VWO -- Great for small companies and teams
February 19, 2019

VWO -- Great for small companies and teams

Ryan Bennion | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with VWO

We use it for A/B Testing, Customer recordings, Heatmaps, reducing page load times, and making decisions. We find that we can show through their data why a customer will or won't behave a certain way. This allows us to stop making business decisions off of hunches and start taking action based on data that will move the needle for us and provide an overall better customer experience. That has translated to better sales for us.
  • Customer Recordings. Take a page, watch how your customers behave, and start making tests to reduce friction.
  • Heat Maps. We have long, evergreen content posts and we want to see how many people identify with the content, because then they will continue to scroll further on the page.
  • A/B Testing. If you have a simple website built on basic code, you should not have to integrate or bring on a developer. It's an easy drag-and-drop functionality. You can also request hours to have them help you if your IT resources are limited.
  • I think the UI could be a little more modern. At times, it can be touchy.
  • I would like it to be easier to export a customer recording into a small MP4 file. It's not the easiest way currently to export.
  • I think most of the company is based in India, which I don't have a problem with, but the time zones can make things a little challenging.
  • ROI has been huge. We've decreased our page load speed from 7 seconds to 3.5 just by making some tweaks.
  • We tested some things we could prove would work but we decided not to implement them. However, we know they work because of VWO testing.
  • The session recordings allow you to skip blank time, which saves you time in the end.
Most definitely. Most companies around us hire CX or UI Designers to test things and make decisions. We don't have to employ a new person to do testing but rather, for an affordable price, we can do the testing ourselves. The hardest thing is it takes time to do. VWO goes above and beyond to help their customers. In fact, in our latest test, they had it ready for 5 days and we took some time on our end to implement it. We hardly are ever waiting for them and because they work with so many different clients, they can provide quality recommendations for new tests.
Yes. We targeted organic and email visitors specifically. I think with the way Google Analytics reports data, they try to be secretive with organic search and we can't identify what users are doing from organic specifically. Email was pretty similar. We wanted to know if our email customers behaved differently or similarly to organic customers.
I think this is the thing I was most hopeful about being successful, but I found it to be touchy. I will say that we are on NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) and it's not the best e-commerce platform that I have worked with. It's one of the most challenging, so I would say that VWO would work more soundly with a Shopify or other quality e-commerce platform better than us. That's the main reason I think the WYSIWYG doesn't work seamlessly.
VWO is better in price for sure, and I would say it has much better functionality than Crazy Egg. Optimizely is more expensive than the two and I think its UI is much better than VWO. However, I think you get the same with VWO that you do with Optimizely. Once VWO catches up in UI, it will be a better product. I also think Optimizely is a big company and it doesn't provide the quality 1:1 coaching and feedback that VWO's team does.
I would say it is well suited for A/B Testing, Customer Surveys (think popup surveys), monitoring customers, identifying customer behaviors, and drag-and-drop functionality for limited IT Resource companies.
It is less appropriate for complete overhauls of websites. It would be best to do testing for a page at a time. You can do split URL testing, but it doesn't seem easy and would require some hours on their part.