TrendKite met our needs to drop our PR firm and bring PR in-house without missing a beat.
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November 02, 2018

TrendKite met our needs to drop our PR firm and bring PR in-house without missing a beat.

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Overall Satisfaction with TrendKite

TrendKite is being used within the marketing organization. We're a relatively small company (40ish people) and very small marketing team (2 people). We started using TrendKite to replace a PR firm and bring PR activities in-house. It helps us track and quantify our PR coverage and impact in a meaningful way.

*This review was written before Cision acquired TrendKite. TrendKite is now part of Cision Communications Cloud.
  • Tracking and providing alerts on media coverage in a flexible, comprehensive way.
  • Helps quantify the impact media is having on our business and provide insights on trends in that impact.
  • Helps us find the right media and influencers who are covering our space.
  • The improvements to the media lists, particularly in sharing media lists with colleagues, has been valuable, but it would be great to allow multiple people to update those shared lists, not just the person who created the list.
  • Streamline the trending reporting. Right now you have to create multiple widgets in a dashboard with different timeframes in order to see changes over time. You should be able to look at and update different timeframes for metrics in the same widget.
  • The Coverage report should allow you to adjust how many articles you see at a time. Right now it defaults to 12 and so you have to click on the next page to see another batch of 12 results.
  • TrendKite has provided better quantification of our PR efforts than our PR firm did at a fraction of the price.
  • Specific areas of quantification that we find valuable are SEO impact, tracking media coverage to website traffic, ad equivalency, and total readership.
We've had very few support needs with TrendKite, which speaks to the ease-of-use of the platform, but when we have had questions, recommendations or support issues, they have been highly responsive. They are also very open to customer feedback and roadmap suggestions for future capabilities of the platform. Overall our experience with TrendKite has been excellent.
I think of TrendKite as shaping more PR tactics than strategy - for example, in enabling rapid response to media who are covering our space. With that said, we do find TrendKite has streamlined our ability to see trends in coverage topics and media covering our space, which allows us to adjust tactics accordingly.
I haven't used either of these competing tools, but evaluated both before selecting TrendKite. Cision was overkill for a small company like ours - too many features/functions that we didn't need. Meltwater was not capable enough - Trendkite had a lot more of the capabilities we were looking for compared to Meltwater.
I have already recommended TrendKite to multiple peers and other marketers. TrendKite is well suited to companies and marketing groups that are looking to streamline their PR efforts (outreach, tracking, reporting, etc), quantify those efforts, and providing an easy way to communicate to other parts of the organization the impact PR is having.