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TrueSight Capacity Optimization, Lenovo Capacity Planner (LCP), Fortra Performance Navigator, Avocent Data Center Planner, TEOCO ASSET Suite and BMC Helix Continuous Optimization.

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Veeam ONE

Veeam ONE is virtualization management technology from Ohio based VMware partner Veeam Software.

vRealize Operations (discontinued)

vRealize Operations, or Aria Operations, provided simplified and automated IT Operations Management across private, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments, and visibility into the entire tech stack, including all physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure components. The product is…

IntelliMagic Vision for SAN

IntelliMagic Vision is multi-vendor SAN performance, capacity, and configuration analytics solution that uses domain specific artificial intelligence as well as statistical analysis to accurately assess the health of your VMware, Fabric and Storage infrastructure in order to proactively…

Dell Storage Resource Manager

Storage Resource Manager (SRM) from Dell was built to manage the complexity of growing, heavily virtualized storage environments. With SRM, users obtain detailed relationship and topology views from the application, to the virtual or physical host, down to the LUN to identify service…

Rocket Servergraph

Rocket Servergraph enables users to automate daily backups and get prioritized real-time alerts on server capacity across data environments. The vendor emphasizes Servergraph’s ability to simplify audit and compliance reporting, including customizable reporting by geography, application,…

TrueSight Capacity Optimization

BMC's TrueSight Capacity Optimization is an infrastructure capacity planning option.

Fortra Performance Navigator

Performance Navigator from Fortra (formerly HelpSystems) is a Capacity Planning and Performance Analysis Software providing users with historical performance monitoring and modeling across an IT environment.

Avocent Data Center Planner

Avocent Data Center Planner, from Vertiv (formerly Emerson Network Power) is software solution providing a visual infrastructure planning and management tool within Vertiv’s strategic framework for data center optimization. Data Center Planner is designed to provide accurate and…

BMC Helix Continuous Optimization

A cloud-based solution for continuous IT resource management and service assurance. BMC Helix Continuous Optimization uses intelligence and predictive analytics to manage IT resources and applications including those based on Kubernetes and pods, microservices, containers, and multi-…

vRealize Suite & vCloud Suite (discontinued)

vRealize Suite and vCloud Suite delivered a self-service consumption layer, an automation framework and self-driving Day 2 operations for VMware Cloud. The product is no longer available.

Sunbird DCIM

Sunbird Software headquartered in New Jersey offers their DCIM Suite of applications, available a la carte, as a total DCIM suite, in an asset and capacity oriented bundle or bundled for environmental and power consumption monitoring. The suite includes tools like Asset, Capacity,…

Axibase Enterprise Reporter (AER)

Axibase Enterprise Reporter (AER) is an ainfrastructure analytics tool for capacity planning, from Axibase in Cupertino.

Snow Spend Optimizer

Spend Optimizer enables organizations to right-size their technology investments by aligning spend with business need across software, cloud services, datacenter, and mobile. Detailed technology use understanding is mined to identify unused accounts, duplicate users, and unnecessary,…

Idera Uptime Capacity Monitor

Idera Uptime Capacity Monitor gives you cross-platform monitoring and reporting capabilities to answer the capacity planning questions around current capacity and when capacity will run out, across your entire infrastructure.

Riverbed NetPlanner

San Francisco-based Riverbed Technology offers Riverbed NetPlanner as a solution that helps companies plan, design and analyze multitechnology, multi-vendor networks. The solution provides complete lifecycle support including network data import, baseline analysis, network change…

Syncsort Capacity Management

Syncsort Capacity Management (formerly Athene, and now from Precisely), is an infrastructure capacity planning option.

Hitachi JP1/Performance Management

Hitachi JP1/Performance Management has a range of capabilities including monitoring functions that send notifications to JP1/Integrated Management when warning signs of possible problems are detected, and reporting functions for tuning and for investigating the causes of problems.…

VCM Enterprise (Vityl Capacity Management)

VCM Enterprise (Vityl Capacity Management) is a comprehensive all-in-one capacity management solution that aims to make it easy for organizations to proactively manage performance and do capacity planning in hybrid IT environments—physical, virtual, cloud, or container. VCM Enterprise…

Galileo Suite
0 reviews

Galileo calls itself a proactive, data-driven solution for IT capacity and performance management. By offering deep, predictive analytics and access to unlimited historical data, the vendor aims to help organizations innovate and accurately align diverse infrastructure assets with…

Lenovo Capacity Planner (LCP)

Lenovo Capacity Planner (LCP) is the company's infrastructure planning and usage monitoring solution.

