g. for A/B testing).