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Best Output Management Software include:

PaperCut, Breezy, OpenText Output Server, Ricoh InfoPrint, LRS VPSX, Fiserv Digital Document Advantage and B2Win Suite.

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PaperCut Software headquartered in Melbourne offers their suite of print and output management solutions including PaperCut NG as well as embedded software to supply hardware integration.


Breezy provides secure, modern printing solutions for organizations of all sizes. Breezy's software enhances security and helps IT teams offer greater mobility and productivity for their users, by virtualizing and simplifying the print process and enabling secure printing from…

B2Win Suite

B2Win Suite is a platform that combines functionality for businesses to optimise their data processing, with a high level presentation and distribution of reports and business documents. It covers areas such as OM/CCM, Query, Reporting, BI, and others.


LRS VPSX is an output management offering from Levi, Ray & Shoup (LRS) in Springfield, Illinois.


PrintUI is an output management solution from Santa Cruz Software, a cloud technology that enables clients or their partners to develop branded front-end sites for online or automated customization of InDesign templates for things such as: marketing brochures, datasheets, catalogs,…

Macro 4 Columbus

Overview The Columbus suite orchestrates the creation, capture, security, storage and delivery of documents and data, connecting people and processes with the information they need, and providing business intelligence for more informed decision making. Columbus enterprise information…


AirPrint is an Apple technology used to create full-quality printed output without the need to download or install drivers. AirPrint technology can be used to print full-quality photos and documents from a Mac, iPhone, or iPad. AirPrint features include device discovery, automatic…

Precisely EngageOne Enrichment

EngageOne Enrichment is a print-stream engineering and output management solution that simplifies advanced distribution strategies, both for hard-copy printing and digital documents. With the ability to instantly control active print streams, EngageOne Enrichment helps users to change,…


ezeep in Berlin offers printing management solutions designed to enable any device to print to any printer – whether with the ezeep printer driver from PC or Mac, via app for smartphones and tablets or even by web-based drag & drop for the occasional user. They offer both cloud-based…

Zetadocs Delivery

Zetadocs Delivery emails batches of personalized documents from within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central or NAV, to save finance team time in sending documents such as orders, invoices and statements, using ready to go templates. Finance processes Zetadocs Delivery helps make…

Fiserv Digital Document Advantage

Fiserv's Digital Document Advantage gives the user the ability to deliver electronic documents – statements of account, bills, explanations of benefits (EOB), tax documents, trade confirmations and more – to customers or members, customer/member support, other internal staff or interested/…

MyQ Roger

MyQ Roger is a Smart Digital Workplace Assistant that enables users to securely process documents from cloud-based repositories, create personal scanning workflows, release them with pull printing – and do all this with voice commands, a mobile phone, and an internet connection. There…

OM Plus Delivery Manager

OM Plus Delivery Manager is presented by the vendor as advanced, intelligent print spooler management software. Delivery Manager ingests jobs from multiple systems and delivers them to printers, multi-function devices, fax software, email systems, and more. They further state that…

LRS Dynamic Report System

LRS Dynamic Report System is an output management offering from Levi, Ray & Shoup (LRS) in Springfield, Illinois.

CSG Output Solutions

CSG Output Solutions is a solution designed to simplify and streamline transactional document production to send each customer the right message, at the right time, all at scale. The service boasts accurate, efficient delivery of customer statements plus multiple ways for the consumer…

Continia Document Output

Continia Document Output is a software solution providing an overview of document distribution with a full audit trail of e-mails, printouts, and electronic documents. Some customers wish to receive their documents such as sales invoices, credit memos, reminders, etc., as physical…


MyQ X is print management software that makes it easier and faster for people to print and scan their workflows regardless of device manufacturer, fleet size, network type, and even end users with smartphones. MyQ X's document processing capabilities including automated form processing,…

Kodak PRINERGY Workflow

Kodak PRINERGY Workflow is prepress automation software for the print industry. It allows the user to automate frequently performed tasks like existing manual events, business process, and printing production workflow further eliminating errors, speeding processes, and lowering cost.…

Ricoh InfoPrint

InfoPrint from Ricoh Global, headquartered in Japan, is an output management option.

OpenText Output Server

OpenText™ Output Server enables the delivery of business-critical documents, offers real-time device malfunction or job interruption notifications and ensures documents are delivered to output destinations in the proper format. Output Server also authorizes core delivery services…

CA Dispatch

CA Dispatch is a report distribution management offering, from Broadcom.

Learn More About Output Management Software

What is Output Management Software?

Output Management Software (or document output management, also EOM from "Enterprise Output Management") automates and centralizes management of documents distributed throughout an enterprise and achieves cost reduction largely by providing digital channels (e.g. email, portals) to distribute documents, in place of printing.

Output Management Software Features

Output management software includes the following identifiable features:

  • Data extraction from enterprise systems

  • Data management

  • Multi-channel communications

  • Document management

  • Automated document workflows

  • Document bundling

  • Document routing to printers or other devices

  • Print queue management

  • Print job splitting, grouping, and merging

Output Management Software Comparison

When comparing output management software, consider the following factors:

  1. Communication Channels: Output management software can use text messages, emails, or faxes. You should evaluate which communication channels best fit the needs of your business.

  2. Company Size: The price of output management software is typically based on the number of users. You should contact vendors to determine how your company size will affect the overall cost of output management software.

  3. Automation Features: Output management software automates the delivery of documents created by enterprise systems. You should consider if your business needs more advanced automation features to streamline output management.

Output Management Software Price

Output management software vendors typically charge a licensing fee based on the number of users. You should contact vendors directly to receive quotes for their products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is output management software differ from managed print services?

Output management software does have some print management features. However, output management software also uses digital channels to reduce the need for printing.

What are the benefits of output management software?

Output management software improves document workflows and multi-channel communication. It also reduces costs associated with printing services.

How much does output management software cost?

Output management software vendors typically charge a licensing fee based on the number of users. You should contact vendors directly to receive quotes for their products.

What is the best output management software?

The output management software with the most reviews on TrustRadius is eFax, which received positive reviews for ease of use. PaperCut is another output management software that received positive reviews for customer support.