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Tim Westen profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
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We are currently using Cherwell Service Management for our ITSM process across all of our various business units. We have implemented the following ITIL processes, Incident/Request, Change, Problem, Service Catalog, CMDB (asset management) and an IT Equipment Requisition process at an enterprise level. We have started to roll out IT Project Management and are in the process of defining additional requirements for SLAs. We have approx. 480 technicians using the application to manage their work at various levels based on business unit.
  • The codeless configuration of Cherwell has been able to meet all of our demanding business needs. From data integration to complex process workflows we can respond and deliver the added value our business needs.
  • Cherwell does offer a great customer experience. There has not been one occasion when I have not been impressed with their commitment to the customers experience.
  • The development tools are robust and the time to develop had drastically been reduced from previous tools sets, this allows us to focus on gathering solid requirements for iterative changes rather than lengthy development cycles.
  • Our solution can be managed and grow with limited number of resources available. We continue to expand and grow as out business requires while maintaining 2 FTE.
  • Cherwell is in the process of balancing the speed to market of functionality and robust testing of those releases. We have come across a couple of issues in a particular release that have caused us issues that required configuration of workarounds or us having to skip the release until the function is resolved.
  • The web client for technician use still is not in par with the rich client. Cherwell has made the commitment to develop web first but the client parity of the rich and web clients is still not there.
  • The ability to be able to Select multiple rows from a result list and then run an action (one step) on them would be a huge win for my environment. Right now you can run a query and run an action against all returned results but it is dependent on the query results, which can be difficult to narrow enough for the general user.
Cherwell is great at the basic ITSM/ITIL processes and transactional type ticketing that occurs within CSM or Facilities management. We would like to utilize the tool more for Project management within IT and start to promote it beyond but the out of the box module is not robust enough to be solely used. Integration with specialized tools is the current method and is acceptable.
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James Whitemore profile photo
September 17, 2015

Cherwell Shares Well

Score 9 out of 10
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Our organization uses Cherwell Service Management primarily as a request and incident tracker, but it was purchased with the intent of expansion. Since go-live we have activated the knowledge base and CMDB modules, which have solved quite a few problems with information sharing and inventory tracking. The system is young in our environment, but it is holding up well and definitely scalable.

Currently Cherwell Service Management is utilized mainly by the IT Service Desk (technical solutions team), but we have been branching out to teams in other departments as well. It has been well received by those teams who have chosen to come onboard, and is a very strong promoter of institutional collaboration.

  • Scalability - We have been able to add multiple teams to our system and collaborate more effectively than ever before.
  • Modularity - We are able to implement the system one module at a time, which greatly helps us grow at a rate that works best for our teams.
  • Accessibility - Cherwell Support is very responsive and open to assisting with our needs.
  • Admin Interface - Changing system settings is not intuitive. Blueprints also require a level of proficiency not held by most new users of the system.
  • Bugs - We have noticed several bugs and glitches. Support has been very helpful in documenting and taking them to development, however many seem to be things that should have been caught before public releases.
  • Stability - We have had a few instances where we have lost our VPN connection or certain other services have gone offline. Since we run a SaaS environment, we are typically not able to troubleshoot in-house. Support is again very helpful, however this can cause an impact to business.

Cherwell Service Management is extremely adaptable. It works well in environments like ours which contain decentralized IT contacts. This ITSM system is also good for multiple uses beyond tickets - CMDB, Knowledge Base, Change Management, etc.

The system is also highly customizable. We worked with the vendor to make our interface completely unique and suited to our needs. Our implementation looks absolutely nothing like the out of the box product, yet still maintains the same (and more) functionality.

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John Alexander profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
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We utilize Cherwell for our IT inventory (CMDB), Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management and Inventory collection. Since we are a Healthcare organization, and are audited by various agencies, we need to track our system Changes and Problems which often spawn from Incidents. We use CMS to document this and our internal customer requests.
  • Customization is easily done and upgrades do not affect them if done within the CSM toolset.
  • Our internal staff find the product very intuitive.
  • The built-in knowledge base is very helpful.
  • While the Reporting module is very comprehensive, it is not easily understood.
  • Move to production scenarios should be more inclusive of all pieces of the product.
  • The online documentation has come a long way, but still is lacking at times. I have too many "how to" questions that cannot be answered through it.
Out of the box it is well suited for most organizations, and the customization is icing on the cake.
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Denise Naylor profile photo
February 04, 2015

