Overall Ziflow is living up to our expectations; There is always room for improvement and they are always looking for how to improve on our behalf...
July 20, 2021

Overall Ziflow is living up to our expectations; There is always room for improvement and they are always looking for how to improve on our behalf...

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Overall Satisfaction with Ziflow

Our company uses Ziflow within a Department of 16-20 while also including client engagement on occasion. We are a part of the Account Services Team and develop our custom templated marketing tactics. Currently I do not believe Ziflow is used across the organization. We decided to go with Ziflow initially because we were frustrated with our current programs customer service but overall the business "problem" addressed here is the communication and passing versions of creatives amongst MANY team members for feedback in real time. Ziflow offers version control when managing client feedback as well.
  • The searchability of proofs has evolved and is very intuitive so movement across proofs between campaigns is easy.
  • commenting and annotating is intuitive and easy to pick up for new users.
  • Customer Service is where I really feel like Ziflow shines. The timing of response, the transparency, it's something we REALLY lacked from our previous service/program.
  • The reporting features could use some love, I would love to pull reports based on how long proofs are in specific workflows to assess where we can/need to apply more efficient practices.
  • The ability have annotation markers on html files in proof would be AMAZING. When annotating web sites or htmls for email tactics, unless you are working with a stagnate file, you are not able to see where you applied annotations which is problematic for those having second eyes on work or collaborative feedback on a proof.
  • When building workflows it is not currently an option to assign reviewers based on properties within the proof metadata (i.e. Adding the Designer assigned without them being the "Owner of the Proof", OR Assigning by role as this changes across campaigns)
  • We have experienced elevated version control which saves time for the team but also impacts our client experience as well.
  • Client Sharing has enhanced how we receive feedback and can manage feedback and communication. Reducing that timeline by days if not weeks.
Ziflow was really a saving grace with access to help when we need it. Previously, when we needed to access customer service or a representative it would take days and sometimes weeks to get a response much less actual help. While this isn't a specifically speaking to our day to day creative flow, it made all the difference in getting what we needed when we needed it to move forward when we got hung, made mistakes, couldn't figure out a problem ourselves. We lost precious time on an island prior to moving to Ziflow.
Mainly our biggest impact we have seen so far is our ability to work in tandem with clients in real time. Receive and provide clarification, manage expectations and truly enhance relationships by communicating directly within the proof when needed during concept phases. Internally, projects have moved quickly when we have out of the norm projects with other departments. Those projects are smoother with the ability to add users easily and manage notifications accordingly to keep people engaged and aware of where projects are in the process.

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Customer Service is 100% more friendly, more timely, more informed, etc. Overall, at the end of the day, I know I harp on it a lot but it really was the deal breaker for us in the past.
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For our team, we utilize other project management systems to allow us to pull birds eye view reports as the reporting functionality is not where we need it to be. For proofing, building out content and applying changes/providing feedback, Ziflow is exactly what we need. Being able to pull backend info to assess workload and team bandwidth is where we have to look elsewhere. Understanding this was most likely not the intent of the program, it's a wish list item.