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What is Echobox?

Echobox is an AI-powered publishing solution that understands the meaning of content.

With automation that tailors to the user's business, Echobox is designed to share the right content with the right audience at the optimal time, to drive more traffic,...

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What is Echobox?

Echobox is an AI-powered publishing solution that understands the meaning of content. With automation that tailors to the user's business, Echobox is designed to share the right content with the right audience at the optimal time, to drive more traffic, higher engagement and…

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Product Details

What is Echobox?

Echobox is an AI-powered publishing solution that understands the meaning of content.

With automation that tailors to the user's business, Echobox is designed to share the right content with the right audience at the optimal time, to drive more traffic, higher engagement and greater revenue from social media and email newsletters.

Echobox is an automation platform boasting users among more than 1000 leading brands worldwide, including Newsweek, The Times, The Telegraph, Handelsblatt, Le Monde and Conde Nast.

Echobox Social

✓ Mitigate Facebook algorithm changes. Echobox constantly monitors changes to Facebook’s Newsfeed so users are the least affected

✓ Unique to an audience. Every audience is different - Echobox learns from content, readers and social pages

✓ Perfect timing decisions. Echobox has an understanding of Facebook based on almost a million posts made every month

✓ Night-time and weekend posting. Schedule posting at optimal times over weekends and nights or have Echobox select and post content automatically

✓ A/B Testing. Get to know audiences better. Test different headlines, messages, images or videos to find what engages an audience most effectively

Echobox Newsletters

✓ Generate newsletters in seconds, fully optimized to increase open rates and click rates

✓ Save countless hours and remove the guesswork from designing and building your newsletters

✓ The AI maximizes newsletter performance by determining the best content, order, design and send times for each unique audience

✓ Echobox automatically A/B tests different template layouts for each newsletter

✓ Use RSS feeds to populate different newsletters or even different sections of the same newsletter

Echobox Features

  • Supported: AUGMENT: Echobox continously analyses published website content to predict virality - so users can post less but deliver more traffic.
  • Supported: AUTOMATE: Speed up workflows by using artificial intelligence to automate some or all social media sharing. Trained off 245 million data points, Echobox’s algorithms helps to drive reach and unlock time-savings.
  • Supported: A/B TESTING: Get to know an audience even better with organic A/B Testing for Facebook. Test two variations of the same post to increase CTR.

Echobox Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo

Frequently Asked Questions

Buffer, SocialFlow, and Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud are common alternatives for Echobox.

Reviewers rate Support Rating highest, with a score of 9.

The most common users of Echobox are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees).
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Katerina Pandinaki | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It is used by editors in Newsroom, so that they save time and post by the most proper way, in order to achieve most of the reach possible. It is also used in order to send customised Newsletters.
  • Increases traffic
  • Saves time
  • Scheduling
  • Nice, Modern Design of Newsletters
  • Stories on Facebook
  • More editing options for photos (e.x. layering, pixelating)
  • Define also seconds when scheduling
If you have a large number of posts to be done, Echobox will help by posting the right article on the right time. Also it is the best way to send Newsletters, because first of all you can fully automate the procedure and also you can reach most of your audience thanks to the algorithm that optimizes the time.
  • Scheduling
  • Prioritising
  • All social platforms in one tab
  • Saving time to produce and send a newsletter
  • Doesn't need knowledge in designing, due to the layout of the Newsletters
  • Traffic Increase
  • Saves a lot of time
  • Keep you in touch with the subscribers for Newsletters
Echobox is super "user friendly", has a great support when you face a problem, no matter how simple or complicated the answer is, you have available statistics about the results of your use, as well as suggestions for further improvement. The Newsletters service is new to us, but we spend zero time to prepare and send! We also have option about titles, logos and banners, which adds services for our clients.
Social media managers
  • Social media auto share
  • Newsletters
It has helped increase traffic via social media, which was something crucial for us. This came without extra working time. On contrary, it saved us time.
gaetano di meglio | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Echobox is the ideal solution for editors. The interface platform is usable, intuitive and allows a fast implementation of services. The yield in terms of growth on social networks is excellent. Excellent after-sales service.
  • excellent content targeting
  • Customer service
  • platform reliability
  • Newsletter
  • greater personalization on the possibility of excluding or including certain items
  • engagement monitoring
  • stars service
Echobox is truly a reliable partner. There are no difficulties or unsuitable circumstances
  • social sharing
  • study of the target audience
  • 10% positive
  • 0% negative
I have not used and evaluated other products such as echobox
We use Echobox for total sharing of our social content. Using Echobox's algorithm allows us to have the best sharing in the best time. The system guarantees excellent interaction with RSS and allows for an evaluation of the contents suited to the needs of the editorial staff. The evaluation that Echobox produces allows a further evaluation of the topics and a progressive selection of them
The Echobox system is very easy to use and does not require the selection or training of staff. It facilitates the work of the editorial staff who can rely on the complete automation and automatic selection of conndivisions. The system allows a high level of customization of the content selections, an important rss configuration activity both through the use of customized URLs and through the use of simple words or tags or hashtags that speeds up and personalizes the entire process of sharing and optimization of times
  • social sharing
  • automatic social post
  • constant online presence during the best times
  • the management and use of the words in the url
  • Managing the best times
  • the evaluation of social topics
  • Implementation of the statistics
  • The ability to manage the first comment
  • the ability to upload photo albums
Because I am totally satisfied with Echobox service. I find it balanced between the service itself and its cost. Compared to its competitors, it is, without a doubt, the best product for small publishers. It only lacks in a greater and more efficient management of statistics which, at the moment, is absent. I will definitely renew Echobox!
  • Product Features
I'll renew echobox
Very satisfy
The support is ok
IThroughout the presentation and implementation phase and every time I have had problems
September 12, 2022

