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According to the vendor, Traqq is a software solution specifically developed for businesses and organizations seeking enhanced time tracking capabilities and employee monitoring functionality. Its main purpose lies in accurately recording work hours, overseeing employee actions,…


ActivTrak headquartered in Austin provides their workforce behavior and performance tracking analytics solution.

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ActivTrak headquartered in Austin provides their workforce behavior and performance tracking analytics solution.

Time Doctor

Time Doctor offers in-depth productivity analytics, giving business owners insight on how to improve performance and scale. Going beyond tracking and monitoring, Time Doctor’s suite of tools put data-driven improvement front and center, helping to ensure that teams of all sizes…


According to the vendor, Traqq is a software solution specifically developed for businesses and organizations seeking enhanced time tracking capabilities and employee monitoring functionality. Its main purpose lies in accurately recording work hours, overseeing employee actions,…

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Easy time tracking software with features like screenshots, activity monitoring, automatic payroll, advanced reports, real time tracking and GPS. Both online and offline tracking capabilities. Also available for Apple, Windows, Linux and iOS. Integrates with 30+ popular tools, like…


We360.ai is an Employee engagement tool for business leaders and managers to boost their employee productivity and engagement in their organizations by providing factual workspace analytics to make better and well informed decisions. Hosted on AWS cloud , where data is encrypted.…


The Cloud Desk remote employee monitoring software provides real-time visibility into distributed workforce activities to increase productivity, improve compliance, and optimize performance. The solution helps to optimize a remote team’s workflow and engagement with overall activity…


Teramind helps organizations track user behaviors to detect insider threats and prevent data leaks. The software lets users monitor and record the activities of employees, remote users, external contractors both onsite and offsite in real-time. Teramind’s monitoring features can…


Kickidler is an employee monitoring and user activity tracking software. The tool provides automation of control of personnel, information security and aims to increase business efficiency. Main Kickidler features: online monitoring of computers, recording and playback of employees…


WorkTime is an employee monitoring software designed to analyze employee behavior and help companies boost productivity and performance. The software is compatible with Windows OS and Mac OS and operates both on-premise and in cloud. After installation, the WorkTime agent collects…


EmpMonitor launched in 2014 as an early entrant of employee monitoring. With time and the latest versions, it’s now specialized in productivity management and insider threat detection. It helps in providing insights into employee computer working activities, forensics, user behavior…


Intradiem in Alpharetta, Georgia offers their eponymous workforce scheduling optimization software for "Intraday Automation," or scheduling and task adjustments performed within the workday.

CloudApper SalesQ

SalesQ helps enterprises track the activities of field sales reps, such as their daily movements and tasks, visit details, meeting times, and sales orders that they have created. SalesQ helps improve employee engagement through the increase of accountability.


DeskTime is an automatic time tracking software that tracks and analyzes employee productivity, and is a project from DeskTime.com of the Draugiem Group of companies and tech startups in Latvia.

Delta Sales App

Delta sales app is an application that helps track the user's sales force and increase their productivity. The app can be used by distributors, retailers, dealers, or any other team of salespeople to monitor field performance in real-time. It's a solution for sales team management…


OgyMogy is an employee monitoring solutions that aims to address all employers' concerns about their employees. The vendor states employees are nowadays excessively getting contacted by cybercriminals over the online networks, and that now the most common source of employees getting…


Backlsh is a time tracking and project management solution that works on desktops devices. This application enables employers to know what their employees are doing on their computers to ensure that they are productive while on company time.

WebWork Time Tracker

Real-time employee monitoring software provides a way to see what team members are doing at the current moment, what websites they are visiting, what apps they are using and on which tasks and projects they are working. The tracker captures activity levels based on keyboard and mouse…


Insihgtful aims to empower organizations to analyze and optimize employee performance, productivity, and efficiency via deep behavioral data insights. With it, users can understand exactly how employees work, streamline workflows, manage remote teams, and drive productivity at scale.…

SearchInform TimeInformer

SearchInform TimeInformer protects businesses from inefficient work and financial loss caused by the staff.The system detects:· Being late and absent Memorizes the time of arriving at and leaving from work, long smoke breaks, being late and absent · Entertainment during work…


NGNShadowCoach is a screen monitoring and live supervisor-to-agent chat system designed for Contact Centers. It is a plug-and-play tool designed to improve team management. NGNShadowCoach users can record the agent’s screen as well as both the computer audio and any input audio.…

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VIRNECT Twin service allows companies to have industrial site virtual models linked to real-time data enabling analysis, monitoring, and simulation. It offers a digital model of an industrial site connected with real-time information, a DT (digital twin). VIRNECT Twin allows a bird'…

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Blending workforce analytics and time-tracking features, DoTeam helps users to gain insights into employees’ workloads. It includes features like screenshots, project tracking, automatic payrolls, and so on. Its data structure enables users to handle encrypted data securely. DoTeam…

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LitLingo, from the company of the same name headquartered in Austin, evaluates communications with AI to identify relevant language, assist users in real-time and proactively reduce risk.

