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What is Order Management Software?

Order management software supports the purchase to pay workflow with automation applied to essential (e.g. credit check, customer and supplier invoices, purchase order generation, transmission of data through integrated systems) and ancillary tasks(multi-channel order tracking and analysis) inherent in the processing of orders, and allows sellers to more easily track inventory levels and selling channels, improve customer experience, and overall process sales more effectively.

Order Management Products

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282 ratings
151 reviews
Brightpearl’s retail operations platform is designed to reliably handle peak trading, integrates with the full retail tech ecosystem, and is omni-channel native. Additionally, the vendor says their solution is the system of record for key trading data, provides real-time trading insights and is aut…
SAP Commerce Cloud (formerly SAP Hybris)
67 ratings
17 reviews
SAP Commerce Cloud (formerly Hybris) is designed to help businesses sell more goods, services, and digital content through every touchpoint, channel, and device through their multichannel ecommerce and order management solution, available as a SaaS or on-premise.
14 ratings
13 reviews
Esker offers their eponymous document automation platform, for paperless ordering and billing, and accounts payable / accounts receivable (AP / AR). It can be delivered as a cloud offering (as Esker on Demand), or on-premise (as Esker DeliveryWare).
IBM Order Management
10 ratings
5 reviews
IBM now owns and supports Sterling Commerce products (since August 2010), the most notable product being IBM Order Management. The platform emphasizes order promising and fulfillment and provides tools to adaptively complete orders specified to customer demands.
Netsuite SuiteCommerce
15 ratings
3 reviews
SuiteCommerce from Netsuite provides a flexible, open web store front-end solution enabling richly branded, highly personalized and engaging shopping experiences that will drive conversion and grow revenue. Built upon a modern, scalable and extendable HTML and JavaScript architecture, SuiteCommerce …
5 ratings
3 reviews
TradeGecko is an Order and Supply Chain Management platform with a comprehensive suite of functionalities packaged together in a cloud-based interface.
Stitch Labs
8 ratings
3 reviews
Stitch Labs is an inventory management software offering from Stitch Labs. It includes features such as multichannel selling and inventory control, with order and fulfillment management optimal for retail.
1 ratings
1 reviews
Orderwave is a web-based hosted application that is designed to automate and streamline operations for e-commerce, catalog, and direct marketing sales channels. Key features include: Subscription and Continuity ManagementInventory and Warehouse ManagementPayment ProcessingShopping CartRobust Reporti…
Radial Omnichannel Technology (f.k.a. eBay Enterprise Retail Order Management)
2 ratings
1 reviews
eBay Enterprise offers Retail Order Management (or the eBay Enterprise Exchange Platform) presents a complete inventory and order management solution for omnichannel retailers. Via module the module Payments, Tax & Fraud, it can be expanded to include a payment gateway with fraud protection.
Freestyle Multichannel Order Management
1 ratings
1 reviews
Freestyle Solutions is an order management software offering from the company of the same name in New Jersey formerly known as Dydacomp, strictly for ecommerce sellers operating across multiple channels.
RetailOps is a cloud-based solution that provides eCommerce and Omni-Channel retailers with tools designed to help them grow their business. From inventory-in to order-out, RetailOps puts the tools a growing retailer needs to run their business on one platform. Included are: POM, PIM, DOM, WMS, D…
Finale Inventory
Finale Inventory is a cloud-deployed inventory management software offering for small retail oriented for ecommerce businesses. It features order management, stocking and shipment management at all service tiers, and an integrated barcode system at higher tiers.
Canadian company OrderDynamics offers their omni-channel retail platform consisting of three separable --but integrable by intention-- products: a commerce platform, an order management system, and a point-of-service or PoS system for in-store use.
Powertrak CPQ
Axonom is the developer of cloud-based configure, price, quote CPQ software with virtual reality experiences for the high-tech, manufacturing, and services industries. The vendor says that its Powertrak Visual CPQ and VR suite enables sales, channel partners, and customers around the world to intera…
MNP Media in the UK offers their order and fulfillment solutions, OrderACTIVE.
Fulfil.IO is a customizable cloud-based software geared for small and medium businesses. It is designed to help retailers know their inventory and enables them to keep their inventory in sync regardless of whether it is sold online, or offline through channels like Shopify, Amazon or eBay. The ven…
Manhattan Active Omni
Manhattan Associates' Active Omni product suite supplies larger retailers with needed inventory management infrastructure, including Enterprise & Distribution Order Management, or just the Manhattan Orders platform (for customer orders & fulfillment, warehousing, transportation and managing the dist…
Aptos Enterprise Order Management
Aptos Enterprise Order Management (EOM) manages sales, shipment, returns and credits, and other order related logistical tasks to provide an integrated view of all order operations for retailers.
Kibo Order Management
Kibo Software offers their order management system, Kibo Order Management, providing a global view of available to promise inventory, order routing and fulfillment logic, support for fulfillment choices, and the ability to include local stores as distribution centers.
Visionet CommerceLink
Visionet Systems headquartered in Cranbury offers CommerceLink, a solution to integrate online ecommerce orders and centralize all orders in a single reviewable repository, providing integrated product data, order data, gift card data, and integrated payment data.
CGI Tapestry
CGI Tapestry is a suite of order, rating, billing, and product management applications designed to support companies providing complex bundles of products and services to customers.
Vynamic Merchandizer
Diebold Nixdorf offers the Vynamic Merchandizer application from the Vynamic Operations software suite, an omnichannel order management solution for retailers featuring inventory level optimization and controls, product availability and cost management, and other features for retailers.
Bamboo Rose Order Management
Bamboo Rose headquartered in Boston offers their Order Management software for retailers to centralize order processing and support pre-order to replenishment merchandise processes.
Xavient Order Management
Xavient Digital offers their Order Management application to support online orders, for CSRs.
QArt Fashion
QArt is a B2B mobile first platform for fashion brands enabling them to collect and manage orders effectively via different channels. It enables the brands to capture orders/estimates from Retailers and Stores during fashion line launches (Tradeshows) in a fast and intuitive way and then enable the …