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Dooly is a sales enablement platform that collects information and insights essential to close business sales. Originally designed to make faster updates in Salesforce, Dooly has evolved into a connected workspace that integrates with several different CRM tools. Features include editing and notetaking while on calls, as well as a dashboard for co-workers to share their meetings, tasks, notes, and sales pipelines. With a strong focus on promoting teamwork, Dooly aims to help sales professionals…
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Enterprise companies (1,001+ employees) is a revenue intelligence platform for go-to-market teams. The platform promises to help sales, marketing and customer success teams uncover every revenue opportunity from every customer. Customers include: Lyft, Gainsight, Tanium and Palo Alto Networks. helps them capture contacts, activity and engagement and drive actionable insights across all their revenue generation. Founded in 2016, is based in San Francisco and is backed by Y Combinator and…N/A
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Dooly Research Ltd.
Good: Anyone who has to update SFDC daily, should be using Dooly. It's the only place you should be looking at to house your comments, and notes, move around accounts and update your pipeline. It's just so so so much easier Bad: If you need to move complex deals. The tool is meant to be really simple, and so I have a feeling if you have a super complex version of SFDC, it's gonna be hard to pull off.
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I've been using for a bit now, and I've been consistently impressed. I use it to track how my team is doing, how my clients are doing, and how I'm doing. I can create custom dashboards with any metric I want to see. I can set goals, and they'll track my progress towards those goals. I can set up competitions between my team, and they'll tell me who's winning and who's losing. You can share these dashboards with your team, which means that everyone can see how everyone else is doing.
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Dooly Research Ltd.
  • Dooly.AI is easy, powerful, and intuitive!
  • Dooly.AI saves me incredible time as I can take notes in one place and it syncs up to all relevant Salesforce objects.
  • Dooly.AI's support team is incredible! They customized Dooly for our GTM team and have been an incredible partner!
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  • Their Deal Room presents times when you are multi-threaded, engaged with executives, and have an upcoming meeting scheduled rather than stalking your reps calendar and salesforce activities.
  • They allow you to create areas performance dashboard with custom KPIs you want to measure
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Dooly Research Ltd.
  • A newly created field isn't synced over into Dooly right away. Would love to see a "Sync fields" button to manually force a refresh
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  • has a robust platform, however, this requires sales reps to log into one more platform and the platform is not customizable for selecting what can be viewed by users. If were to make the features in their platform available in Salesforce it would be a huge win for leveraging the data they aggregate. Hoping an API will soon be on the Roadmap
  • Time Spent. uses some logic to attribute values on the "time spent" on the activities being captured. They did improve their meeting aggregations so that they were not "double counting" time when multiple meetings were booked in the same time slot for a rep. Email time spent still seems to have some errors as the time spent on emails can show in excess of the weekly working hours of the reps.
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Alternatives Considered
Dooly Research Ltd.
Scratchpad has a limit on the number of syncs but when you go to the paid version, it is cheaper. Dooly is also a much higher funded company and has a larger pool of customers. The premium version does offer more features in terms of collaboration than Scratchpad. Scratchpad benefits by having a native UI within your existing browser
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The easiest comparison would be to email automation vendors like a SalesLoft, Outreach, or Groove. But doesn't have a template email send like a sequence or cadence feature you would find with them. It is more of a compliment to the email automation vendors than a competitor in my opinion. We want our SDRs to have the ability run sizable outbound campaigns so they still use Outreach. However, we deactivated the Outreach activity sync and run activity syncing through If someone gets added into the email CC, will grab that person and create them as a contact against the matching Salesforce account. For our Sales reps, we want them to have the ability to track opens, link clicks, and send templated emails so we have them use Groove. Again, we deactivated the Salesforce sync and use syncing. This is a great way to automate the pain away from creating Opportunity Contact Roles and create all relevant contacts in Salesforce from CC's on emails to people added last minute on a calendar invite. My favorite part is how it ingests data directly from Google and doesn't allow a Sales Rep to not to sync an activity to Salesforce, it happens automagically
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Return on Investment
Dooly Research Ltd.
  • Incredible time savings! I easily save at least an hour a week by using Dooly.
  • We have more information on accounts and opportunities as we transition accounts to new teammates, so this saves time and ultimately helps us make more money.
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  • Time back for the whole team. We don't log calls anymore, we just work.
  • Great insight into who on your team may be wasting time with low-impact customers. This is near impossible to measure without this tool.
  • Marketing data is always current so we email the right people vs relying on my teams (Sales, Marketing, anyone) to be data stewards.
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