Great tool!

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The best thing is the automation of tasks to share content on social networks. One of the main advantages of Echobox is to find the best time windows for publishing on the different social networks, added to the integration with analytics of each of the fan pages that we manage, which allows us to make better decisions. In our company, we have more than 100 social network accounts, and thanks to Echobox, it is very easy to keep the organization of each one. In addition, you have analytics that easily show you what you did well and what you need to improve.
  • It helps you with organizing many accounts at once and allows you to cross-post between them.
  • Post automation is great as it allows you to get your work done much faster. The robot learns fast, and its posts seem to be made by a person.
  • It gives you detailed information about your posts that allows you to make decisions about them.
  • The Instagram stories part could be better. The formats it has are very basic; however, you can upload a photo that you previously edited.
We have more than 100 accounts to manage, and Echobox has helped us keep them 100% active and with content that works; between the organization of the accounts and the team and the analytics that it shows you on each page it has allowed us to make the right decisions.
  • The organization of the accounts to keep them active and working
  • The automation of posts that allows you to have time windows to do more and better things
  • Analytics that show what you're doing right or wrong
  • We have noticed an increase in traffic to the site since using Echobox
  • Since using Echobox, the Social Media team has more time to create different products
  • It has allowed us to have all our accounts 100% active
They are part of the Social Media team.
They must have a complete understanding of social media management, from knowing how to authorize permissions, security, and even how to create posts. They need to know basic things about source code to get the RSS from the sites. And be very organized because depending on how you organize Echobox, that will work for the entire organization.
  • Publication of content in the accounts.
  • Posts throughout the day, since thanks to the automation of posts, the robot can publish news at times when the Social Media team is not there.
  • Post automation has improved everything for us, from making times more efficient to improving our traffic because we have content all day.
  • Having more active accounts. The organization of many accounts at the same time is incredible and also allows you to always have them active
It is a tool that has come to improve many things. The entire Social Media team feels good about it, and it shows us favorable results.
Emplifi, since it is a product-focused mainly on Marketing than on Media, its functions seemed limited to us since due to the number of accounts we have (more than 100), we need automated help in posting, but without seeming to be done by a robot
  • Product Usability
Emplifi is fine, but not for a media outlet that needs to have more social media activity, which is why we decided to switch to Echobox, which really focuses on how media outlets use social media.
First, expose our needs and then try the tool to know the scope it has by completing them. They usually come with a tool, they convince you, and you buy it, but it should be the other way around, be clear about what you need and not have to adapt.
Nuria Leon Bernardo | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Echobox to manage our social pages (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram). As a [newspaper,] we want to reach as many readers as possible so we rely on our social media to acquire them and also to promote our articles. With the constant changes to each platform's algorithm, it is very hard to understand what is the best time to post something and Echobox saves us the time and hassle by doing that for us.
  • Knows the best time to post something on social media[.]
  • Creates the post (image, link and description for you)[.]
  • Combines everything in one place[.]
  • More options when creating Instagram stories, for instance[,] choosing the [URL] button placement[.]
  • Some more insights into Echobox's score decisions[.]
  • Some kind of analytics[.]
Echobox works best for publications that release articles such as [newspapers], magazines, etc. If your company relies on content created by a designer, you won't really use Echobox's ability to pull the content from your website and create the posts for you. You can still add your own designs though.
  • Schedule our posts for us[.]
  • Saving time[.]
  • Pull new articles automatically[.]
  • More website clicks, 45% increase in only 7 weeks[.]
  • More interactions on social media, 66% increase in clicks from Facebook[.]
  • Content shared through Echobox does 36% better than content shared manually[.]
Echobox AI function (the ability to decide when is the best time to share a post) is a [game-changer] and also the UI is cleaner and easier to use. I found Hootsuite confusing and complicated. It has too many windows and also doesn't pull the articles automatically. There is no comparison really, Echobox is miles ahead.
Google Analytics 360 (formerly Google Analytics Premium), Notion, Mailchimp
Social Media Manager
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