User support on site and remotely
Updated December 26, 2021

User support on site and remotely

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Overall Satisfaction with SysAid

SysAid is used as the IT helpdesk system. Besides that, we use SysAid to monitor our company computer assets, which include hardware and software. It is used throughout the whole organization and in all branches. With SysAid, our IT Team can perform user support on site and also remotely. Users can request IT support wherever they are in Malaysia and they will be attended to accordingly. We also used SysAid to monitor installed software in the company to ensure that we are in compliance with the number of licenses that we have. Lastly, we also use SysAid as a monitoring tool to monitor our server health and other devices in the company.
  • Enable user to report any IT-related cases to IT team.
  • SysAid also provides reports on asset management
  • With SysAid we can monitor our servers to ensure that they are running smoothly
  • We are unable to integrate SysAid with our ERP system
  • SysAid does not work very well with Linux server. The agents are manually installed and data is not real time.
  • We find that sometimes SNMP works and SNMP does not work with SysAid
  • We have moved from SysAid free version to paid version as business grows
  • We used to do manually sightings on company assets and run a custom program to collect data from each PC/laptop. Doing this even on 50 PCs is a daunting task. With SysAid, data is always there in real time
  • With SysAid we can monitor our server downtime
SysAid is a user friendly system. The system is easy to use. The support that I get is very satisfactory. I have tried other software for my company and SysAid suits us the best and can fulfill our requirements. With SysAid, we can manage our assets easily and the helpdesk is awesome

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We have used SysAid since 2008. Back then, we use the free version. As our company grows, we purchased SysAid license to cater for our company needs. We are very happy to use SysAid. With SysAid we can manage our company assets easily whether it's hardware or even software products.
We have used SysAid since 2008. Through out these years, we find that SysAid support is very helpful and professional. The respond that we get is very fast and they will help us until we have solved our problem that we reported to them. So far, we are very happy with SysAid support.
We use SysAid in mainly for Asset Management and HelpDesk. These areas are sufficient to cover what we require. It includes Remote Support and also integration with email and AD. The price that we pay for all these are reasonable and the support that we get is more than what we have bargain for
You can save a lot of time with Asset Management (e.g., it can keep track your company assets, which include hardware and software). You can install SysAid agents on your computers or use SNMP to push the SysAid agents. With these agents, all hardware and software-related data will be collected in one database for ease of use.

SysAid Feature Ratings

Organize and prioritize service tickets

Using SysAid

150 - They are users in various departments which include HR, Finance, Production, Sales and Warehouse. They use SysAid mainly for HelpDesk, i.e. to submit request for IT support, request to purchase new assets like PC, notebook, printer or any IT related peripherals. Also, all of our ERP support are submitted via SysAid
3 - There are 3 admins which uses SysAid. The admins knows the basic features that SysAid have and can manage SysAid most of the time. Unless we have issues that we can't solve, then we will escalate the matters to SysAid HelpDesk via SysAid online support. We seldom need SysAid help since the system is quite stable and reliable.
  • ERP system support usually user error
  • Request for new user IDs like email, etc
  • Hardware related problem like printer jam, PC hang, etc
  • managed and monitor company assets more effectively
  • use SysAid for ERP system support (internal use only)
  • manage user ID creation like email, AD, etc
  • self service for user ID creation
  • can be used for other departments besides IT
  • workflow system for approval, etc
We are SysAid users since 2008 and we will continue to use SysAid years to come. We use SysAid for Asset Management and SysAid and we intend to keep it this way and there is no intention that we will replace SysAid with another system. SysAid has been reliable to use and has helped us with our day to day jobs
TeamViewer, AnyDesk, Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365)

Evaluating SysAid and Competitors

  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
We tested other products before we decided on SysAid. We find that SysAid is the easiest to use and it works for us. We tried Spiceworks but that did not work for us. SysAid Asset Management module is much easier and more user friendly compared to Spiceworks. With SysAid asset management, we can drop the Excel spreadsheet that we use before
I think we have made the correct choice to use SysAid. SysAid works for us where we have a head office and branch office. With point-to-point VPN, we can deploy SysAid to our branch office and our users can use SysAid without any hassle or problem. We can also perform remote support to them or to any user in our company wherever they are.
SysAid is able to be deployed throughout company without having to be in front of a PC to install its agent. We were unable to do this with Spiceworks and we are not sure how to get support from Spiceworks to solve this issue. SysAid interface is easier to use and more user friendly compared to the "complicated" spiceworks

SysAid Implementation

In the initial stage we implement separate SysAid servers for head and branch offices. When we managed to link up our offices via point to point VPN, we manage to console them into one server. All the assets and devices on branch office were divert back to the server in head office.
  • Integration with email system
  • Integration with AD
  • link up between company branches

SysAid Support

Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
We use only standard support. So far, we are happy with the support that we get. Even though the support time zone is different from us, we can always count on them. They are very reliable and dependable. We can get support during our office hours which is not their working hours. Maybe they work on shift rotation to ensure we get the support we need.
SysAid Technologies support is very knowledgeable. We have a case whereby the SysAid agent can't be updated. We tried to uninstall the agent using windows add/remove program but failed. Then, we tried to use a third party uninstaller but that does not work at all. When we reported the case to SysAid, they guide us by giving us step by step process on how to solve this problem. The solution given is using command line and that solve our problem

Using SysAid

Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • asset management
  • system help desk and remote support
  • asset monitoring
  • integration with third party apps
  • customize reporting
  • asset monitoring for non-windows devices