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Covercy is a Banking-Embedded Investment Management Platform built for commercial real estate investment firms. It offers automated distribution & capital call payment processing, an Investor Portal, and APY yielding checking accounts.

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Covercy is a Banking-Embedded Investment Management Platform built for commercial real estate investment firms. It offers automated distribution & capital call payment processing, an Investor Portal, and APY yielding checking accounts.

Fidelity Active Trader Pro

Active Trader Pro is Fidelity's customizable trading platform for the desktop and optimized for online trading technology. The solution offers real-time insights, visual snapshots to monitor investments, and trading tools.


Backstop Solutions Group in Chicago provides cloud-based technology supporting hedge funds. These applications include tools for investment research and analytics, accounting, a financial services specific CRM, and investor relations and document sharing tools, as well as investment…

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NaviPlan by Advicent

Advicent headquartered in Milwaukee offers NaviPlan, a financial planning software for firms.

Experian Account & Portfolio Management

Experian's Account and Portfolio Management solution leverages data, analytics, models and attributes to maintain portfolio stability and drive account profitability.


WealthBlock is a fintech firm that offers a white label private capital raising platform. By integrating key funding tools (CRM, data room, investor verification, sub-doc e-signature, fund admin etc.), the solution aims to streamline processes and increases productivity. The vendor…


Shrimpy, headquartered in Santa Clara, is a social trading platform for cryptocurrency. It is presented as a simple way to manage a portfolio by automating the user's trading strategy.

Clearwater Analytics

Clearwater Analytics is a provider of web-based investment portfolio accounting, reporting, and reconciliation services for institutional investors at thousands of organizations, headquartered in Boise. Clearwater aggregates, reconciles, and reports on more than $5.5 trillion in…


According to the vendor, RightCapital's financial planning solution allows financial advisors to: •Differentiate their value for more clients. •Create a simple plan in as little as 10 minutes. •Empower themselves to evolve with planning needs.


ECOS is a crypto investment platform. ECOS company was founded in 2017 in Armenia in the Free Economic Zone. Main products: ○ Cryptocurrency mining ○ Mining devices (ASICs) with hosting ○ Crypto wallet ○ Cryptocurrency exchange ○ Crypto portfolios ECOS is the first cloud mining…

Nitrogen Growth Platform

Nitrogen Growth Platform (formerly Riskalyze) is an investment portfolio management software platform from the company of the same name in Auburn.

AngelList Venture

AngelList Venture is a venture fund and investment management platform, from startup focused company AngelList in San Francisco.

Morningstar Direct

Morningstar headquartered in Chicago offers Morningstar Direct, an investment portfolio managment application focusing on financial and risk analysis.

eMoney Advisor

eMoney Advisor headquartered in Radnor offers an investment portfolio management application for financial advisors.

Envestnet Platform

Envestnet headquartered in Chicago offers their investment portfolio management plaform and suite of applications.

ARGUS by Altus Group

ARGUS by Altus Group is a suite of software solutions used to value and manage the performance of real estate assets, and use in-depth insights into the real estate portfolio to make decisions, with out-of-the-box reporting to suit investors' needs.

Morningstar Advisor Workstation

Morningstar headquartered in Chicago offers the Morningstar Advisor Workstation, an investment portfolio management application.

Charles River IMS

The Charles River Investment Management Solution (Charles River IMS) automates front and middle office processes for buy-side firms. The solution helps enable accurate and timely investment decision support for institutional and wealth managers, alternative investment firms, insurers…

RealPage Investment Management

The RealPage Investment Management supplies tools manage a portfolio of real estate assets, including financing and investment accounting, rich reporting features, and sharing for investors and partners.