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RemoteDesk is an automated monitoring solution that continuously secures the identity of remote work-at-home agents to deliver the Clean Desk Environment, from Verificient Technologies headquartered in New York.

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The WorkStatus platform is a workforce management tool that includes real-time employee monitoring & time tracking with screenshots, activity levels, timesheets provide employers with information about what their employees are doing throughout the day so managers can schedule…

Learn More About Employee Monitoring Software

What is Employee Monitoring Software?

Employee monitoring software are tools designed to track employees’ location and activities, with an emphasis on digital activities and web traffic. Employee monitoring tools are frequently built on a time-per-activity tracking foundation, but they are much more focused on what employees are doing during work, rather than whether or not they’ve clocked in. They also provide much stronger analytics capabilities than tools that focus on scheduling, attendance, and time sheets.

Most employee monitoring software is designed to improve an organization’s productivity, security, or both. These tools help improve productivity by tracking and analyzing employees’ online behavior. The products base this analysis on categorizing the productivity of each site or application an employee uses. This monitoring can also help managers gauge employees’ efficiency performing certain tasks and more efficiently distribute workloads and assignments. This functionality is particularly valuable for remote employees, where physical monitoring is not possible.

Some employee monitoring tools also take measures to protect businesses from internal security threats with “internal threat detection.” As the software monitors employees’ activity, it detects suspicious behavior patterns, site visits, or prohibited application usage, then either trigger alerts or directly intervene to block the suspicious activity. These capabilities can often serve both data loss prevention and compliance goals.

Employee Monitoring Software Capabilities

Employee monitoring software can be distinguished from time tracking tools by the former’s broader set of tracking, analytics, and intervention tools. While time tracking is a common feature of employee monitoring tools, they will also usually have most or all of the following:

  • Dashboard reporting of employee activities

  • Activity categorization and logging

  • Time and attendance

  • Screenshots

  • Task tracking, including time-per-task

  • Event logs

  • Real-time user activity monitoring, including app and web usage

  • Alerts and notifications

  • Website blocking

  • Data transfer monitoring, including uploads, downloads, and emails

  • Geolocation or geotracking

  • Insider threat detection and prevention

Employee Monitoring Software Comparison

When comparing employee monitoring products, consider these factors:

  1. Focus on productivity vs. security: Is your main goal to improve employee productivity, prevent data loss, or both? While there are some vendors who offer features for both use cases, many are more specialized on one over the other. Security-focused monitoring is a newer market, so there will likely be fewer vendors with expertise in security-base employee monitoring.

  2. Employee devices: What devices will you be monitoring employees on? Will they all be company devices, and will there be mobile devices as well as computers? Employee monitoring tools’ support for the full range of device types is not yet universal. This can be particularly problematic for security-intensive use cases.

  3. Passive reporting vs. active intervention: Do you plan to use this to track and report on activities after the fact, or to actively prevent unproductive or suspicious behavior? Some software will provide more developed reporting and dashboarding features, while others will prioritize automated alerts and preventive measures. These capabilities by align with a focus on productivity vs. security, as well.

Pricing Information

Employee monitoring tools are priced per employee, per month. Most software offerings are tiered according to the feature set. Basic tiers, with a focus on productivity, will range from $4-10 per user, per month. More comprehensive feature sets, with better security offerings, will often come with a $20-25 per user, per month price tag. Many providers also offer free trial periods, and some will offer a basic package for personal use for free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does employee monitoring software do?

Employee monitoring software allows companies to better understand employee productivity levels and how they spend their time while on the clock. These tools track things like website traffic, time spent on tasks, and app and website usage on computer and mobile devices.

What are the best employee monitoring software products?

On TrustRadius, some of the most popular employee monitoring tools include:

Visit the Employee Monitoring Software category page to read authenticated user reviews of these products and find alternative options.

Should your organization use employee monitoring software?

Employee monitoring software can be a great investment for companies looking to better understand aggregate and individual employee productivity levels. Visibility into what your employees are doing and how much time they’re spending on specific tasks can provide insight into where bottlenecks and other workflow stoppages may be.

For companies that have recently transitioned to a fully-remote workforce, these tools can help provide a gauge on how productivity levels may have shifted in the new work environment.

How much does employee monitoring software cost?

Employee monitoring software tools are usually monthly subscriptions that charge per user. For more basic tools, prices can range from $5 -$10 per month per user. However, for more advanced tools with a wider feature set, prices may be closer to $20 or $25 per month per user. Certain advanced products may also offer the option to be billed annually rather than monthly.