TrustRadius IT operationsWe use SolarWinds for our internal IT operations and it is being used across our entire organization.,Patch management Remote login and remote management Asset reporting,Pricing could be more competitive Better patch deployment tools Better Mac OSX support,10,We have reduced costs across the board within our IT Department. Migrated from using multiple vendors into one platform. We have been able to free up IT staff for other projects.,Continuum Recover,8,Continuum Recover, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Microsoft 365 Business,25,25,remote support for internal and external employees Patch management of desktop and servers Hardware monitoring,the scripting and deployment of scripts is great being able to remote into servers\desktops monitoring hardware remotely,streamline IT operations provide support to our customer not just internal staff security of internal and external employees,10SolarWinds WHD ReviewOur IT department uses it to track issues and manage the workload and see what to prioritize our time on.,Keeps us organized Accepts incoming email Decent reporting AD integration,Layout can be confusing Integration with other products (ex: Lansweeper),7,Keeps us organized. Helps us track stuff we're working on and get an idea of what the status is across the department. Reporting for higher ups to see what exactly IT is working on.,Autotask and ServiceDesk Plus,MS SharePoint, Lansweeper, Lanteria HR,3,2,IT issues organization Reporting for CTO and COO,We don't have users email in tickets. We don't have users get notified of the tickets being created.,Possibly used to track requests for office services (supplies and other office related needs),7,Merging tickets Assigning tickets Creating tickets,Setting up alerting dashboard not very good,7Web Help Desk Will Help Your I.T. Staff Be The Most Popular People In Your OrganizationWe deployed SolarWinds Web Help Desk in a school district for use by teachers and administrators to report issues with technology in our district. The Tech Department (6 people) access the technician side, while just about 800 teachers and administration staff access the client portion of the system. The only people who do not have access to put in tickets are the students - they have to ask teachers to report the issues directly to us. It really helps get a handle on what issues are occurring, the frequency with which they occur, and which people we can count on to give us the best information.,Client/Location History Is Very Helpful AD/LDAP Integration Is Easy SolarWinds Support Is Very Responsive DameWare Remote Control Integration Is Useful FAQ System Is A Big Time Saver Messages System Helps Prevent A Flood Of Tickets Over Known Issues,Support occasionally misses the mark (e.g. usually simple misunderstandings or mis-communications) Intermittent UI bugs (e.g.: fields disappear until page refreshes) AD/LDAP imports can be quirky (e.g.: user name changes, deactivates old user, makes new user instead of just renaming user) Reports can be tricky to write,8,Decreased costs (SolarWinds Web Help Desk was much cheaper than our previous solution) is a BIG positive impact Great tracking of users and locations for ticket history is also a great positive impact (we can be aware of issues) Allows easy communication with end users which increases customer service is another plus,Schoolwires Assist, WebRT, Zendesk and Freshdesk,800,2,End Users Needing to Report Issues Technicians Needing to be Aware of Issues Managers Being Able to See Metrics Via Reports End Users Being Able to Check the Status of their Reported Issues Technicians and Managers Being Able to see Trends in Problems,We have been able to assign a price to parts that are used in repairs for devices that are out of warranty (and in warranty, though they don't get charged for these) so that building administrators can be aware of the costs of their staff not properly maintaining equipment). We are able integrate Dameware Remote Control into SolarWinds Web Help Desk to immediately remote control a computer that a person has reported a problem on. We have been able to use SolarWinds Web Help Desk to keep track of mobile inventory that travels throughout the building by keeping notes of where each device has been found and when.,We may be able to replace an inventory tracking client we install on all machines by having our list of inventory entirely inside Web Help Desk. We may be able to use Web Help Desk to keep track of NJ One Call reports by having the call out emails generate a ticket that can be dealt with and recorded. We would like to be able to create a troubleshooting guide via FAQ that link to other FAQ (I cannot login -> Click here for unable to login to any computer, Click here for unable to login to only one computer, etc),9,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability,We tried out several different options, and a lot of them were really good. That being said, the pricing schemes for several ticketing systems can be a little cost-prohibitive. We probably would have kept looking at different alternatives if we had more time to do so. Time was a big factor in our decision making as we wanted to avoid the renewal with Assist. We would have probably tried more than 4 or 5 solutions, and definitely would have dedicated more than 2 or 3 weeks on each individual product, if we had the opportunity.,Implemented in-house,Yes,Change management was minimal,SSL Certificates in Tomcat were tricky since we had nothing but Windows Certificate Files which had to be converted. We did an update and it broke the licensing until we contacted SolarWinds and had them reset our license. There are a lot of small tweaks to do to get decent security ratings for Qualys. The asset import tool is quirky and requires following a VERY predefined format.,8,Self-taught,Web Help Desk was super easy to pickup without training. I would absolutely recommend doing it this way as you learn the ins and outs of the interface and how to use it simply by playing around. You need to take the time to dig through the menus and see what is where and how Web Help Desk relates to your existing solution and what changes you need to make to your process to strike the right balance between end-user convenience and technician abilities.,10,My only recommendation is to take the time to walk through every single menu and sub menu that is available for you to examine in the administration portion of the website. I cannot comment on your specific configurations of course, but every time we needed to tweak the system for a problem, we have found a method available to use in the interface. Examples include changing the Email server timeouts to allow for the system to 'catch up' during busy periods, and changing the default so that clients cannot close tickets out manually after they've been assigned to a technician (forcing them to contact us so we don't waste a trip).,Some - we have done small customizations to the interface,No - we have not done any custom code,Be sure to setup proper Database Backups from within the General menu. It is important to note that the basic Linux VM has limited hard drive space, so setting up a remote share that the VM can talk to in order to do off-pc backups is a great idea (which was recommended to us by SolarWinds Support). Also of note is that by default Web Help Desk gets about a C on the Qualys SSL Security Scan tool and had problems in Chrome due to weak Diffie-Hellman Certificates. A quick Google search will show you the Web Help Desk Support forums have several cipher suites which can be used to get better scores on the scan tool and address the weak Diffie-Hellman issue.,7,Yes,In February of 2015 at around 3:00pm , our Web Help Desk database apparently became corrupt or missing. We were, understandably, very concerned. At 3:18pm I put in an urgent ticket with SolarWinds. By 3:27pm I was on the phone with a representative who was eager to help get us back up and running. They remote controlled my desktop to gain access to the VM and after a quick glance through our log files determined that our drive had just run out of space because the backups weren't being cycled properly. He took the time to fix the problem (by removing temp files and some REALLY old backups) then got our system back up and running. He then showed us how to get a proper rotation for backups setup. We asked about doing a network backup and he provided a method to make this work. It was a great experience overall, and I believe the representative went above and beyond by helping us future proof a problem that we had obviously created.,Entering New Tickets Is Easy For Clients Assigning Assets to Rooms and Buildings Is Easy For Technicians Creating FAQ Solutions is Easy For Technicians Creating Broadcast Messages is Easy For Technicians,Configuring SSL Can Be Cumbersome in Tomcat Changing Assets Around Can Be Cumbersome Getting Email Per Queue to Work can be Tricky,Yes,8,DameWare Remote Control,Nagios/Zabbix NJ One Call Chromecast,File import/export Single Signon,9,My advice would simply to be: read, read, read, read. SolarWinds has documented a lot of their features and how to properly implement them. If you don't take the time to read through the documentation and look through the setup then you will encounter problems. Imports have to follow VERY specific guidelines or they WILL fail (either with no import, bad import data, or duplicate import data). If you are confused, do not hesitate to contact support. They will help. If you feel confident that you've got it mostly figured out and just need a few tips, then use Google to find the SolarWinds Support Forums --- people there have posted lots of fixes and are always able to point you in the right direction.,8,9,Always provide them with all the information you have available regarding the topic. They are more than willing to help you figure out if the product will support the ideas you are trying to accomplish. If you haven't heard back from them, update the ticket to request any information that you might need (I've only had to do this once, they've been very much on top of it whenever we have reported an issue).,Yes,Added security and support for newer SSL Certificate Requirements. TomCat upgrades to address security concerns. Some fixes with regards to the Java backend for reports and printing.,Improvements to the messaging system/faq specifically with regards to BBCode. Additional report options and a ui to make custom reports simpler.,No,No
SolarWinds Web Help Desk
31 Ratings
Score 8.1 out of 101
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SolarWinds Web Help Desk Reviews

