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What is MangoApps?

MangoApps offers digital workplace solutions that combine intranet, collaboration, messaging, learning & 50+ built-in integrations for your business. MangoApps serves organizations with 50-50,000 employees in a broad range of industries from retail, healthcare, manufacturing, not-for-profit, professional services, financial services, media,…

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Product Details

What is MangoApps?

MangoApps offers digital workplace solutions that combine intranet, collaboration, messaging, learning & 50+ built-in integrations for your business. MangoApps serves organizations with 50-50,000 employees in a broad range of industries from retail, healthcare, manufacturing, not-for-profit, professional services, financial services, media, technology and public sector.

MangoApps Features

  • Supported: Company Sites
  • Supported: Team Pages & Posts
  • Supported: Customer, Partner & Vendor Collaboration Portal
  • Supported: Online Forms & Tracking
  • Supported: Employee Polls & Quizzes
  • Supported: Employee Gamification & Recognition Tools
  • Supported: Screen Capture, Video Recording Tools
  • Supported: Online Collaborative Wikis
  • Supported: Ideas & Campaigns
  • Supported: Team CRM

MangoApps Screenshots

Screenshot of MangoApps offers digital workplace solutions that combine intranet, collaboration, messaging, learning & 50+ built-in integrations for your business.Screenshot of Easy to use Intranet content creation tools to create & organize rich, powerful pages and posts for all the departments in your company. No limits on departments, pages or posts.Screenshot of MangoApps makes collaboration easy, engaging and productive with it's team & vendor collaboration solution for your companyScreenshot of Build for secure file sharing, sync, management and file versioningScreenshot of Get your team's knowledge base accessible from any deviceScreenshot of Create online web forms to improve efficiency and save time in collecting information. Trackers to track & co-ordinate anythingScreenshot of See all your tasks, across multiple projects, in one integrated collaboration app. People are focussed because priorities across multiple projects is always clear.Screenshot of Design a set of questions to test employee knowledge, drive employee learning and conduct fun competitions in your companyScreenshot of With the surveys module you can design a set of questions which allows you to conduct HR surveys, measure job satisfaction, do performance evaluations and get employee feedback.Screenshot of Ready-to-go mobile digital solutions for businesses. Simple, smart and beautiful mobile first interfaces close the digital communication gap for non-desk employees.Screenshot of Modules setup is a way for domain admins to enable or disable functionality in MangoApps. When a module is disabled the functionality is no longer accessible to your usersScreenshot of MangoApps allows you to integrate business applications via it's integrations and open APIs. Bring people, conversations, and data from your favorite business apps into MangoApps, making information discoverable, meaningful, and actionableScreenshot of Get company's average $ savings per month, total employees hours freed up every month for more productive tasks and gain in productivity every month using MangoApps.Screenshot of Profile pages provide biography, expertise, activities and social connections. They help employees connect and find expertise in the company improving employee morale and driving employee engagement.

MangoApps Competitors

MangoApps Technical Details

Deployment TypesOn-premise, Software as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsWindows, Linux, Mac
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android, Mobile Web
Supported CountriesAll Countries
Supported LanguagesAll Languages (crowd sourced)

MangoApps Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)0%
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)70%
Enterprises (more than 500 employees)30%
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Reviews and Ratings



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Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It's used as a way for employees to communicate in an informal manner, using groups for staff members to interact in ways that may not usually be able to do as we have outlets all over the UK and Ireland. We also use it for internal comms, to distribute sales figures and for D&I groups, such as Pride and BAME
  • The collabs let people meet across the business informally
  • The gamification encourages staff to use the system
  • Customisation available to suit the businesses colour scheme
  • The messaging system is quite new and doesn't always clear down when read
  • The mentions tab can get very busy if you're added to groups
  • Lots of customisation can make it overwhelming when editing
The ability to create optional interest groups for users to join if they like is a great way brings users together, and promote group meet ups and events. The polls ability is always great for taking a quick check of people's availability, we've used it to gauge interest in events and dates. One thing that could be improved is that there is both a messaging and an instant message functionality which seems a little redundant having users being able to message you from different places in separate inboxes, however this may be due to our set up.
  • The collaborative groups
  • The ability to share internal updates and files
  • Gamification
  • Users can connect from all over the business, especially useful when working from home
  • A friendly informal communication method outside of teams/slack/emails
  • A way to communicate events to the whole business
I was not involved in the buying process but have working with Moodle in previous workplaces which had some similar functionality, lots of options, but wasn't quite as slick looking. MangoApps can be customised to looks like clean and easy to read for users and the mobile app is useful as many of the staff are in store or travelling around a lot, so a mobile first build is helpful!
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
MangoApps allows us to connect people from the whole company located in remote sites. It adds a social dimension that cannot be achieved with the use of e-mail alone. People can discover other people with the same interest, can share content, ask questions, submit polls, and react to content posted by other people (liking, answering and commenting it). A wiki module allows people to contribute to a shared documentation base.
  • MangoApps provide a large number of options to interact within a community. People can post updates, ask questions, create polls, quizzes, wiki, surveys, chats, or forms.
  • The Web interface is a modern application (Facebook inspired). The navigation (although not the most efficient) is overall quite intuitive.
  • MangoApps has a web interface, and apps for desktop (Windows, Mac), and mobile.
  • MangoApps features a centralized notification system. Unread messages are notified from the Web app, the mobile, or the desktop app. The synchronization status is synchronized.
  • MangoApps integrates with Active Directory.
  • The notification system in the desktop app is not informative enough. Some notifications are shown without any context (for example we sometimes just see "Yes" or "No"), and it's difficult to understand the context (in our case the original question).
  • Messages posted in a big chat group (in our case more than 15k people) make the app crash.
  • HipChat does not support animated GIFs (they just appear static).
  • It's not easy to post transversal questions or updates across groups. A lot of content needs to end in a unique group, losing some opportunity to reach a wider audience.
  • A gamification system is available (people can earn points and badges by completing some actions), but the reward system is quite obscure. As a result, many of us do not feel compelled to gain more badges. It feels like as if we're earning badges randomly.
MangoApps is well suited to enable interactions between colleagues located in distant places, if the people have the right culture, and are already demanding this type of feature. If the whole company is not ready to embrace this culture, MangoApps is missing a little something to encourage the refractory to join the party. And with this type of tool, we only really benefit from the tool's value when a large number of users participate.
  • MangoApps opened new communication channels between people who would not have naturally communicated before with e-mail alone
  • MangoApps is slowly helping move some communications away from the private e-mail channels into a more opened and public channel, more easily archivable. However, it might take years before we see a majority of discussions happening here.
  • As any introduction of a new tool, MangoApps also disrupted the usages and common practices. Some people had being using their own social tools, and some other were already using e-mail as a social tool. Took some time before the usage of MangoApps rose enough to be mildly useful.
Although, Facebook at Work featured a very modern interface and was praised by many of the beta testers, we primarily didn't choose Facebook at Work due to data security reasons.
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