July 20, 2021


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Overall Satisfaction with Ziflow

In our Marketing Department, we have several graphic designers and I am one of the designers. We create designs and upload to proof onto Ziflow so that our work can be reviewed by our senior designer, brand manager, and our marketing manager. During their review, they mark changes and/or suggestions as needed then the designers fix their creatives from Ziflow notes. This process is repeated until the creative is finalized and approved. Proofing can take from days to months, depending on the project scale. Sometimes projects also go through reviews by people outside of our department and Ziflow makes it convenient that we are allowed to add non-members onto the proof so that they can review it as well. With comments being seen by all who are tagged in the proof, this allows space for great collaboration and communication whereas ideas can be further explained or problems can be solved.
  • Different markup tools such as rectangles to select a certain area, arrows to show swaps, and slashes to remove certain text makes highlighting something the reviewer is pointing out, much more easy to understand.
  • When certain areas are marked with comments, Ziflow takes the focus straight to that area that connects a line to the comment so we can clearly see which comment and markup match.
  • The overall design of Ziflow makes it easy for a user to interact throughout the page as the page flow and organization of things are very straightforward.
  • The top left where our organization logo is, that should be an action that brings the user back to the dashboard.
  • When comments include a link, the link should always be clickable with the destination as inputted.
  • My eyes are sensitive to light and I set most of my computer workspace in dark mode, it would be amazing if there were a dark mode theme on Ziflow.
  • Has helped us to further our skills as a designer such as understanding which part of our creative ranks from most to least important when viewed by our audience to catch their attention.
  • Allows us to have several assets on a single Ziflow proof, this helps speed up the reviewing process especially as a retail business since we have multiple types of assets to advertise.
  • Improved efficiency since many reviewers are in different places at different times, the reviewers can proof work and others tagged in it are able to see the comments as well.
It’s very convenient that Ziflow alerts tagged users by email of a proof that has been uploaded, commented on, or approved because it helps people stay on track on what projects need review. I also love the status that shows whether someone has opened, commented, or approved because it shows how much progress has happened or needs to happen on the proof. It’s also great that Ziflow allows all comments made on a proof, to be seen by others; this way, a reviewer doesn’t have to waste time making a comment that somebody else has made, or if a comment needs a reply from another person for more clarification.
Our proofs most of the time are only seen by those who are tagged in it, which allows them to comment by making suggestions on changes or giving feedback on what to improve on or information it needs as it were missing. And sometimes people will agree, sometimes people will disagree; each comment having a reply button makes it convenient so that there can be more back and forth on it to help finalize our creative. And even with the public URL, I tend to send that for my fellow designers to help me if with any suggestions to make my design better.

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I have very little use with Glip’s proofing, but from my experience with it, it was a bit difficult to markup and comment the way I wanted to. And I can’t remember if there was a dashboard that shower the proofs, so searching for the proof took time.

I’ve only used Adobe’s proofing on InDesign and XD. Although it has very few similarities to Ziflow, I don’t find Adobe’s proofing easy to use. For example, proofs don’t have different versions which I love about Ziflow because I can go back and see which proof had what comments. Also the comments in the proof sidebar, it’s confusing because when you click on it, it doesn’t bring you to the markup; instead I have to search for the markup number that matches the comment.

Honestly, I think Ziflow would work for anything that needs to be sent out and seen by many eyes. Things always need to be proofread and reviewed by several others and finalized because suggestions in changes and feedback for something to improve is useful before being seen by many other people. We’re human, we make mistakes and need another set of eyes to help catch mistakes or opinions on how to improve work.