Cherwell Changed my Life

Score 10 out of 10
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Cherwell is being used by 170+ teams, and 1,700+ technicians across the organization for Incident/Request Management. Incident/Request Management is being used by business areas such as Client Relations, Human Resources, Facilities, and Information Technology, to name a few. In addition, some affiliated sister companies are using Cherwell Incident/Request Management as well.
The business problem being addressed by using Incident/Request Management is to provide tracking, metrics/reporting, and accountability. Teams within the organization have been transitioning from using a team mailbox in Outlook to using Cherwell to manage requests which provides real time tracking and metrics at a glance.
Cherwell is able to provide a customized "dashboard" view that provides teams and business leaders with an easy to read, high level overview of key items which are definable on a team by team basis.
Problem Management is being utilized by the Information Technology team.
Change Management is currently under configuration and is anticipated to be implemented within the next few months.
  • Metrics/Tracking
  • Providing a real time, high level overview via the Dashboard
  • Friendly User Interface
  • Customer Service response time
  • Bugs - simple functionality that worked prior to a new release sometimes don't work after the release
Specifics scenarios where Cherwell is well suited is for Incident/Request management when multiple team members are fielding multiple requests from multiple sources. Another scenario where Cherwell is well suited is when metrics/reporting are required, as well as automated tracking/accountability. Cherwell would be less appropriate to track requests where an individual employee is fielding the requests.

Key questions to ask during the selection process are:
  • What is the issue being solved for?
  • What is the current process?
  • What is the desired outcome?
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No photo available
November 09, 2017

Well Supported

Score 8 out of 10
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We use Cherwell to manage our IT service and support functions across our organization. We have several sites, and each site is supported by a local team. Cherwell allows our company to identify and track issues at the local level, as well as escalate items to the corporate level for centralized functions such as application development and security.
  • Easy for users to create a help desk ticket for support, and receive automated progress updates.
  • Easy for support staff to consolidate all open tickets, both by site as well as by issue type to identify incidents that could be related across multiple locations.
  • Well integrated with Active Directory services.
  • Cherwell offers more functionality than we are currently taking advantage of, which sometimes makes the support interface appear bloated.
Cherwell is great for organizations with multiple sites that want to automate assigning tickets to local support teams. The dashboard provides critical visibility to workload and response time, which can be very valuable to the team. Cherwell seamlessly provides a single point of contact for users to get support for all of their IT needs - hardware, applications, network, and security.
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Score 6 out of 10
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It is used to track tickets and incidents company-wide in an IT setting. It allows us to track incidents, requests, and anything else that could come our way. It also provides stats for a bunch of different stats including follow-ups, requester, request time taken, and allows for additional training.
  • Simple once configured
  • Many possibilities for data
  • Easy for users
  • Very resource intensive
  • Can be overwhelming at first
  • Reporting can be a bit wonky at times
The main use of Cherwell would be to watch productivity at a high level and use that to inform new business ventures or IT ventures. If you just [need to] see the data without finding the root causes of incidents then it could be a waste of time and money. Luckily we have great admins that are able to help with this data.
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Score 10 out of 10
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It is being used for incident, problem and service request management throughout the State of Oklahoma's IT departments. It aids the state in tracking requests and service levels.
  • The dashboards are amazing.
  • It is easily configured to meet your needs.
  • The reporting/searching capability is easy to use and available to all users.
  • The Service Catalog in the Customer Portal is not very user-friendly.
  • The method of making configuration changes and migrating them to production is single threaded sometimes, makes it hard to make several changes at once.
Well Suited - The dashboards and configuration are very well done. It follows ITIL practices very well.
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Score 8 out of 10
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Currently Cherwell is being used just in the service desk. This has greatly improved the effectiveness of the service in handling incidents and outages. Several other teams are starting to look at the project tracking portion of Cherwell. We aim to get all of infrastructure using this tool.
  • Incident management is clear and easy to use. The business specific changes that were made, were easy to complete.
  • A great web portal.
  • Updates push out upon logging into the client.
  • Problem management text messaging reports are not great.
  • I wish Cherwell had more Mapps.
Any service desk would benefit from Cherwell. Any business that is looking for a tool that will support many teams' IT or not, would benefit from Cherwell. If a company already had several tools in place across many teams, it could be difficult to completely implement this across the business.
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Score 8 out of 10
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We've started to use Cherwell Service Management in the last year, as our old IT ticketing system didn't have the complexity we needed in today's IT world. We use it for incident reporting, service requests, and are phasing in change management; we've used it internally for our own tracking, and are just starting the phasing in so our end users can start filling in their own tickets.
  • Excellent tracking and reporting
  • Allows customers to enter in their own tickets
  • Allows analysis of where our problem points are in resolving incidents
  • Helps us better manage change requests
  • Initial set up, if you are not familiar with service catalogs can be painful. The out of the box suggested ones are a starting point, but could have more breadth.
  • Similarly, you have to know your business processes well to set up escalation and workflow; and setting them up can be a little time consuming.
  • It's also helpful to set up forms to help ensure tickets are going to the right team - and you have to understand basic programming logic to set them up; you also need a bit of design experience to make them user friendly. These don't always go hand in hand within one person; it would have been helpful to have more sample forms.
  • Some of the included color schemes are not ADA friendly, and they all should be.
If you have the knowledge about service catalogs, business processes, and have both programmers and designers available to help with this implementation, you should have an easy time setting this up. You'll also need a good understanding of all your functional groups and what each is responsible for to set up your groups and users.
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Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
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We use Cherwell Service Management for enterprise IT Service Management. We are currently using Incident, Change, Problem and CMDB. We are in the process of implementing Purchasing and Asset Management.
  • Single platform that is easily managed.
  • Customer service and support is outstanding.
  • Continuous improvement of the product - new features (which are frequently customer driven) are added regularly at no additional cost.
  • Very easy to learn for users, administrators and developers.
  • Licensing model is simple and flexible - can implement perpetual and subscription in one instance. Migrate from SaaS to on premises or third party cloud with little effort and at low to no cost.
  • Database is not overly normalized. Very easy to understand and query.
  • Documentation is improving but is still incomplete.
  • "Codeless" architecture is great and easy to learn but it would be nice to have the a "power user" interface option to allow writing of things like expressions rather than click through drop downs.
  • Web UI is a bit slow and still not on par with the features of the client application.

