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September 17, 2018

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Overall Satisfaction with Totango

Totango was used as our CRM to track customer usage, data, touchpoints, etc. It was only used by our specific Customer Success department so other departments did not have visibility or access to it. Previously, we had several systems, including a home grown CRM to track customer information so data was dispersed across many platforms. This helped to consolidate platforms as well as provide a single pane of glass for all information regarding a customer.
  • I liked the attributes at the top of the page so you can see snipits of important information right from the customer page.
  • The filter feature was really nice because you could sort or group customers by a number of different metrics to make it easy to find specific attributes of customers.
  • I liked how simple it was to create a task and reminder for myself. It helped me to make sure no customers fell through the cracks.
  • Unfortunately, Totango didn't integrate with our internal data and other platforms well- like Salesforce.
  • We likely didn't implement it well, but I didn't like having a different page for Customer vs. each individual product with the attributes all being the same. Too much duplicate work.
  • Apparently not easy to run reports on data.
  • Improved customer retention.
  • Increased insight into customer trends and data.
We chose Totango because of cost savings but recently switched to Gainsight again because of a good deal and also to improve reporting.
I liked the ease of creating tasks to keep up with work and being able to see all my notes on a customer on one page.

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