Utilities Software

Utilities Software Overview

What is Utilities Software?

Utilities software encompass a class of software which support utility companies by automating administrative tasks and providing operational intelligence. This may include parking meter management, energy grid data management, and other operations. Additionally, software for utility companies support business administration, billing and revenue.

Features of Utilities Software

Utilities software vendors offer the following capabilities via their software suites:
  • Utilities asset networking, monitoring
  • Meter usage data management
  • Power outage management
  • Load management, grid overload prevention
  • Energy demand forecasting, supply optimization
  • Inventory tracking, parts & maintenance
  • Defective meter identification
  • Rate analysis, rate setting
  • Recurring billing management

Utilities Products

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Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management (MDM)
2 ratings
4 reviews
Oracle supplies a suite of utilities management applications, including the Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management (MDM) application.
Oracle Utilities Opower Energy Efficiency Cloud Service
0 ratings
1 review
Oracle offers the Opower Energy Efficiency Cloud Service since acquiring Opower in 2016.
OSIsoft PI System
1 rating
1 review
OSIsoft headquartered in San Leandro offers the PI System, a data integration and analytics platform designed to support plant and utilities with operational intelligence and analytics.
Metasys Building Automation System
Johnson Controls headquartered in Milwaukee offers the Metasys Buidling Automation System, providing energy management for commercial HVAC, security, lighting, and other systems.
IBI Group InForm Transportation
IBI Group headquartered in Toronto offers InForm Transportation, a resource and asset management for infrastructure assets (e.g. traffic signs) supporting facilities managers and agencies with management of resources.
Landis+Gyr SCADA Center Product Suite
Swiss company Landis+Gyr offers their SCADA Center Product Suite of applications, supporting utility data management and providing operational intelligence.
CGI Asset & Resource Management (ARM) Suite
The CGI Asset & Resource Management (ARM) Suite provides tools to streamline utilities' operations, providing EAM, workforce management, resource optimization, and other capabilities.
Sensus AutomationControl
Sensus, a Xylem brand, offers AutomationControl, a SCADA system asset management solution.
Siemens EnergyIP
Siemens offers EnergyIP, an energy and utilities management application suite.
Gentrack Velocity
Gentrack headquartered in Auckland offers Velocity, a utilities billing and revenue cycle management solution.
Landis+Gyr Gridstream Meter Data Management System (MDMS)
Swiss company Landis+Gyr offers the Gridstream MDMS (meter data management system), providing a utilities data and operations management system.
NEC TruCount
NEC offers TruCount, a solution for counting passengers in traffic vehicles for municipalities.
Fluentgrid Smart Grid Product Suite
Fluentgrid offers their Smart Grid Product Suite, designed to provide grid management with outage management, meter management, load monitoring, and other features.
IBI Group BlueIQ
IBI Group headquartered in Toronto offers BlueIQ, a utilities software a water distribution management system.
Fluentgrid CIS
The Fluentgrid CIS (customer information system) supports utility companies with billing management, fraud prevention, and CRM functionality.
Sigma Energy Management
TEAM (Energy Auditing Agency) headquartered in the UK offers the Sigma Energy Management suite.
Landis+Gyr Street Light Management Software
Landis+Gyr provides municipalities and utilities entities with their Street Light Management application and product suite, designed to support cities.
Honeywell Connexo
Honeywell offers Connexo a utilities intelligence and management platform.
IBI Group Smart City Platform
The IBI Group headquartered in Toronto offers the Smart City Platform is a connected city management system for providing information to stakeholders, and analytics.
IBI Group Advanced Traffic Management
The IBI Group headquartered in Toronto offers their Advanced Traffic Management software platform, supporting live video observation, digital device monitoring and communication, weather system and road condition detection, and other features.
Gentrack Junifer
Gentrack headquartered in Auckland now supports Junifer Systems products for utilities, after acquiring the company in 2017.
Oracle DataRaker
Oracle DataRaker is a smart grid data management forecasting and analytics software application.
Sensus FlexNet Communications Network
Xylem now supports the Sensus FlexNet Communications Network, a SaaS model utilities management solution for smart utilities, either water or electric, management.
SAP Energy Portfolio Management
SAP Energy Portfolio Management streamlines energy procurement and reduces operating costs and provides energy data and grid management to utility companies.