Cherwell is a great choice for all organizations looking for an IT Service Management solution. It can scale to any size organization and training and support is great for those just getting started with ITIL-focused support.

For organizations seeking a platform that provides extensive capabilities beyond IT Service Management there may be better choices.

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Score 8 out of 10
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We implemented Cherwell Service Management to replace an existing (IT) helpdesk application and to allow us to improve our IT service management processess. We also use it for many other support teams in the company including facilities, marketing and some specializaed development teams.
  • The flexibility is unparalleled when compared to other systems that we looked at
  • The ease of administration and development
  • Price-point
  • The performance on our version has been very poor and is a constant source of complaints for our users
  • The system has many limitations that can feel very disabling when trying to design new features. Some examples: a dropdown list can contain no more than 200 items, a table can only get data from tables it is directly related to (e.g., not a table that is related to that one), a pop-up can only contain one field, there is no list box or other method to multi-select from a pre-determined list etc...
  • It took a lot of extra effort after professional services left to actually implement the system. We were left with numerous inconsistencies and spelling errors to track down and correct.
For a mid-small company, Cherwell is a really good bargain because it will allow the company to automate many processes and grow their organization. It is a very easy tool for a new administrator to pick up and master and is very powerful. I am consistently amazed at how much development can be done with a few clicks. For example: we did 10 months of analysis on a new Cherwell development project, the actual development took only 3 days! One recommendation: dedicate at least one full time employee to Cherwell for support and maintenance of the system (possible multiple people depending on how much additional functionality you plan to implement)
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Score 8 out of 10
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Cherwell was used across the whole organization from IT, mortgage and human resource management. I was the Tier 1 support rep for our HR department. I fielded questions from our team members on various HR issues from system access to benefits questions. Our IT department used Cherwell to assist users with technical problems encountered on a day to day basis.
  • I was able to store word documents and PDF documents in the tool for quick resolutions to common questions. It was a great way to quickly provide an accurate solution to questions we receive regularly while focusing on service issues that take more time to complete.
  • We configured the tool to pull contact info and badge photos from our company roster. This made contacting users at various methods easy. It also made putting a face to a voice or email easy.
  • Reporting from the tool allowed us to improve our response time and manage trends. We were able to find ways to make process improvements.
  • The graphic user interface is a bit dated. I looks and feels like Window XP.
  • Organizations that use the tool to the degree that we did usually have widescreen monitors. The tool doesn't make good use of space.
  • One thing I didn't see was a way to track or watch a ticket that was assigned to a different user. This would help in cases where multiple users experienced the problem and you would need to know who and how the ticket was resolved, even if i wasn't resolved by you.
One critical aspect would be protected health information. With HIPPA laws you need to have a way to protect contact information from unauthorized users in the system. This was very important to us since we answered questions regarding medical benefits. Or if there could be some sort of disclaimer alerting the end requesters not to disclose protected health information, it would help protect organizations from claims of unlawful disclosure.
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Feature Scorecard Summary

Organize and prioritize service tickets (33)
Expert directory (24)
Service restoration (20)
Self-service tools (31)
Subscription-based notifications (22)
ITSM collaboration and documentation (28)
ITSM reports and dashboards (32)
Configuration mangement (25)
Asset management dashboard (23)
Policy and contract enforcement (16)
Change requests repository (28)
Change calendar (26)
Service-level management (28)

About Cherwell Service Management

Cherwell Software was founded by the former CEO of FrontRage Solutions and is a full suite of service management tools competing with BMC Remedy, ServiceNow, and IBM SmartCloud.

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