SolarWinds Web Help Desk
31 Ratings
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Score 8.1 out of 101

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We are definitely going to be sticking with Web Help Desk for the foreseeable future since the product is very inexpensive for the features that it provides, the integration that it has with our existing systems, and the ease for managing users, assets, locations, and tickets. Web Help Desk is a great product that is backed by even better support, which is well worth looking into if you are considering moving to a new ticketing system.
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Organize and prioritize service tickets (13)
Expert directory (9)
Subscription-based notifications (12)
ITSM collaboration and documentation (10)
Ticket creation and submission (3)
Ticket response (3)
External knowledge base (2)
Internal knowledge base (3)
Customer portal (3)
Social integration (2)
Email support (3)
Help Desk CRM integration (2)

About SolarWinds Web Help Desk

SolarWinds Web Help Desk is ticketing and IT asset management software. It is designed to simplify help desk management. This solution includes built-in ticketing management, asset management, change management, and knowledge base capabilities.

SolarWinds Web Help Desk Features

Incident and problem management Features
Has featureOrganize and prioritize service tickets
Has featureExpert directory
Has featureSubscription-based notifications
Has featureITSM collaboration and documentation
Has featureTicket creation and submission
Has featureTicket response
Has featureAutomated responses
Has featureAttachments/Screencasts
Has featureSLA management
Self Help Community Features
Does not have featureForums
Has featureExternal knowledge base
Has featureInternal knowledge base
Has featureQ and A
Has featureSurveys/polls
Multi-Channel Help Features
Has featureCustomer portal
Does not have featureLive help chat
Does not have featurePhone support
Does not have featureIVR
Does not have featureCall scripting
Has featureSocial integration
Has featureEmail support
Has featureHelp Desk CRM integration

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