Windows Server, simply untouchable!
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January 08, 2018

Windows Server, simply untouchable!

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Overall Satisfaction with Windows Server

I have been using Windows Server for the past 8 years now, I can safely say it is the best way to manage your organization. The 2016 edition includes multiple roles that are essential to your company's success. Active Directory is probably its most important feature, allowing you to manage users and secure your resources. Installing and configuring windows server is very simple, just follow the wizards and you'll be up and running in no time. Other notable features are Hyper-V which allows the virtualization of multiple other windows server instances without taking any physical space.
  • Hyper V
  • Active Directory
  • Group Policies
  • Windows Server Update Services
  • The cost, Windows server is unfortunately very expensive.
  • The backup feature offers very little options, which is why most companies will buy a third party solution.
  • Storage hardware & management cost savings.
  • Optimize resources.
  • Help secure Data.
  • Create dynamic virtual data centers with live migration.
Windows Server has no competition, yes there are multiple instances of Linux (centos, ubuntu) that offer a lot of features that windows server has at no cost, but none of them shine like Windows, especially when it comes to user management. Another reason why Windows is worth the money: It's very user-friendly, where Linux servers are not. Windows server also has multiple tutorials and documentation online, Linux has very few.
Windows Server is perfect for any organization that wants to control what users do on their network. Even if your company only has 10 employees I would still recommend configuring a Windows server instance, the benefits are huge and worth it. Securing HR documents, preventing users from installing bloatware on their machines, sharing documents between users and of course, securing your network. I can't think of any reason not to install it apart from the high cost.