FXE Portfolio Monitoring

PortfolioMonitoring offers data-driven in-life client management, and is developed by Funding Xchange headquartered in London. It was developed in collaboration with credit and risk professionals, FXE Portfolio Monitoring provides real-time insights into risks and opportunities at…

Contemi Wealth Intelligence (WIN) Suite

Contemi Solutions helps financial service providers with automation programs of companies in insurance, capital markets, and asset & wealth management and wider financial services space across Europe, Asia and ANZ, through what they present as client-centric solutions and services.…

Agora Investment Management
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Agora is a real estate investment management solution, designed specifically for GPs, syndicators, and real estate firms. Agora's software includes a customizable Investor Portal, an advanced CRM, in-platform ACH payments, and advanced fundraising enablement tools. Agora also offers…

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Limina Investment Management Solution (IMS) is a Front-to-Middle Office Solution that helps investment managers focus on producing investment returns with minimal operational risk. The open platform helps Asset Managers overcome fragmented workflows and increase confidence in data…

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Wealthbrain is a cloud-based Wealthtech company offering a Portfolio Management System that provides Consolidation, Analytics and Wealth Reporting of financial and lifestyle investments. It also provides a wealth tech ecosystem. Wealthbrain caters to the needs of the following segments…

Learn More About Investment Portfolio Management Software

What is investment portfolio management software?

Investment portfolio management software helps investors manage and keep track of their portfolios. Rather than checking multiple applications to view their assets, users can store all their portfolio information on a single platform. These portfolios generally include401(k) plans, savings accounts, mutual and exchange-traded funds, individual stocks, bonds, and individual retirement accounts (IRA).

In addition to providing a snapshot into the current state of you or your clients' net worth, these software tools also include useful accounting and reporting features that simplify the process for the user such as personal finance, budgeting, and goal setting sheets. They are commonly used by wealth management professionals to build and track their clients' portfolios but are also accessible for individuals seeking a single platform for their own benefit. Individuals using these platforms should look for software products with less complicated features that don’t require as much of a learning curve as those for wealth management professionals.

With more educated and informed investors, it is more common today for the average person to have many types of investment accounts. This makes tracking, especially by hand or spreadsheet, an incredibly difficult task. Additionally, investment portfolio management software automates certain tasks such as transferring funds, placing orders, and providing current market analysis breakdowns. These software products are also commonly referred to as wealth management software, stock portfolio management software, and fund administration software.

Investment portfolio management software features

Investment Portfolio Management Software usually has the following capabilities:

  • Client communication
  • Client management
  • Client/board portal, securely share capital statements
  • Fund accounting
  • Cash management
  • Approval workflow
  • Customizable dashboards for financial reporting, summary data
  • Financial analytics module
  • Investment portfolio optimization
  • Regulatory compliance management
  • Compliance reporting

Investment portfolio management software comparison

Some important factors to keep in mind when deciding on the right investment portfolio management software product include:

  • Ease of Use. More advanced packages may have more difficult user interfaces and client portals. As such, ensure that the amount of time required to learn the ins and outs of the product you select makes sense for your individual use case.
  • Use Case. While most of the products are useful in overall asset management, some products may be more geared towards salespeople rather than portfolio managers. For example, features such as market analysis and asset performance may not be as necessary for salespeople but extremely useful for wealth management professionals. Be sure the software is designed to fit your specific needs.

Pricing Information

Pricing for investment portfolio management software varies based on the features and capabilities you are looking for. For basic products, look to pay between $50 to $300 a month, usually per user. For more advanced products and features, such as risk management tools, expect pricing to range between $600 to $1500 a month per user. Some products will offer a discount for annual payment. Vendors typically offer a free trial.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does investment portfolio management software do?

Investment Portfolio Management Software provides fund administration and accounting, reporting compliance, and automates tasks related to managing investments. Also called Stock Portfolio Management Software, Wealth Management Software, or Fund Administration Software, investment portfolio management software can be used by financial advisors, portfolio managers, and individuals.

What are the benefits of using investment portfolio management software?

Benefits to using these software products include having a single platform providing an overview of you or your client’s net worth. Having this simplicity saves time and helps the user concentrate on building wealth. For wealth management professionals, these tools simplify the process of asset management by having one platform where one can view all investments, get a snapshot of performance, and communicate to their clients.

What are the best investment portfolio management products?

Highly rated investment portfolio management products include:

How much does investment portfolio management software cost?

For standard investment portfolio management software packaging, look to pay between $50 to $300 a month per user. For versions containing advanced features such as sophisticated risk management, expect prices to range from $600 to $1500 a month. Many vendors offer free trials.