Retail Media Advertising Platforms

Best Retail Media Advertising Platforms include:

Criteo Commerce Max, Crealytics, CitrusAd, Perpetua and Pacvue.

Retail Media Advertising Products

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Marin Software

Marin Software is a cloud-based cross-channel advertising campaign management platform which integrates many tools and functions, and it is the name of the company in San Francisco that issues the software. Marin touts cross-display (including mobile-optimized) advertisement retargeting,…

Amazon Advertising Sponsored Products

Amazon Advertising, including its Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands products, provide ad solutions to help users find, attract, and engage Amazon customers at every stage of their journey.


Feedvisor in New York offers algorithmic repricing and revenue intelligence for online sellers, particular vendors who offer wares on Amazon, to bolster efficiency and profitability through intelligent pricing and inventory management.

Navori QL Digital Signage Software

Swiss company Navori offers QL, the company's digital signage software platform which provides content creation, organization and management software and also hardware devices supporting digital signage.


Kevel's (formerly Adzerk) APIs is designed to make it easy for engineers and PMs to build their own server-side, fully-customized ad server. E-retailers and user communities can use Kevel to build ad servers to promote anything from native ads to internal content to sponsored listings…

Criteo Commerce Max

Criteo Commerce Max (formerly Criteo Retail Media for Brands, or Criteo Sponsored Product) is presented by the vendor as an all-in-one self-service platform for buying retail media at scale. Alternately, Criteo Retail Media for Retailers supports growing ad revenue and enhancing…

Mirakl Ads

Mirakl Ads is a retail media solution optimized for eCommerce and marketplaces used to monetize a premium eCommerce audience and create a revenue stream using both first-party and marketplace assortment.

Tripadvisor Sponsored Placements

Tripadvisor's Sponsored Placements business product enables the user to promote a business across Tripadvisor to drive more direct bookings, receiving high-profile ad placements across Tripadvisor. builds marketing and advertising solutions that aim to simplify operations and boost revenue for businesses , with tools that empower retailers and marketplaces to tap into the potential of retail media advertising; and enable multi-outlet brands to boost and scale…

ciVALUE by NielsenIQ

ciVALUE, by NielsenIQ, creates a “Customer DNA” based on thousands of predictive attributes, that enable retailers and brands to identify risks and opportunities for every customer and product. The platform also delivers dedicated apps and workflows for insights sharing, audience…

Inmar Intelligence Retail Cloud

The Inmar Intelligence Retail Cloud is a suite of retail marketing technology and services solution, designed to enable personalized customer experiences and measurable outcomes, featuring the data intelligence platform the ShopperSync® CDP mobilizes SKU-level transaction data and…


Crealytics offers what they describe as a holistic approach to search, shopping and paid search campaigns, exclusive to the retail sector.


CitrusAd is presented as a Retail Media Platform for sponsored product ads, banners and email ads, from the company of the same name in Chicago.


Mabaya, from the company of the same name in Tel Aviv, is a self-service, white-label Sponsored Product Ads platform for marketplaces and online retailers boasting more than 50,000 sellers and brand partners in more than 30 eCommerce sites around the globe in 25 countries as users…


Elevaate is a dynamic marketing and trade performance platform, built and developed by Online Retail industry veterans, now from Quotient Technology headquartered in Mountain View since the October 2018 acquisition.


Perpetua, headquartered in San Francisco, aims to help brands improve ecommerce ad performance with AI powered automation and industry leading expertise.


Pacvue, from the company of the same name in Seattle, is an e-commerce SaaS platform that empowers brands, sellers and agencies to programmatically manage and optimize their advertising on Amazon. Pacvue combines AI algorithms and specialized e-commerce and advertising expertise…


EXADS is a white-label ad serving technology provider that has been building customized ad platforms for Ad Networks, Agencies, Advertisers and Publishers for over 10 years. EXADS ad serving solutions include Demand Side Platforms, Supply Side Platforms, Publisher Ad servers, Ad…


Quartile is an e-commerce cross-channel advertising platform. Built on six machine learning technologies, the platform automates and optimizes e-commerce advertising on Google, Facebook, Amazon, Instacart, and Walmart. Quartile pairs technology with leading marketing experts who…


Topsort offers auction-based APIs and tools that help marketplaces to thrive in the cookieless future via the power of auctions. Using Topsort's auction-based API and game-changing tools marketplaces, delivery apps, and multi-brand retailers can monetize their platform on their own…

PromoteIQ, from Microsoft

PromoteIQ is a product marketing technology solution for ecommerce, now from Microsoft (acquired 2019).


Pattern, headquartered in Lehi, Utah, provides a blend of marketplace analytics, product distribution, MAP compliance, and brand management to drive ecommerce acceleration for premium brands. The vendor's value proposition is that their brands experience measurable and repeatable…


m19 is a Machine Learning technology that empowers brands to optimize their advertising campaigns on Amazon globally (ie. m19 is available in 15+ Amazon markets worldwide in North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia). Used by both traditional and native e-commerce brands - who…


Optmyzr is a PPC management suite from the company of the same name in Mountain View, built on a foundation of AI and machine learning. Optmyzr drives PPC automation. Founded by former developers at Google, Optmyzr helps marketers improve their pay-per-click programs. The SaaS-based…

Learn More About Retail Media Advertising Platforms

What are Retail Media Advertising Platforms?

One of the biggest challenges that online retailers and brands face when selling their wares via online marketplaces (like Amazon and Walmart) is making their products stand out from the rest. Showing branded ads either as native ads on search engine results pages (SERPs) or as display ads directly on the online marketplace website allows online sellers to market to shoppers closer to the point of sale.

This is where retail media advertising platforms come in. These platforms act as self-service ad networks that brands and sellers can use to purchase advertising space. This enables brands and online retailers to buy ad space across various online marketplaces at scale.

Many platforms also offer ad campaign performance measurement tools. These help online sellers track their ad performance to see which ads are the most successful across the different channels they use. Users can track things like the number of clicks, impressions, CPC, CTR, and campaign attribution via these platforms.

Large online retailers, or online marketplaces, can also use retail media platforms to help place ads on their website and track ad performance.

Retail Media Advertising Platform Features

Most retail media advertising platforms will have the following features:

  • Ability to purchase branded ad space on retail websites

  • Support for various types of ads including:

    • Banner advertisements

    • Native sponsored ads

    • Display advertising

    • Personalized ads

  • Ad reporting dashboard that measures things like campaign attribution, number of clicks & impressions, CPC, CTR

  • Flexible campaign management

  • Consent-based or third-party cookie ad targeting

  • Ability to integrate with third-party systems and ad and retail networks

Pricing information

Most retail media advertising platform vendors do not openly disclose pricing information on their websites. But interested buyers can request a quote directly from the vendor.

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