SmartBear TestComplete : Making My Job Easier One Script at a Time
July 24, 2021

SmartBear TestComplete : Making My Job Easier One Script at a Time

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Overall Satisfaction with TestComplete

I started using TestComplete about 7 years ago when I was brought into the company to set up a formal software QA process. I had used a few other automation tools in the past but wanted to try a bunch out on the new software. I ended up going with SmartBear as it worked well with the software I was going to test. With TestComplete's modules, I was able to use web and mobile scripts easily. Our sales tools have complex formulas to get pricing, so TestComplete made it easy to do. I pull rates from the DB, use an Excel spreadsheet to store options/data for each scenario to run, calculate the values, then easily compare to what is shown on the screen to verify. Android app was just as easy to use.

For the second set of automation, I created data entry scripts that allow TestComplete to enter business data into our main system 24/7 with the desktop module. This ensures that there's no human error entering and it saves from having a team input data for days on end. Adding TestExecute to a virtual machine means that I can push my TC code there and have any number of users run the data entry scripts at anytime. By adding code to allow the user to pick their Excel sheet of data and which line to start on, I don't ever need to babysit the execution of the automation or make changes to the code on the fly.

This is saving the company time and money that can be invested back into the departments for other things. I have a single development TestComplete license for myself and have numerous TestExecute licenses for anyone to use. The license manager sits on a physical machine that they have access to pull from.
  • Handling random popups correctly : error messages, multi-windows, etc.
  • Ease of use : not at all complicated to learn and code against. Lots of features but not so many that it bogs down everything
  • Object recognition : it's rare that TC will have an issue grabbing an object's properties to access
  • Support : very fast with answering any questions/issues I have with 100% success rate for me
  • Would love to see TC be a plugin for Visual Studio. Instead of VBScript or JavaScript, to use C# or VB.NET
  • Easier to set up with iOS. Android is not bad but iOS seems slow and confusing to get up and running
  • Built-in PDF reading support, built in Excel API
  • Saves hundreds of man-hours with either QA testing or data entry
  • With the small cost of the product, it has saved the company money with both employee costs as well as the cost of mistakes made by human error or software bugs
TestComplete seems for me to work best on Web apps. Speed is never an issue and the scripts are easy to code (I do not use keyword tests). I am finding that data entry is also fast, as I need to put delays in certain areas to allow the software to catch up with TC. Doing any work with images gets a little more tricky, so I try to avoid that type of testing as much as possible.