Open iT ComputeAnalyzer

ComputeAnalyzer™ meters CPU, memory and I/O usage on GRID computing environments, such as IBM Spectrum LSF, PBS Professional, OpenPBS, Oracle Grid Engine and Torque. It provides a centralized overview of usage patterns for system resources, and its monitoring enables performance…

Open iT StorageAnalyzer

StorageAnalyzer is an IT asset management tool that monitors files, file systems, disks and backups to enable accurate IT asset planning and efficient use of storage resources. It provides a centralized overview of storage resources, and improves performance through storage optimization,…

Visual One Intelligence™

Visual One Intelligence™ (previously known as Visual Storage Intelligence) surfaces interpretive insights and actionable recommendations for IT infrastructure and FinOps professionals to identify and prevent risks, understand and remediate existing problems, enhance operational efficiency,…

Dell APEX Data Center Utility

The Data Center Utility, part of Dell's APEX services, is a customizable way to move part, or all, of an organization's data center operations into a pay-per-use model. It provides Dell’s product portfolio built with Intel flexibility and performance coupled with professional services…


TEOCO headquartered in Fairfax offers the ASSET Suite, a network infrastructure capacity planning suite for telecoms, including optimization products, network configuration management, and other features.

Learn More About Infrastructure Capacity Planning Tools

What are Infrastructure Capacity Planning Tools?

Infrastructure capacity planning tools use simulations and analytical modeling to forecast future IT resource requirements. The information they provide improves IT service delivery, contributes to cost-effective IT infrastructure resource utilization, and helps ensure adequate capacity is available for future growth.

Using historical data these simulations and models identify how workload or infrastructure changes will impact IT infrastructure performance. They pinpoint the areas that are likely to become bottlenecks or constraints and identify areas where resources are unbalanced or underutilized. This information facilitates reserving, scheduling, and allocating IT infrastructure resources for onboarding new applications.

Workload simulation and analytical modeling cover the areas of CPU usage, memory usage, disk usage, network usage, database, and app performance inclusive of physical, virtual, and cloud-based resources. They support IBM, Linux (AIX, Solaris, HP-UX), Oracle, HP, Virtual (VMware, Hyper-V, Xen), and Windows systems and servers along with all the major cloud service providers, AWS, Azure, Google, and IBM.

Infrastructure Capacity Planning Tools Features

  • Simulation modeling and automated analytical modeling

  • Modeling for physical, virtual, and cloud-based infrastructure resources

  • System, app, and network performance modeling

  • Identifies potential bottlenecks or constraints based upon increased workloads or infrastructure changes

  • Predicts infrastructure resource growth and requirements

  • Data visualization and reporting

  • Integration with capacity management and performance monitoring data

  • Cloud-based or on-premises options

Infrastructure Capacity Planning Tools Comparison

When purchasing infrastructure capacity planning tools consider the following.

Features: Basic capacity planning tools are found in capacity management and performance monitoring software. Capacity planning tools that go beyond trend analysis and include simulation modeling and automated analytical modeling provide more accurate forecasting.

Infrastructure Resource Type: Some tools specialize in specific aspects of IT infrastructure capacity planning such as network planning. Others support a full range of infrastructure capacity planning.

Pricing Information

Infrastructure capacity planning tools usually require a vendor quote as the scope and variety of infrastructure assets are unique to each organization. Free trials and demos are available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do infrastructure capacity planning tools do?

Infrastructure capacity planning tools model how workload or infrastructure changes impact IT infrastructure performance. It helps organizations manage changing infrastructure demands. It identifies potential bottlenecks and provides the information needed to ensure adequate capacity for future growth.

What are the benefits of using infrastructure capacity planning tools?

Risk Management: Proper infrastructure capacity planning minimizes business risk and avoids outages.

User/Stakeholder Satisfaction: Correct resource allocations enhance IT service delivery.

Decision Making: Contributes to informed decision-making, infrastructure planning, and budgeting.

Financial: Optimizes resource allocation and infrastructure spending and better positions the business to take quickly take advantage of business opportunities.

How much do infrastructure capacity planning tools cost?

Infrastructure capacity planning tools usually require a vendor quote as the scope and variety of infrastructure assets are unique to each organization. Free trials and demos are available.